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“Remember me v smiles and also laughter,For that’s the method I’ll remember friend all.If you deserve to only psychic me with tears,Then don’t remember me at all.”

Written through Michael Landon for Season 2 illustration 7 and also 8, remember Me


Michael Landon’s beforehand Years

Michael Landon was born on October 31, 1936, as Eugene Maurice Orowitz. Choose the initial Charles Ingalls, that would later portray ~ above television; he was born in new York. He live in brand-new York for a time until his family moved to brand-new Jersey. The was defined as a bit of a loner as a child but in high institution he uncovered a location for himself v sports and also academics.

After his university athletics career ended because of injury, he started working several part-time work to make ends meet. His exhilaration career began almost by accident when he aided a friend in an exhilaration audition and also ended up securing a ar in the exhilaration school. In ~ a couple of months that attending exhilaration school, he landed a starring role in the TV show “Telephone Time.” the felt the surname Eugene Maurice Orowitz go not quite fit him as an aspiring actor and decided to adjust it come Michael Landon. 1

Michael Landon’s early Acting Career

Michael Landon’s career take it off with the ’50s and also ’60s with duties in shows prefer Playhouse 90, Crossroads, and also Telephone Time. In 1957 that starred together a troubled teenager in the horror film I to be a Teenage Werewolf. The movie ended up being a cult hit and also catapulted his career.


Michael Landon in I was a Teenage Werewolf

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His next major successful function as Tom Dooley in the west The Legend the Tom Dooley led producer David Dortort to look for him the end for what would at some point be the duty of small Joe in Bonanza.


Michael Landon as little Joe in Bonanza. Photograph courtesy that Wikipedia Media an imaginative Commons

The role as tiny Joe in Bonanza maintained him busy from 1959 come 1973. He quickly ended up being the heart of the show and also a family members name. The show hit #1 in the Nielsen Ratings in 1964 and stayed there for two more years. 2

Michael Landon in Bonanza Season 2 episode 6

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He invested ten year on the collection of Bonanza, and also throughout that time Michael Landon realized the he was interested in directing and writing episodes of his own. This to be a pivotal moment and also the start of his directing career. He directed his an initial episode in 1962. 3

Little house on the Prairie

In the beforehand 1970s, producer Ed Friendly, who had got the legal rights to the Little House books and developed a screenplay with writer Blanche Hanalis, approached Michael Landon around directing the pilot that “Little house on the Prairie”. Michael read the script and also loved the story so much that the asked not just to come on board as the director but also to play the role of Charles Ingalls. This came to be the second-longest running collection Michael Landon was involved in.


The audition process began through readings for executives the NBC and Ed familiar Productions. After narrowing down the candidates, they review for Michael Landon to identify who would at some point get the opportunity to display test.

Melissa Gilbert was one of countless girls who auditioned because that the role of Laura Ingalls top top “Little home on the Prairie”. But as you can see in Melissa Gilbert’s display test above, and also according to Michael Landon, over there was no a an ext perfect girl because that the role. The knew instantly the she was “the one.”

“Shortly before Michael died, I saw him at Leslie’s wedding and he told me as soon as it came time to display all the display tests come the network executives, he just showed them mine.” – Melissa Gilbert 4


Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert at a cast party because that “Little home on the Prairie”.

“I read for him in a room at Paramount Studios. I remember thinking, “Oh gosh, he’s really handsome.” He offered off a various kind of energy than simple people. It was a greater wattage. I’d been around stars and also thought nothing of it, yet Michael was different, and also that difference was tangible there is no him having to to speak or carry out anything. It to be a power, a mix of charisma and also confidence that affected other people.” – Melissa Gilbert 4

Much the the success that the collection can it is in attributed to the relaxed, confident atmosphere on set. Michael made certain that human being on the collection understood the they were associated in something good, something wholesome. He had actually a distinctive vision of how the display should resonate with its viewers and also his an individual and heartfelt portrayal that ‘Pa’ Charles Ingalls motivated a generation.


