Beauty may be in the eye the the beholder, yet one Ohio mommy is determined to acquire justice after her former partner reduced off your teenage daughter’s highlighted hair as punishment.

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On Jan. 31, Christin Johnson of Fostoria took to Facebook to share photos of the shocking haircut the her daughter, Kelsey, was forced to acquire after visiting she father, Schaffen Frederick, and stepmother,Sarah Murray, Fox4 reports.

Johnson believes the pair ordered for she hair to be chopped together a punishment for the fresh coloring, which she had actually recently treated Kelsey come for her birthday.

“This is what my daughter looked choose Sunday as soon as I took she home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was carried to me... Anywhere me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!” Johnson wrote on the platform, sharing pictures of her daughter smiling with long, blonde hair contrasted through her crying with her new shorn, quick crop, the story plainly struck a nerve.

The article has due to the fact that gone viral through over 36,000 reactions, 25,000 shares and much more than 1,800 comments.


In the job since, Johnson has produced a on facebook page dubbed “Team Kelsey” and also a GoFundMeaccount to cover ongoing expenses related to the incident. The mom and daughter additionally visited a salon where Kelsey picked up a dark wig to wear.

Some Facebook customers were aghast at the “abuse” from Kelsey’s "pathetic excuse because that a father and human,” urging the pair to take legal activity and keep Kelsey safely away from she father and stepmother.

“This is among the many upsetting points I"ve viewed in a lengthy time!! I"m sure you room a beautiful young lady, inside and also out. It will grow back, don"t allow it specify you, you specify it! You"ve obviously have actually a wonderful mommy who will support you’” one user wrote.

“I would certainly love to offer dear old dad a haircut. You space a beautiful young lady it will certainly grow earlier but ns am so sorry that someone that is claimed to love and protect you did this come you. For what it’s worth you look great either way,” one more chimed in.


Others chastised Johnson for putting her young daughter’s details so openly on the internet.

“Now a young girl face and also whereabouts is recognized to the world. Probably you should even post her phone call number and also address. Way to exploit your daughter for a stupid gofundme. Normal people would have actually handled this in court and kept their daughters innocence protected,” a detractor chimed in.

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On Feb. 6, Fox4 added that lumber County Children"s Services and also Haskins Police chef Colby Carroll room investigating a potential kid abuse complaint, as Frederick and Murray are both to work by the fire department. The two will remain on leave pending the outcome of the investigations.

"I"ve been doing this since "92 and I"ve never had actually a instance I would certainly say that"s choose this," Carroll said the outlet. "Mom was upset with exactly how her child was gift cared for— lack of far better terms."

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