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Planning to visit Dubai v kids and wondering exactly how to do this family members city pilgrimage fun because that everyone?

We to be in the same case when we went to Dubai because that the very first time. In spite of traveling through young children, we didn’t desire to invest our whole vacation at the beach or visiting theme parks. And, of course, we couldn’t traction the kids sightseeing about the city for days in a row…. But we wanted to check out Dubai’s main landmarks, while at the very same time maintaining it relaxing and also fun because that kids and also adults alike.

Dubai is very touristic, and also at first, seems a little bit artificial and superficial. And also in many ways the is. You will certainly not discover much of the important authentic center Eastern culture unless particularly tailored for tourists. No remarkable nature or other natural wonders either…

But Dubai has plenty of various other things to sell for every type of traveler! It’s a fascinating location where whatever is big, bigger, the biggest, modern, spectacular (see our guide ‘Interesting facts around Dubai’ for an ext information)…

In this article, we share our tips for family-friendly things to carry out in Dubai through kids. Activities that we appreciated the most.

We focus on those tasks that not onlygive you a taste that Dubai, but are alsofun for the whole family. That course, you deserve to take the youngsters to a playground, clock a movie, or visit a zoo – but unless you live in Dubai, I would skip these. Instead, go and also explore this dazzling city and also the surroundings! uncover out!

Good come know: At the end of this article, we additionally include part suggestions on where to remain in Dubai through kids. You have the right to see where we stayed, why we think it’s a great location because that a household vacation in Dubai, and also see the map wherein you have the right to compare hotels and Airbnbs in the area. Check out on!

Dubai is a perfect-weatherdestination and you can spend time in ~ the coast or through the pool, execute some water sports, and never leave your hotel. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably in search of more. So right here are a couple of ideas on how to save your children busy on vacation in Dubai and also do some sightseeing in ~ the exact same time.

These space all family-friendly activities, based upon our family members trip to Dubai v our three boys the 5, 5, and also 7.

Here space some fun things to carry out in Dubai with kids:

1. Walk Sandboarding in theDesert

For our kids, sandboarding in the desert to be an absolute favorite thing we go in Dubai!

Take a snowboard and also slide under the dunes. Go ago up the hill and also slide ago down again. And again… We just tried sandboarding a few times, as component of our desert safari tour, however the kids can’t prevent talking about how fun it was.

Good come know: Pretty lot all the desert tourism in Dubai include sandboarding and they typically give large discounts because that kids.

Our youngsters loved sandboarding in Dubai

2. Visit aWater Park

Dubai has three big waterparks – Wild Wadi, Aquaventure Atlantis, and LEGOLAND®Water Park Dubai. And also there is likewise Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi, just a brief ride from Dubai.

No matter just how long your Dubai household trip is, a visit to among the waterparks is an absolute must!

We didn’t acquire a chance to try them all, yet we spent a day at Aquaventure and also the kids absolutely loved it. Our youngsters were a little bit too young for most rides, however with enlarge kids, you might easily spend numerous days right here (or visit several water parks top top the same trip).

Good come know: Kids under 1,2m room not permitted on the ‘big’ rides. They have the right to join you on a ‘Lazy River’ or invest time at the kids’ slides, and also they will enjoy it simply as much. However we found it a pity the our 5-year-oldscouldn’t join us on every the rides, and also we had to constantly separation up and do the rides separately.

TIP: Dubai waterparks space really expensive and you will certainly pay even much more if you buy her tickets at the entrance. So make certain to publication in advance!

3. Walk to the optimal of the World’s Tallest structure – Burj Khalifa

Visiting the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa is a need to in Dubai! It’s together a distinct thing to do and also something the whole family will enjoy. Our youngsters were so impressed with this endure that also a couple of years later on as I’m update this article, they room still talking around it.

With aheightof 829.8 m (2,722 ft – just over half a mile), Burj Khalifa is huge. It’s complicated to comprehend just how tall this tower is until you stand under it. Her neck will hurt trying to watch the optimal of the building from beneath it!

We checked out Burj Khalifa in the evening and the views of the city in the dark to be amazing. If friend can obtain sunset tickets, it’s one of the best times to visit as you can see the city while it’s tho light, at sunset, and also – if friend hang roughly long sufficient – additionally in the dark.

It’s not a cheap experience, yet if there’s one point that is absolutely worth its money in Dubai, it’s this. ~ all, how frequently will you get the opportunity to visit a building this high?!

TIP: Book in development to avoid long waiting times and also disappointment. If girlfriend didn’t prebook, try going in the morning once it’s much less busy and also you might get in without advancement reservation.

