Mua Bán Căn Hộ Chung Cư D'

- Hanoi Apartments/Homes: Hoang cau street, Dong da district - Monthly rent/sale: on request - Apartment size: 64 sqm to lớn 441 sqm penthouse - Bedrooms: one bed to duplex 4 bedrooms penthouse - Baths: 1 bath & above - Property Type: Condominium - Tenure: 50 years

D’. Le Pont D’or léman luxury apartments Hoang Cau overview Located in the most favored location in the city, on the bank of Hoang Cau lake, the D’. Le Pont D’or Suites Tower, built và designed neo-classically, is destined to lớn set up new standards for modern urban living in Viet Nam

D’. Le Pont D’or léman luxury Hoang Cau Perfect location Boasting a dream location on the bank of Hoang Cau lake, in the historical O mang đến Dua, center of Dong da district, the D’ Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau is conveniently accessible & easily connecting with old & new centers of Hanoi. From the tower, residents can easily reach Hoan Kiem Lake in 5 minutes’ drive, at the same time can quickly access newly developed centers of Hanoi. Thanks to lớn a convenient traffic infrastructure, including the completion of new Hoang Cau, Hao Nam, Yen Lang, Xa Dan routes, the transportation from D’. Le Pont D’or lớn any location in Hanoi for work, study or entertainment is smooth và fast.

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D’. Le Pont D’or léman luxury Hoang Cau – Resort environment It will be difficult lớn find a building covered by green trees and lakes and separated from the noise, yet luxurious and comfortable as the D’. Le Pont D’or within Hanoi city. With clean air và cool surface of Hoang Cau lake, D’. Le Pont D’or will become a “perfect retreat” after a hectic day.

D’. Le Pont D’or léman luxury apartments Hoang Cau – 5-star facilities D’. Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau will bring a luxurious, comfortable living và perfect services to its residents. Built with the most luxurious facilities, D’ Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau has a modern trade center, a cuisine và classy entertainment areas…

The Tower boasts a four season 400 square meter swimming pool on the second floor, of which 200 square meters lies within the 2.244 square meter service center complex providing massage, gym and bar services… lớn meet the health care & entertainment needs of its residents. The trade center on the first floor with famous brand names will satisfy shopping need of the residents.

D’.Le Pont D’or – Hoang Cau is one of a few projects in the city having 4 underground levels for parking with the total area reaching 16.244 square meters, enough for each apartment to lớn have 1.5 parking lot for car and 2 for motorbikes.


Hoang Cau Apartments D’.Le Pont D’or is a suites tower project elegantly designed with mở cửa space aiming at coordinating landscapes of each direction. Pride is infused in each architectural angle of all four faces of the building, harmonizing with the green park and the vastness of the lake which will lessen the heat of the Southern sun in early summer or throbbing with the heart beat of a lively neon light city. Choices are many but will be difficult for people who vày not have enough resolution.

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The total of 308 léman luxury apartments is divided into 21 categories different in area size. The design, especially luxurious and smart, was done by a Spanish designer Amalra Rodriguez.

The diversity of choices for a perfect retreat, suitable with usage needs, tastes and styles is a strength of the project. All space in the apartment is naturally lit up và ventilated. The sun & cool wind will cover the whole apartment. From the living room, to the dining room or bedroom, one can easily view the wonderful park landscape. The living room và dining room are interconnected, with easy access to lớn the kitchen và multi-functioned rooms khổng lồ create a big and classy space. The main bedroom is designed spaciously, with separate changing room and a comfortable toilet.


D’. Le Pont D’or léman luxury apartments Hoang Cau – Swimming pool – gym – Spa With a standard và comfortable living space, D’. Le Pont D’or is fully equipped for a luxurious living. There is an indoor swimming pool, which is only usually seen in 5 star khách sạn or luxurious villas. Having an indoor swimming pool not only reflects the talent of the architectural designers but also reveals an upper-class life of the residents. The thể hình is spacious with lots of sunshine and modern equipment and professional staff. The quiet spa area with natural fragrance will welcome you for your relax and enjoying needs every day. All is elegantly designed khổng lồ bring you satisfaction within your own time budget.


International kindergarten in D’. Le Pont D’or apartments Hoang Cau

The international kindergarten for children is designed with lively entertainment and study areas and specialized equipment for each kindergarten age and curriculum. You will be totally assured khổng lồ work when your little angels are entrusted khổng lồ the professional & committed teachers. The indoor swimming pool and the garden on the rooftop are convenient off-classroom places for your children, providing them with social và natural knowledge. The modern kitchen with clean dining room, playing and waiting area are all conveniently designed with children services to lớn help you rest assured every day.