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Richard Marx‘s new album may be titled Beautiful Goodbye, but he swears it’s not around his breakup with longtime love, Dirty Dancing‘s Cynthia Rhodes.

“There were civilization who assumed that, especially with the surname of the album, that it to be going to it is in a record around splitting up,” Marx tells “And it’s no that in ~ all. It’s really a solemn event of romance and seduction.”

The pop singer announced his divorce native his mam of 25 years in April, however the couple had been separated because last July.

“It has actually been a ache time,” that said. “But i don’t necessarily want to ask myself in songs around it, frankly, the end of respect. I have actually nothing yet love and also respect for my ex-wife and also I don’t really desire to delve right into that in songwriting so much. No to say that I never ever will, however I didn’t feel choose that’s where I want to compose from. I want to create from a an ext positive, inspired, positive place.”

The 50-year-old has built a job on love ballads such as “Right below Waiting” and also “Hold On to the Nights,” however Beautiful Goodbye has actually a decidedly different feel.

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“I’ve got a handful of songs that obtain used in a lot of weddings – they’re songs about forever and eternity and also until the end of time,” Marx said. “But I uncovered these new songs come be more about sex and ‘What room you doing because that the next few hours?’ as opposed come forever. The was yes, really a fun place to write from – there’s something therefore mystifying around that dance the two human being do, particularly in the early on goings that a potential relationship once you’re circling every other and also figuring each various other out.”

So has his ex-wife heard his new music? “I don’t know,” that confessed. “That would certainly be the last thing in the that would certainly be necessary for us to discuss.”

“I wouldn’t comment on that with also some of my close friends. It’s yes, really nobody’s business,” that said. “What I will certainly say is that I had the great fortune and also blessing come not just be married come Cynthia for all those years, however to simply share her company. There’s no a finer human being being. I’m very grateful that us were together, had three exceptional sons and I can’t speak enough about what an amazing human being she is and also how lucky i was to share the time with her.”

Beautiful Goodbye is out now. Inspect out the music video clip for the album’s first track, “Whatever us Started,” below.

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