Burj Khalifa and also the Dubai Fountain

4. Check out Dubai’sDancing Fountains

The Dubai spring is one more experience that you must really try to do once visiting Dubai through kids. The whole family will reap the music and light present of these dancing fountains at the foot of Burj Khalifa. It’s breathtaking!

There room a couple of mirrors in the afternoon and every fifty percent hour starting at 6 afternoon in theevening. The fountains room probably an ext impressive at night than they are during the day.

We uncovered the fountains spectacular as soon as seen native the optimal of Burj Khalifa as well. So if girlfriend areAt The height in the evening, make sure you don’t miss out on the spectacle native above.

TIP: There are likewise traditional watercrafts that go on the Burj Lake during the spring show. We didn’t publication in advance and couldn’t execute this, but it looked certain amazing. Particularly for the children!

Dubai Fountain show as seen from the peak of Burj Khalifa

5. Drive a Camel

If friend visit a place surrounded by the desert, girlfriend should certainly go top top a camel trek! It’s among those distinct experiences that you deserve to only have actually in a couple of places in the world and also it’s totally worth it.

Camel rides are also fun for the totality family, just maybe don’t embark ~ above a really long ride with very young children. On the various other hand, kids from about 3-4 years, should be able to do a tour choose this.

Our children were therefore excited come ride the camel because that the an initial time! Older youngsters might additionally love quad rides, yet for our 5- and also 7-year-olds, riding a camel to be adventurous enough.

TIP: If you are visiting Dubai with teens or tweens, take it a look in ~ this famous desert tour that allows kids native 10 year old. It includes a camel ride, sandboarding, and a quad bike ride. All the fun tasks in one tour!

Kids loved communicating with camels. Riding a camel was a big hit through them too!

6. Walk on a4×4 Desert Safari

Ok, this is one of those tasks that could not be because that the whole family, but it’s so typically Dubai the it’s fine worth trying. And yes, you deserve to do it with kids.

Dune bashing in a 4×4 is really no for the faint-hearted. But what an exhilarating experience!

Our boys were excited and really enjoyed the ride, but towards the end, it ended up being too much for them (and for us). The drive is yes, really rough and also you could get a bit car sick. But you’ll feel such one adrenaline rush! i vaguely psychic myself saying ‘Oh my God’ end andover again… It’s an suffer you will certainly not quickly forget!

TIP: We walk this highly-rated and also extremely well-known 4×4 desert tour and also it included a taste of many other desert tasks as well. Perfect for households with kids who desire to endure the Dubai desert there is no going on numerous different tours. Simply beware the that activity sickness and maybe take it a pill for that prior to you go.

Dune bashing in a jeep was one of the many exhilarating points we did in Dubai with kids

7.Visit one Aquarium

There room two big aquariums in Dubai – The lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis in ~ the Palm, and also the Dubai Aquarium and also Underwater Zoo located inside the Dubai Mall.

The shed Chambers Aquarium is situated at Atlantis hotel and also is often linked with a visit to the Aquaventure Water Park that’s additionally located in ~ the same place. Whereas the Dubai Aquarium and also Underwater Zoo is situated in a really busy to buy mall, close come Burj Khalifa.

You deserve to see a part of the aquarium in ~ the Dubai mall without having to walk inside and also it’s for sure impressive. If you pick to visit an aquarium, make certain to book your ticket in advance and go very first thing in the morning together it gets verybusy in the afternoon.

Kids at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

8. Visit the Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum to be an unanticipated surprise for us. It’s a really exciting place that offers you a an excellent insight into Dubai’s history. You’ll also earn much more about the middle East and also how a barren desert came to be a bustling Metropole…

Furthermore, the museum is situated in the old Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787, the oldest structure in Dubai. It’s rather tiny and compact and also presented in together a means that children will gain it too. It doesn’t take lot time come visit (40-50 min) and also there’s plenty to save the youngsters interested.

We saw the Dubai Museum and Old Dubai as component of this popular tour. Alternatively, friend can additionally get right here by taxi or through a hop-on hop-off bus (take the historical Route) and visit on her own.

Dubai Museum is really amazing for adults and kids

9. Go Shopping in ~ Dubai freckles Souk and also Gold Souk

Dubai is therefore much more than the modern skyscrapers! us were pleasantly surprised to uncover the Old Dubai and also its traditional markets, souks.

The colors, tastes, and the hustle and the bustle that a traditional market will certainly impress any type of child. Don’t forget to odor the spices!The girls will love all the bling-bling of the gold Souk.

You can buy pretty lot anything here, simply don’t forget to lug cash and haggle over the asking price.

