The dad of among three victims of Ohio serial killer Michael Madison leaped over a table to attack the defendant in court Thursday just minutes ~ the judge pronounced a death sentence in a Cleveland court
The father of one of three victims of Ohio se... 01:30 CLEVELAND -- The dad of one of three victim of Ohio serial killer Michael Madison leaped over a table to assault the defendant in court Thursday just minutes after the referee pronounced a fatality sentence.

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Van terrycloth is the dad of victim Shirellda Terry. Shortly prior to the courtroom incident, Terry had actually approached the podium to attend to the judge and speak about the affect of his daughter"s loss.

"Right now, ns guess we"re claimed to, in our hearts pardon this clown, who has touched ours families, taken my child," terry said.

Terry then paused and also turned come look behind him in ~ Madison, who was sit behind the defense table, prior to running towards the convicted killer and lunging end the table in ~ him.

Cuyahoga ar courtroom deputies wrestled terrycloth as Madison and also others scrambled to gain out the the way. The courtroom momentarily burst into chaos, as someone sit in the gallery repeatedly yelled "No!" and also someone else screamed, "Terry!"

Law enforcement policemans dragged terry from the courtroom. Madison didn"t appear to it is in injured.

Cuyahoga County usual Pleas judge Nancy McDonnell decreased to clean the courtroom, and after around a 15-minute delay, the sentencing listening continued.

The outburst happened minutes ~ McDonnell sentenced Madison to death for the 2013 killings.

The body of 38-year-old Angela Deskins, 28-year-old Shetisha Sheeley and 18-year-old Shirellda terry were found in July 2013 close to the eastern Cleveland apartment building where Madison lived. Madison told police the strangled two of the women however couldn"t remember killing the third.

Thursday, McDonnell embraced a jury"s reference that 38-year-old Michael Madison get the death penalty. She can have rather chosen to sentence Madison come life in prison without parole.

McDonnell claimed the horrific nature the Madison"s crimes far outweighed proof presented in efforts to spare him, including an abusive and chaotic childhood.

The very same jury judge Madison previously this month of multiple counts that aggravated murder and also kidnapping.

Michael Madison east Cleveland Police via WOIO-TV

Any execution is most likely years away since of prolonged appeals. In addition, Ohio currently lacks supplies of lethal drugs, definition it"s unclear even if it is the state deserve to even begin a new round the executions, currently scheduled to begin in January and stretching into 2019.

The discovery of the body in 2013 drew national fist to the possibility that one more serial killer prefer Anthony Sowell had actually been killing women in and around Cleveland. Sowell to be convicted in 2011 and also sentenced to death for death 11 women whose body were discovered at his Cleveland home. The Ohio can be fried Court is considering even if it is to uphold his conviction and sentence.

Madison"s attorneys never challenged his guilt at trial. Castle instead concentrated on saving his life by presenting proof that Madison experienced lasting psychological damage from physical abuse together a youngster. There to be testimony that Madison to be abused through his drug-addicted mother, a stepfather, few of his mother"s boyfriends and also family members.

"This history of abuse and also his dysfunctional upbringing absolutely doesn"t forgive what taken place here yet certainly gives a communication for expertise the type of person Michael Madison evolved into," defense attorney David provide told the referee Thursday.

The case began when a cable tv worker reported a putrid smell coming from a garage mutual by Madison in ~ the apartment building. Inside, police discovered the decaying body of a woman wrapped in garbage bags that were sealed closed through tape. The following day, searchers found bodies in the basement the a vacant house and also in the backyard the a residence nearby.

Prosecutors argued both in ~ trial and during the mitigation hearing the Madison deserved come die due to the fact that of the circumstances surrounding the killings.

A fatality sentence "will send a message to the neighborhood that the strongest feasible sentence will certainly be imposed upon crime of this nature," Christopher Schroeder, a Cuyahoga ar assistant prosecutor, told the judge.

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Madison was classified as a sex offender in 2002 as soon as he to be sentenced to 4 years in prison for test rape.