Plastic surgery in Mexico has virtually doubled over the last few years and also women in the U.S. Room flocking to Mexico in search of the finest plastic operated doctor in mexico.

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Plastic surgeons in Mexico room a 4 minutes 1 of the price of those in the joined Sates however you must do your research because going come the wrong plastic operated doctor in Mexico can an outcome in horrendous results or even death but there are a ton of an excellent surgeons in Mexico.

Medical travel in Mexico is top top the rise, with many tourists native all roughly the human being visiting the country for plastic surgery procedures.

Mexico has become one that the leading nations in safe, affordable plastic surgery with accredited and famous, sought-after surgeons.

Plastic surgery steps in Mexico are likewise often much less expensive than surgeries performed in the joined States and other countries. Breast augmentation surgical treatment in the unified States ranges from in between $5,000 and also $11,000.

In Mexico, patients have the right to purchase a medical vacation and also spend as much as $5,000, which contains a recovery continue to be of 4 to 5 days in a resort-like setting. Medical tourism is a famous option for some.

I can’t express enough you should research, research, and also do much more research because a California woman died, and also two others to be hospitalized ~ receiving plastic surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

All 3 patients checked out the art Siluette Aesthetic Surgery and also the physician was no a board-certified physician. Cheaper is not constantly better

Keuana Weaver, 38, passed away on the operation table atArt Siluette Aesthetic Surgeryin Tijuana top top Jan. 29. She leaves behind two children, according to theSan Diego Union-Tribune.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, right here are ten of the top plastic operated doctor in Mexico come consider.

Top Ten Plastic operated doctor in Mexico

1. Dr. Felix Omar Marquez

Popular across social media, Dr. Felix Omar Marquez Villalobos is additionally known together Dr. Guadalajara. Located in Tijuana, among his most requested surgeries is the Brazilian butt Lift (BBL).

Their Plastic Surgeons have actually a substantial knowledge base and surgical background allowing them to best resolve cosmetic surgical procedure in all facets of the body.

Vive Plastic & Cosmetic surgical treatment Clinic is one of the leading areas in tijuana because that facial, breast and also body cosmetic surgery. Dr. Marquez specialization in eyelid lifts, brow lifts, facelifts, rhinoplasty, chest augmentation, human body contouring and also much more to help his patient look as great as castle feel.

He is one of the top plastic surgeons an international and works out ofVive Plastic Surgery.

2. Dr. Alejandro Guerrero

Puerto Vallarta is house to a yearly plastic and reconstructive surgical treatment conference, one that is attended by the height plastic operated doctor in Mexico.

One of these surgeons is Dr. Alejandro Guerrero. His facility specializes in vacation surgeries. Guerrero frequently performs ship tucks or abdominoplasty surgeries; these clinical tourism packages include the surgery and all hospital fees, anesthesia and also care before and also after the surgery by whole medical team.

Dr. Alejandro Guerrero in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is top the means helping patients redefine themselvesin paradise v plastic surgery medical vacations below in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

The large difference in between having plastic surgical treatment in Mexico or plastic surgical treatment in the USA is that in Mexico you can save up to 60% turn off the price of surgery in the USA, all while having the same quality of care if not far better and real contemporary state of the art hospitals for her treatment fairly than outpatient facilities discovered up in the USA.

The prices because that his packages range between $3,000 and also $5,000, making lock a well-known option because that tourists.

3. Dr. Jacqueline Aragon

Dr. Jacqueline Aragón is among the few female plastic surgeons in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. As such, she filling a very details need and provides a wide selection of plastic and also reconstructive surgical treatment procedures.

Dr Jacqueline Aragón is certified through the prestigious mexico Association that Plastic and also Reconstructive Surgery.

She has had a successful exercise in plastic surgical treatment in Hospital Angeles Tijuana, and also is among the couple of female plastic operated doctor in the city.

As a gifted woman plastic surgeon, Dr. Aragón is qualified to assess and meet the needs of she female plastic surgical procedure patients, giving them v treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

she patients compliment her for compassionate, confidential care with an fist to detail and safety.

