A dad newly took come Reddit come share an experience he had actually involving his 7-year-old daughter and her hair.

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We have all been there: that moment whenever you make a threat to your child. If they don"t follow v with the you told lock they needed to do (or stop doing), it"s nearly like you room in a standoff. You room left through two choices. You can either it is in the "mean parent" and follow through, or you have the right to let it slide (again) and also they will know you are being a pushover. In the latest game, a solitary dad followed through v his threat, and also the net (as every usual) has opinions.

A dad newly took to Reddit to share an experience he had involving his 7-year-old daughter and her hair.

The father mutual in the thread the his daughter, who is seven, has incredibly long hair - every the means down come her belly button. Shot as the might, no matter what the did, he was unable to obtain her to take treatment of the on she own.

"I"ve warned she over the last year that if she doesn"t begin brushing her hair at least twice a day, we"re acquiring it cut shorter," he explained. "Every morning is a battle. I"ve speak to her mom around it and she agreed that ns can obtain it cut if she doesn"t take obligation for her cleanliness."

We get it. We"ve every been there, and we completely feel this dad"s pain. Taking things one step further, he likewise shared that he has long hair himself, so he wasn"t feeling prefer his request was unreasonable once it concerned his daughter.

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He also explained that he"s been really trying to enforce that she take an ext responsibility for her hair care over the last 3 year, but he has still stayed the enforcer and the one who brushed her hair every solitary morning.


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"I told her the I deserve to do it, and so deserve to she," that wrote. "I"ve shown her lot of times exactly how I carry my hair over my chest to brush the bottom, which she doesn"t have actually the dexterity come do. I brush from the bottom and also slowly work my method up; ns know just how to brush hair due to the fact that mine is long...She doesn"t have to be self-sufficient, but she demands to at least try."

not wanting to make an north threat, the father complied with through v what he claimed he to be going to do.

"I reduced her hair to about an inch below her shoulders," that wrote. "She was devastated. She ongoing to cry for one more hour as I drove she to my parents place to clock her together I visited work. My mother and my sister both got an extremely upset through me. My mother told me I"m walking to damage my daughter if ns don"t begin taking parenting classes and that cutting she hair was totally unnecessary."

The whole reason the the father opened up up about this experience online was the he wasn"t sure (after the fact) if he had actually made the right decision. The response that he acquired from the internet was pretty much divided. Part commenters assumed that she was also young to it is in taking treatment of her own hair, when others thought that that did, indeed, need to be cut.

One commenter was also able come share she very comparable situation native her own childhood. "My mother did this to me, but not together dramatically," the commenter noted. "I had actually waist-length hair and also I am especially tender-headed. For this reason every morning and every evening result in a complete meltdown from the moment I to be 2 till I was about 4. Mom warned me that if ns couldn"t avoid crying and screaming as soon as she brushed mine hair she would take me to get it cut, but of course, nothing changed so she carried me to a salon to cut it and... I didn"t treatment one bit. It made me no distinction whether the was brief or long, however I was in a consistently far better mood every day because I wasn"t beginning the work off with pain in mine scalp."

in ~ the finish of the day, you have to figure out what"s the best selection for you and your family whenever it concerns disciplining her kids. If you need some ideas about bonding through your children while taking treatment of your hair, try the at-home hair do Cardi B provides for her and also her daughter.

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