Comedian Jordan Keppler interviews Trump supporters ahead that the former president’s Oct. 9, 2021 rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. The segment was aired Oct. 18. — ‘The Daily present with Trevor Noah’ still

Iowa was again the topic of a Daily Show segment most inhabitants of the state would consider to it is in embarrassing. However while Iowans are offered to being illustrated as folksy and also a little bit out that touch during caucus season, the piece aired Monday night verified a an ext cringey and conspiratorial slice of Iowa.

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The Daily display with Trevor Noah correspondent Jordan Klepper went back to Des Moines come interview people gathered for the trump card rally on Oct. 9, i m sorry featured Gov. Kim Reynolds, Reps. Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks, and Sen. Lining Grassley, the last accepting Trump’s proof onstage.

Klepper began his “Fingers the Pulse” segment by note it was the first Trump rally he’d attended because Jan. 6, 2021, “a day no one will certainly every forget, uneven you’re a Republican member the Congress.”

“I headed to my favorite Iowa state capital, whereby the crowd was all set to proclaim trump card won and Trump won and also Trump won and also rides a tank,” Klepper narrated over footage of the many election fraud-related banners on display screen outside that the Iowa State Fairgrounds, where former President Donald Trump would certainly speak later on that night. “And also though trump card won, they’re hope he operation again.”

“Hey, no much better place to announce candidacy than right here in the Hawkeye state,” said a man in a red, white and also blue suit.

Iowan Marc Korver was spotted in ~ 2020 campaign events for Democrats transparent the last caucus season. ~ above Oct. 9, 2021, he showed up to in a segment on Trump pendant at a Des Moines rally. — ‘The Daily display with Trevor Noah’ still

None of the Trump pendant Klepper interviewed, man-on-the-street style, are named, and not all disclose whether they’re native Iowa; the rally did tempt some out-of-state visitors. But Little Village known the guy in the suit as Marc Korver the Washington, Iowa, a regular presence at pre-caucus rallies because that 2020 autonomous presidential candidates, always clad in his star-spangled outfit. In a file of Korver released by the Gazette on Nov. 26, 2019, Korver claimed he’d recently determined to “take a more active approach” to national politics by acquiring out to events, but didn’t yet recognize who he was sustaining in the 2020 election.

Korver called the Gazette he’d gained all the 2020 presidential candidates except then-President Trump and also then-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris to autograph individual baseballs because that his collection. Two years later, Korver to be holding a baseball in a plastic case during his Daily Show interview — likely ready to try for a trumped autograph again. Trump, however, didn’t mix through the group or sign items, although his save America PAC has been spamming followers through the sell of a opportunity to victory the “First ever before Signed trumped Football” in exchange because that a donation.

The completely debunked id that choice fraud brought Biden to victory over trump was embraced fact among the supporters Klepper featured.

Comedian Jordan Keppler interviews Trump pendant ahead that the previous president’s Oct. 9, 2021 rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. The segment was aired Oct. 18. — ‘The Daily present with Trevor Noah’ still

A pair that interviewees — a guy wearing a T-shirt portraying Trump through his middle fingers up speak “One for Biden, One for Harris,” and also a woman whose shirt showed picture of mountain Rushmore through Trump’s face included — called Klepper previous Vice chairman Mike Pence would be “afraid to display up here today” since he “was a coward, he didn’t do the appropriate thing,” apparently referencing the false id that Pence might have impede the certification the the electoral college votes on Jan. 6.

“I mean, obviously this management is doing every it deserve to to pit each other versus each other,” the woman said. The male with the middle-finger shirt added, “They’ve been trying to division us.”

“It’s favor this management is giving the middle finger to fifty percent the country,” Klepper said, to the couple’s approval.

“It doesn’t issue what your opinions are, we can still be polite to every other,” the mrs said, still apparently failing to detect the irony.

Jordan Keppler interviews Trump supporters ahead that the previous president’s Oct. 9, 2021 rally in ~ the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. The segment to be aired Oct. 18. — ‘The Daily display with Trevor Noah’ still

In his narration, Klepper joked around the plenty of Confederate flags on display screen in Iowa, a Union-aligned state during the polite War, and also a homemade sign heralding “Womens urine Funnels” on sale for $15. The comedian likewise found the concerns over the border dilemm expressed by two men holding a trumped 2024 flag strange considering Iowa isn’t near any kind of international border.