Our youngsters were yes, really impressed v the Dubai spice Souk in Deira

10. Dress up choose a Local

Since you space at a market anyway, why not buy something typically Dubai, something neighborhood that girlfriend wouldn’t uncover at home!

Or perform as our kids did, and try a traditional outfit, such together abaya or kandura. And yes, we had to to buy these garments as youngsters absolutely love them. V these outfits and also sunglasses, castle looked prefer rich Arabian sheiks during the school carnival…

Our boys wearing kandura – timeless Dubai clothing

11. Go for a ride on a Water Bus, a Water Taxi, or a Metro

When we travel through kids, we try to take it as plenty of different way of transfer as we perhaps can. Often, that’s an suffer in itself.

Dubai also has a large choice of all kinds of transport available. Native the most modern transportation options such together Dubai Skyrail come the more traditional ones, such as a wooden boat abra.

So once visiting Dubai with kids, hop on thewater bus ~ above Dubai Marina, take a traditionalabra water taxi top top Dubai Creek, or explore the city on a hop-on hop-off bus because that a day. Children will love it!

Also the Dubai subway is fun for kids! It’sdifferent from most other metros as it actually runs over the ground, therefore you have the right to see the city happen by. There room elevators in ~ every station, for this reason the metro is easily accessible with a stroller as well. It’s a fast means to obtain from one side of the city come the other and it’s funny for the children.

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Riding a traditional wooden boat abra on Dubai Creek

12. Take it the youngsters to a Toy Store

When it involves shopping, just a couple of places in the people can complement the variety and market of the Dubai to buy malls.

We saw a pair of toy stores in Dubai and it was favor nowhere rather we’ve ever before been. The felt together if we gone into a fairy tale civilization with the Santa and flying elves, Star battles characters, helicopters and also mini drones paris around, and also kids gyeongju on kick scooters… This is a true paradise for any type of child!

TIP: Try to agree on the spending budget plan (and the dimension of the toys) through your kids before you get in the store. Or – much better – use an excuse of limited baggage an are on the aircraft and promiseto walk for some really one-of-a-kind ice cream afterwards. And also in the meantime simply look around and enjoy!

Our children at a Star wars Stand at a toy store in Dubai Mall

13. Clock a traditional Tanoura run Performance

If you have never checked out a live Tanoura run performance, you simply must! Tanoura is an Egyptian individual dance commonly performed in Egyptian Sufi festivals through men. It’s also a popular timeless dance in Dubai.

Tanoura dancers stay long vibrant skirts and also perform all kinds oftricks if whirling. Thetraditionalbelly dance performances by females are additionally nice to view in Dubai. But if i were to choose just one of these, through kids, i would definitely go because that the Tanoura dance.

You don’t have to book a run performance independently – it’s often component of various Dubai work trips or excursions favor this Deira Creek dinner cruise or this Dhow dinner cruise on Dubai Marina that us took one night (kids under 6 are complimentary of charge).

Tanoura dance performance in Dubai

14. Check out Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina was among our favorite components of the city. It’s a really lively place, with numerous restaurants and cafés. Over there were likewise many street performances at the Marina as soon as we saw Dubai throughout the Christmas – brand-new Year period.

But what makes it special and also fun with children is the large and safe waterside promenades. Dubai Marina has virtually 7km of level stroller-accessible walkways! It’s is best for all kinds of wheels also – scooters, bikes, hoverboards, etc. A paradise because that kids! there are also playgrounds for the younger ones.

TIP: Dubai Marina is likewise a really nice location to check out by boat. There are lots of watercraft tours here (take a look in ~ this exclusive speedboat tour!), yet there’s additionally an earlier mentioned water bus that has actually several stops along the Marina. It’s really cheap (3-5 AED (+-1 EUR) per ride) and – if ns recall well – young youngsters travel free of charge. Perfect if a lengthy walk i do not care too long for the kids. We walked one method and took the boat ago afterward.

Dubai Marina is a good place to visit v kids

15. Fight the Beach

Dubai has actually so plenty of really nice beaches. And I can’t imagine any kind of family pilgrimage to Dubai there is no at least a couple of days invested at the beach. Even non-beach people like us spent plenty of hours play in the sand and also enjoying the sun.

Some hotels have access to the coast and/or their own private beaches. Therefore if you space in Dubai for a family holiday, it’s ideal to look for a hotel on the beach. Our hotel had wonderful location for the (more around in our DoubleTree through Hilton Dubai Jumeirah beach Hotel review) and it was so easy and also convenient through kids.

If girlfriend are remaining at a hotel in the city and also not by the beach, you’ll be glad to know that there are many really pretty public beaches in Dubai. For example, Marina Beach close to The Walk wherein we remained looked like a perfect location to invest a couple of hours with her family. Not only can you gain all the beach needs to offer, yet there are likewise several playgrounds and plenty of room to run around for the kids.