Michael had actually a somber childhood and also a troubled family cultivation up. He want “Little residence on the Prairie” come portray his idea the beautiful family life, which he and Karen Grassle provided for countless fans. He functioned well through the youngsters on the show, helping them overcome any type of acting difficulties they had. Melissa Gilbert was quoted explaining how Michael Landon would look in ~ her and say “Do you have any idea how much i love you?” to prepare her for an emotionally scene. 5

Michael Landon in “Little residence on the Prairie” Season 1 Episode 14

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The feeling of household on the collection was an extremely real, particularly because he worked with 5 sets that real-life siblings who appeared on the show: Melissa and Jonathan Gilbert (Laura Ingalls and Willie Oleson), Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush (Carrie Ingalls), Matthew and Patrick Labyorteaux (Albert Quinn Ingalls and also Andy Garvey), Brenda and also Wendi Turnbaugh (Grace Ingalls), and also Jennifer and also Michele Steffin (Rose Wilder).

“Something that came ago to me freshly was exactly how much Michael Landon offered to furious me ~ above the set of tiny House around Miss Beadle being totally oblivious come the security of her schoolchildren. In one episode referred to as “Little Girl Lost” Carrie falls down one old mine shaft and Mike chalked it increase to miss Beadle – she’d sent the kids on an insect hunt as a institution assignment. Then there was the episode dubbed “Blizzard” through the large snowstorm. We started filming in ~ Paramount and Mike looked over at me and also said, “Well, miss Beadle kills the youngsters again.” – Charlotte Stewart 6

Michael functioned in plenty of capacities ~ above “Little residence on the Prairie”, together executive producer, producer, writer, director, and also actor. “Little house on the Prairie” came to be one the the most popular dramas in television history and garnered nominations and awards indigenous the Emmys, golden Globe Awards, and the national Cowboy room of Fame and Western heritage Center.

“Michael was an extremely much a fan of the “If that ain’t broke, don’t resolve it” philosophy, and also if something operated well enough in the first take, don’t bother tinkering with perfection — just say “print” and also move on.” – Alison Angrim 7

Remember Me through Smiles

Michael knew that the fundamental values the the display represented to human being would resonate for a long period of time. He knew that people would it is in watching “Little house on the Prairie” lengthy after so many other modern programs had actually been forgotten. Return the collection ended in 1983, over there is quiet a hunger for great family programming, and the series has ongoing to be broadcast throughout the human being ever since. The series is also accessible in the digitally-remastered DVD set, Blu-Ray, and digital streaming versions.


After the collection ended, Michael Landon put his emphasis into a new series, i m sorry was various from the western shows that had actually occupied lot of his career. In 1984, Highway come Heaven aired with his friend and collaborator, Victor French. The show follows a probationary angel sent ago to planet who teams with an ex-cop to assist people.

The collection ran for five seasons on NBC from 1984 come 1989 for a full of 111 episodes and also was shot totally in California. This was the final TV series starring Michael Landon.

Michael Landon in Highway come Heaven Season 4 episode 17

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When it was announced on April 8, 1991, the Michael Landon was suffering from pancreatic cancer at the young age of 54, pan were indeed in shock and also devastated. In his press conference announcing his cancer, Michael took the stand of his life. The told LIFE newspaper “If i’m gonna die, death’s gonna need to do a most fighting to acquire me,” just three weeks ~ his diagnosis. 8

“He to be a vast television star with large insecurities, and underneath the all, a substantial heart. Mike Landon, the continual guy, to be great.” –Melissa Sue Anderson 9

He battled a difficult fight, retreating come his ranch to monitor a strict diet, experience chemotherapy, and also even an experimental procedure. His organization partner Kent McCray defined Michael in his critical days as very bright and upbeat, telling jokes and an extremely lucid. However his condition deteriorated quickly and he pass on Monday, July 1, 1991.


As families proceed to hunger for television mirrors that are built on solid family worths and an excellent principals, Michael Landon’s legacy will live top top in the hearts of his family, his coworkers, and his fans. That was really striking and charming. He had a mixture of being the rugged man’s guy while being very vulnerable and also open in ~ the exact same time. There to be a particular virtue and righteousness in the personalities that he portrayed that made the viewers yearn for a father or husband prefer him.

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