The movie is awesome, comedic and also really funny! back there's a little bit cursing, there is some sexual references, and some (not as well much) violence, however in a comedic method (a guy tries to ride his motorcycle to impress on who (he doesn't know just how to ride motorcycles) and also then rides right into the home by accident and also up the stairs climate gets grounding in the wall.) Although ns really introduce this movie for ages, atleast 10 and also up.

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Seeing the trailer in the cinema, I believed it would be a great film. I never gained round come watching it until a few days ago, and I wish i hadn't. It's such a boring film. The plot move so slowly, and barely changed. It's predictable and not funny in any type of way. I prefer Will Ferrel but this is absolutely a movie to skip. Girlfriend won't have to worry about any 'bad influencers' (i.e part swearing (sh.t etc), part drinking (beer etc)), you need to worry around not transforming the movie off before it's finished.
Unfunny. It's sad the such good actors wasted their talent on together a stupid movie the wasted all its potential ~ above slapstick humor and cliques.
The whole Daddy's Home series is for this reason underrated, I enjoyed this movie. I watched this v my family members one weekend and also we every were laughing for this reason hard! perfect comedy for the much more mature tweens.

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This is a really good movie, and it's funny too. It's gained a most messages around family time, and also different points with family members as the action Dad (Will Ferrell) suffers come cope through Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) coming back to visit his kids. So far as content, infrequent usage of s--t, bitch, hell, damn, bulls--t, and also goddamn. 1 usage of prick and also p---y. Dylan, a tiny kid, punches a girl who's choose on the in the face and kicks she in the nuts calling her a bitch, learning it from Dusty, Dusty teaches that this reasoning that the human being picking top top Dylan is a boy. Violence is purely comedic, with Brad virtually dying a couple of times trying to challenge the actual father the his kids. Jokes about standing up because that yourself, and kicking human being in the nuts. For sex-related content, Brad makes countless references transparent the movie to not being may be to have kids due to the fact that of an occurrence that messed through his testicles. There's an entire scene wherein they're in ~ a physicians office to see if the doctor have the right to improve his fertility, and the medical professional makes Dusty take it his pants off (no nudity shown) to present what normal testicles watch like compared to Brad's. Brad's boss tells stories about his wife, some have small sexual things such as the most explicit component of one of his stories saying the he met his wife as soon as she was a topless waiter. Brad it s okay drunk in one scene and shouts out in former of the entirety stadium that he make love come his wife last night to mite off Dusty, this leads to him gift kicked out by Sara, his wife. Certainly recommend this movie though, among Ferrell's funniest, 10-11+ for part crude sex-related humor, and also moderate language.