Kids playing at the coast of our hotel in Dubai

16. Taste local Food and Drinks

One that the points that surprised us in Dubai was the incredible an option of food and also non-alcoholic drinks. Dubai has a very international food scene and you can discover food from everywhere the world here. Often, v a subtle center Eastern touch – a good mix!

Don’t dine at your hotel every evening and also go the end for dinner! It would certainly be a actual shame to go to a boring hotel buffet every night as soon as there is together a an excellent variety the really good restaurants in Dubai. Furthermore, dining in ~ the hotel prices much more.

Our kids lovedArabic bread and fresh fruit smoothies the all the restaurants served. Mine husband couldn’t get sufficient of neighborhood lamb dishes, and I love the eastern spices that made every dish even an ext special…

Dubai restaurants serve the many delicious smoothies

17. Obtain Turkish ice Cream

We had actually some fantastic ice cream in Dubai. Over there are specialized places the really perfectioned the art of ice cream making. But our kids’ favourite was Turkish ice cream cream at The to walk in Dubai.

It’s no just any kind of ice cream at a cafe, however the Turkish ice cream indigenous a actual Turk top top The Walk. Not only do you get some delicious ice cream (eventually), however it comes v a whole present that the youngsters will certain love.

I won’t to speak much an ext about it, yet if you like a great laugh and delicious ice cream cream, then certainly look the end for that if visiting The Walk!

Turkish ice cream was standing on The to walk in Dubai

18. Go ice Skating or Skiingin Summer

If you desire to suffer winter in the desert, Dubai has that too! friend can discover an indoor ski area and also an ice cream skating rink in ~ the shopping center of Emirates.

You don’t should bring any ski clothes or tools – whatever can be rented. Us didn’t try this because for us, Dubai to be a sunny destination that we visited in order to escape winter. And we have actually plenty the time for winter tasks at home in Europe.

But if friend or your kids want to suffer winter in the summer, then it could be something because that you!

Ski Dubai in shopping center of the Emirates – photo by bloodua/

19. Accomplish Dolphins

One the the points that countless of our friends who visited Dubai with kids seemed to love the many was connecting with dolphins at Atlantis.

We skipped it because we go swimming through dolphins in Bali in the past. But if time and money are not one issue, if your youngsters want to interact with dolphins and also you have actually never done this before, climate you may want to shot it.

Atlantis in ~ The Palm is the place to be for this and many other activities (waterpark, aquarium). And, choose with every little thing else in Dubai, it’s lot cheaper if booked in advance.

So, this is our guide to several of the fun points to perform in Dubai with kids. Over there are countless family tasks in Dubai (and many much more opening every year)… yet if you are visiting for the first time and also want to suffer different aspects of this fascinating city, then i think the this list offers a very good mix of things to see and do.

If you space looking for much more ideas for things to carry out in Dubai, make certain to check our overview to the best complimentary and cheap points to execute in Dubai. There are additionally so many an excellent tours – take a look at via the attach below!

Read ~ above for our recommendations on where to continue to be in Dubai with children!

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Where to continue to be in Dubai with Kids

When visiting Dubai with your family, I extremely recommend remaining at or very close come the beach. A swimming pool is additionally a must!

Our experience: We stayed at the DoubleTree through Hilton Dubai Jumeirah coast Hotel in the area dubbed Jumeirah coast Residence (JBR) and also it was perfect through kids! our hotel to be at the beach, had actually several pools, and really affordable family members suites with great sea views. Girlfriend can examine rates and also find an ext information for this hotel here.

What we additionally loved about staying below is the there is a nice waterfront promenade in ~ JBR (aka The Walk) and so many nice restaurants just nearby. It’s a good place to go for a go in the evening! In addition, JBR is close come Dubai Marina and it’s additionally quite straightforward to reach this component of the city by subway as well. As soon as we go earlier to Dubai, ns wouldn’t even take into consideration staying almost everywhere else.

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If friend are searching for a relaxing beach holidays in Dubai through kids and also can to the right the whole family in a room that 4 people, Atlantis The Palm is also a very great option to consider due to the fact that hotel guests can use the waterpark for free. For this reason if you room planning come spend lots of time by the pool and also can discover a reasonable price for a family room here, it can be worth it.

TIP: top top the map below, you can compare hotels and also short-term rental accommodations in the JBR area. Just insert your travel dates and also group size, and you’ll uncover the ideal deals because that your family members stay! you can additionally zoom in and also out come see more accommodations nearby. Check it out!

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