4, Dr. Oscar Antonio Rodriguez Valle

Located in Veracruz, Mexico, Dr. Oscar Antonio Rodriguez Valle provides a variety of both cosmetic and plastic surgical treatment procedures.

Dr. Valle practices at PlacidWay Plastic surgical treatment Center. The plastic surgery facility has developed a scalable clinical travel marketplace the meets the demands of patients, clinical providers and suppliers and also is no longer restricted by geography or convention.

Founded in 2007, US-based PlacidWay is a well-recognized brand in the dynamic and rapidly expanding worldwide medical travel industry.

Patients trust him for liposuction, chest lifts, tummy tucks, chest implants, rhinoplasty, and also much more. The basic is a welcoming respite that is the ideal setting for spending her recovery time.

5. Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero

Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero has been a surgeon because that over 19 years and also specializes in human body contouring as well as bariatric surgery.

He has additionally performed body lift surgeries for patients who have experienced significant weight loss and wish come contour your body and also skin.

Dr. Manuel Gutierrez likewise specializes in human body contouring in steps such together tummy tuck and liposuction. He also performs high quality write-up bariatric surgical procedure for patient that have actually undergone enormous weight loss and need that special final touch.

Patient’s don’t go toDr. Manuel Gutierrez Certified Surgeonoffice looking for an operation; castle golooking for results. His duty is to anticipate if the patient will certainly be happy v the operation or not.

Famous Plastic operated doctor in Mexico

6. Dr. Stefania Rivera

Dr. Stefania Rivera is a surgeon at elite Plastic surgical treatment with several years of experience in human body contouring surgery. She is on several professional boards and is additionally a member the the American culture of Plastic surgeons of the United claims of America.

She is currently an active member that theMexican combination of Aesthetic and also Reconstructive Plastic surgical treatment (AMCPER), member that the Mexican-Lebanese medical Association “al hakiim” and belongs to theMedical society of the Angeles Lomas Hospital (SOMEAL).

She is certified through theMexican board of directors of Aesthetic and also Reconstructive Plastic surgery (CMCPER)and is a member since 2017 of the American culture of Plastic operated doctor of the United states of America.

Dr. Rivera works in Quintana Roo at Costamed, Hospital mountain Carloss and also is the director and also surgeon the Elite Plastic Surgeonin the Colonia del Valle the Mexico City.


7. Dr. Marco Carmona

Dr. Marco Carmona at Plastic Surgeries Cancun is a popular surgeon in the area, highly sought after, and a member the the mexican Association that Plastic Surgery.

Native indigenous the city that Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, physician Marco Carmona studied medicine at the Independent college of Nuevo Leon.

Dr. Marco Carmona is certified by the Mexican plank of plastic, cosmetic and also reconstructive surgery, and also a member the the mexican Association of Plastic surgery which has actually been highlighted for participating in altruistic conferences and national and international courses and also congresses.

Currently Dr. Carmona conducts his exercise in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum in the state that Quintana Roo, Mexico, concentrating in international medical tourism, mostly from Canada, the united States and England, passionate the his profession, altruistic, perfectionist, easily accessible to his patient 24 hours a day.

Dr. Carmona enjoys recognition in the people of plastic surgery, which have placed him in the well-earned ar as the many requested plastic surgeon in Cancún, for his high reputation, honesty, and deep sense of professional ethics.

8. Dr. Francisco Bucio

Another top-level plastic surgeon in Tijuana Mexico is Dr. Francisco Bucio. Bucio specialization in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery with component of his training occurring at Davies Medical center in san Francisco, California.In 1982,

Dr. Francisco Buciograduated indigenous the México university U.N.A.M. He climate went top top to finish a five-year residency training regime specializing inplastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgeryat the prestigious general Hospital in México City. Dr. Francisco Bucio likewise completed a fellowship in microsurgery in ~ Davies Medical center in san Francisco, California.

Dr. Francisco Buciotakes pride in offering exceptional service to prospectivecosmetic surgerypatients. Because that over 25 years, Bucio Surgicenter andplastic surgeonFrancisco Bucio, M.D., has welcomed Tijuana area residents and also patients traveling from the United claims to his practice.

