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There space 330 calories in 1 cone (156 g) of dairy products Queen Dipped Cherry Cone (Small).
Calorie breakdown: 47% fat, 45% carbs, 8% protein.

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Chocolate Cone (Large)
Dipped Cherry Cone (Large)
Dipped coco Cone (Large)
Chocolate Cone (Kids’)
Chocolate Cone (Small)
Dipped Cherry Cone (Kids’)
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Other varieties of ice cream Cream Cones:
Ice Cream Cone
Chocolate Covered cacao Ice Cream Cone with Nuts
Light ice Cream Cone
Ice Cream Sundae Cone
Chocolate ice cream Cream Cone
Chocolate spanned or Dipped cacao Ice Cream Cone
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Other species of ice cream Creams:
Chocolate ice Creams
Rich coco Ice Cream
Light Vanilla ice cream Creams
Vanilla ice cream Creams
Ice Cream
Strawberry ice Creams
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