“We space not a cult,” a young blonde woman wearing a make American an excellent Again hat, “Trump Won” shirt and also American flag overalls called Klepper, referring to trump card supporters. “We space a team of Americans the love our country and want that back.”

Klepper asked her if there were any “old hits” she was hoping to hear native Trump later.

“Oh, gosh, i feel like every little thing he spews out of his mouth I just love,” she said.

“It doesn’t issue what the says?”


“But this isn’t a cult,” Klepper deadpans.

“No, i don’t think so.”

Jordan Keppler interviews Trump supporters ahead of the former president’s Oct. 9, 2021 rally in ~ the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. The segment was aired Oct. 18. — ‘The Daily display with Trevor Noah’ still

“Maybe the many surprising minute of the rally,” Klepper claimed in his narration, midway v the six-minute segment, “was as soon as I ran right into an old friend I never ever thought I’d view again.” The camera cuts to that standing in former of a bus through a “Q sent out Me” billboard an installed above it. “Q’s back! and there’s Q shit everywhere!”

Indeed, if not for the presence of indicators with modern references favor “CRT is Racism,” images from the Oct. 9 rally tailgate might have been pulled from a 2020 Trump campaign event, or also the Jan. 6 prevent the stealing rally.

QAnon — the shifting, lurching, internet-born rightwing conspiracy theory motion that started with fringe principles like Pizzagate and broadened end the last four years to include conspiracy theories around everything from anti-Semitic middle ages blood libel come flat planet to “white replacement” (now a go-to Tucker Carlson talk point) come JFK Jr. Faking his own fatality to, many dangerously, COVID-19, vaccines and also election fraud.

Q was really much lively at the Oct. 9, 2021 trump card rally in Des Moines. — ‘The Daily display with Trevor Noah’ still

Since the disappearance and potential unmasking the Q — the anonymous, self-proclaimed federal government insider at the facility of numerous Trump-related conspiracy theory — and the society media crackdown ~ above QAnon content after Jan. 6, the ungainly blob that is still referred to as QAnon has advanced past the have to invoke Q in ~ all, currently that “QAnon” has end up being somewhat synonymous with wild, sometimes violent conspiracy theorists.

But that didn’t protect against Des Moines rallygoers native whipping out classic QAnon symbols: “Trust the Plan” flags, “Q sent out me” banners and also “WWG1WGA” (“Where us go one, us go all”) auto decals, to surname a few. There was also a mrs directing web traffic in a QAnon shirt, Klepper observed.

“Wasn’t Q’s totality thing that Trump would be reinstated together president?” Klepper inquiry a self-described Q supporter.

“He’s never left,” the man replies. “There’s no doubt my mind, a hundred and also fifty-thousand percent.” trumped has ongoing to operation the government and the military, the went on. Therefore Klepper inquiry if Trump, then, is come blame because that the messy tap the money from Afghanistan.

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“No,” the male said, getting flustered. “It’s way beyond my…” and he trails off.

All 5 Iowans arrested on dues stemming indigenous the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection were public trumped supporters, one additionally a shown QAnon fanatic. But asked by Klepper who have to be held responsible for the insurrection, the woman in the overalls lists “antifa,” “the corruption FBI,” “RINOs” (Republicans in name only, a favorite Trump phrase) and “the deep state.”

Comedian Jordan Keppler interviews Trump supporters ahead the the previous president’s Oct. 9, 2021 rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. The segment was aired Oct. 18. — ‘The Daily display with Trevor Noah’ still

Another man in a Q cap told Klepper the Jacob Chansley, the horned, shirtless insurrectionist known even prior to Jan. 6 together the QAnon Shaman, isn’t a real Trump supporter. In fact, the guy claims, Chansley showed up in a video of Afghan world chasing down a U.S. Air Force aircraft filmed throughout the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“I think he’s in jail ideal now,” Klepper replied skeptically.

“No, that’s what they call you.”

“Are we gonna discover pictures that the horn male in, like, the background of old Civil war photos or paints of the Revolutionary War?”