9. Dr. Omar Lazos

Rounding out the last top plastic operated doctor in Mexico, room head plastic operated doctor at Elias Ortiz & Company, Dr. Omar Lazos is an expert in breast augmentation surgery, and also weight loss surgery.

Dr. Omar Lazos is the head plastic surgeon at Elias Ortiz & Company. You can read about his qualifications and history here and also he see which measures he specializes in.

Dr. Lazos obtained his level as a physician in the Faculty of medication from theAutonomous university of Baja California.

He i graduated in the height of his class obtaining his clinical title and professional certificate of Bachelor together a physician issued by the general Direction of job of theSEP.

Your all-inclusive surgery includes your hotel stay at the 5-StarGrand Hotel Tijuana, a beautiful and modern-day resort layout accommodation. The hotel has over 3,000 evaluation with one “excellent” rating top top Google.

10. Dr. Alicia Benevides

Dr. Alicia Benevides, head of Plastic surgical procedure Riviera is a optimal plastic operated doctor in Tulum, Mexico. Through over 20 years of experience, she a very recommended plastic surgeon in Mexico.

Dr. Alicia Benavides is from Argentina. She is a founding member the the mexican Association of Aesthetic and also Reconstructive Plastic operated doctor of Quintana Roo, and president during the duration of 2010-2013.

Dr. Benavides completed she residency at GEA González Hospital in Mexico City and remained a fellow in progressed techniques through Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, that is recognized as the finest plastic surgeon in Mexico.

Other renowned Medical Tourism choices in Mexico

Mexico City is a well-known medical tourism destination in Mexico, including the Medica Sur. This cutting edge facility specializes in worldwide patients and provides transportation to and also from the neighborhood airport.

Patients stay at the on-site vacation Inn Hotel & Suites Mexico Medica Sur when in recovery.

Hospital Angeles is renowned for dental occupational in particular and collaborates with the Cielito Lindo hotel. The hotel supplies packages transaction to include free stays for patients who spend between $1,000 and also $3,000 or an ext at the hospital.

Medical tourism and surgery vacations space a famous business, and in Mexico, the alternatives are wide and varied.

Choose a board-certified plastic operated doctor in Mexico?

When you select board certified plastic surgeons in Mexico, you recognize that you are in safe hands. The ideal plastic surgeons in Mexico will have actually a certification from the plastic surgery board that Mexico.

This certification is no awarded come every plastic surgeon, yet only the most qualified, experienced, andtop plastic operated doctor in Mexico.

How to check if a plastic operated doctor is board-certified in Mexico?

To findboard certified plastic surgeons in Mexico, you should inspect whether the operated doctor is certified by the mexican Association the Plastic, Aesthetic and also Reconstructive surgical treatment (AMCPER).

How deserve to I uncover a safe and also qualified plastic operated doctor in Mexico?

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Mexico, you need the ideal plastic surgeon. My perform of plastic operated doctor in Mexico are all board certified and also they space the best of the best.

From typical Tourism To clinical Tourism

Mexico is a tourist destination and also nothing compares come the beauty of that landscapes, balmy climates transparent its territory, the warmth and hospitality the its people, its historical culture, historical centers, and also so on.

Combining a traveler visit through plastic surgical treatment at a reduced price has actually transformed Mexico into one that the favorite countries of an ext and much more international patients.

Conculsion of finest Plastic surgeons in Mexico

Mexico is the favorite destination for travelers from all over the human being due to the distinct beauty that its beaches and the diversity the its nature, reefs, and cenotes. In addition, the ruins and also archaeological sites market tourists a more attraction.

Mexico is among the height ten worlddestinations for plastic surgery and also medical tourism and also the major reason that clinics and hospitals in the arising countries are able to reduced their price is straight related to the nation’s financial status.

The straight correlation v per capita gross residential product of the country is observed, i m sorry is a proxy for earnings levels.

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As a consequence, surgery prices are from 30% to 70% reduced in the nations that are cultivating medical tourism when contrasted to the US.