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Answer: Broccoli and Carrot Phil and also Charlie dress up in Broccoli and Carrot suits because they space acting the end a play for the children. Anyone cheers for the carrot.
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Answer: environment-friendly You deserve to see the eco-friendly cushion as soon as it mirrors Ben clean everything his nose on Charlie"s note cards.
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Answer: Tarantula us learned this as soon as she was asked around her pet. She claimed that she had actually a tarantula, however didn"t recognize where it was.
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Answer: Spongebob Squarepants You deserve to see this in the scene where Ben, Charlie"s son, wakes up and puts on his slippers, which have Spongebob ~ above them.
5 I used to walk to the Chapman Academy, until my daddy acquired fired native his job. Now he stays home to take treatment of me and also several other kids. I favor to draw and play the rocket ship video game with my daddy. My dad likes the rocket delivery game more than ns do. Best of all ns actually have friends now! who am I?

Answer: Ben Ben Hinton is played by Khamani Griffin. Khamani likewise stars in the UPN comedy "All of Us". That likes basketball and his favourite cartoon is "Spongebob Square Pants".
Answer: Phil Phil is likewise one the the helpers at dad Daycare and his boy is Max. Max is no potty trained and Phil can"t adjust his nappy, therefore it"s a little of a problem at times. Phil plays the guitar and also in among the scenes, that plays it because that the children.
7 when the Veggie-O"s company is providing out its very first taste to the children, what color is the boy"s T-shirt who throws the grain at the screen?

Answer: Yellow and blue stripes when the people in vegetable costumes announce the their cereal is referred to as "Veggie Os" climate the kids are disgusted. One child, in a yellow and blue stripe t-shirt, also throws his key at the screen!
Answer: Soda This was written in the translation of what Nicky said. He to be standing right alongside the dog as soon as he said it.
Answer: Grape juice Charlie had also misplaced his cabinet phone, and also found the in the crayon box. Charlie then tells Ben that it"s not supposed to be in there.
10 I used to work in the mailroom in ~ an declaring agency. I prefer to clock "Star Trek" and also read comic books. I am likewise very an excellent with children and also enjoy attract a carrot suit. Who am I?

Answer: Marvin Marvin is play by Steve Zahn. Steve has been in numerous movies, including two of my favorites, "Joyride" and also "Riding in Cars through Boys".
Answer: Anjelica Huston In "Daddy work Care", she plays a character the is selfish and also mean (but in the movie she does get what she deserves!). She additionally likes a little of competition. Anjelica Huston has played in lots of films including "Kaena: The "Prophecy", "Iron Jawed Angels, "Searching for Debra Winger" and "Blood Work".
Answer: climbing vine once she is providing a tour to the parents that have kids that are going to Chapman, she says "A kid is favor a climbing vine, with enough structure come cling to and the ideal gardener to tend them". As she claims this, she is in the exterior of the school, twirling she cane round one of the vines come mime the quote - which would be very understandable due to the fact that it is a "school timeless phrase".The actual phrase method "A son is a cultivation animal, with sufficient work to save their mental on, and the ideal teachers to teach them."
Answer: tortoise Flash to be standing beside the turtle together he confirmed it. The turtle had a bolt the lightning on his shell.
14 ns was fired indigenous my job after my agency shut under the entire health food division. Due to the fact that I might no much longer afford the high priced preschool my kid attended, I decided to start a job care business in mine home. My wife thinks I"m crazy but taking treatment of 4 year olds can"t be that hard. Who am I?

Answer: Charlie Charlie Hinton is play by the hilarious Eddie Murphy. He began his career as a wake up comedian. Murphy was only 19 once he ended up being one that the performers on NBC"s "Saturday Night Live". He went on to star in numerous movies, consisting of "48 Hours", "Beverly Hills Cop", and "The Nutty Professor".
Answer: Ben In the movie Ben is the kid of Charlie (Eddie Murphy). Ben loves to draw and is rather shy. Ben plays rocket ships with his dad.
16 when Charlie and Phil are handing the end fliers, there is one electric machine outside the shop. What animal is the machine?

Answer: crocodile once Charlie and also Ben space entering the shop, we view Max (Phil"s son) top top a crocodile electrical machine. As soon as Charlie and Ben exit, they view Phil on the machine!
Answer: Bruce You can hear this when Bruce is talk to Charlie and Phil around the chocolatey chocolate balls, in among the an initial scenes. Return Crispin takes after his father and also mother in some ways, it"s hard not to like him simply a little bit.
18 I have a turtle called Sparks. I think the is the fastest tortoise in the world. I supplied to wear my favorite costume everyday. I wanted to to win up bad guys and save lives. Currently that I"m at a brand-new day care, I"m ok simply being myself. That am I?

Answer: Tony Tony is played by Jimmy Bennett. Tony always wore his "Flash" costume to day care. Then at some point he chose he didn"t want to it is in "Flash" anymore, he just wanted to it is in Tony.
Answer: 2 dads setting up the day care centre due to the fact that the proper school expenses too much. "Daddy day Care" is around two dads setting up a day treatment centre for kids so that they don"t need to pay so lot money ~ above the genuine school, Chapman Academy. Phil and also Charlie (the two guys that operation it) have youngsters that walk there to.
20 What color is the clock Marvin is wearing once Charlie and Phil order the to game the children while they chat with Dan Kubitz?

Answer: Red and also Black Marvin take away the kids" attention by pulling some funny actions that the kids follow. When he grabs his cheeks and also turns to the side, the clock is visible.
Answer: The movie didn"t present him talking about his pet. The pet day scene was in reality pretty short, and also not all of the children were displayed talking about their pets. Jamie to be the one who stated "He eats a lot." as soon as talking around her bunny.
22 In the scene where Charlie and Ben are putting together some outdoor points for the work care, Ben says something about Charlie break a toy the his. What was it?

Answer: a yo-yo follow to Ben, Charlie take it his yo-yo, claimed he"d give it back, and then broke it. Charlie denies this though.

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23 i was the head mistress in ~ the Chapman Academy for many years. I despise "Daddy job Care" and also Charles Hinton. The day treatment took students from mine school and also prompted me to contact child services. Now due to the fact that of that dumb day care I am a cross guard. Who am I?

Answer: miss out on Harridan miss Harridan is played by Anjelica Huston. She played Morticia in "The Addams Family" movie. Huston go a good job of illustrating the evil Gwyneth Harridan.