The famous cone with the iconic curly on top takes center stage on the first day that spring as the dairy product Queen® mechanism offers up a celebratory sweet giveaway. (Photo: business Wire)

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The well known cone with the iconic curly on peak takes center stage top top the first day that spring together the dairy product Queen® mechanism offers increase a celebratory sweet giveaway. (Photo: organization Wire)

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For much more than 30 years, the dairy products Queen device of independently owned restaurants franchised by ADQ, a Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A and BRK.B) company, has actually raised more than $130 million for Children’s wonder Network Hospitals in neighborhood communities.

“We’re excited for our 4th annual totally free Cone Day,” included Hokanson. “This job has come to be a feather tradition and a sign that warmer weather is upon us.”

last year, the dairy products Queen mechanism of fans and also franchisees contributed almost $300,000 in at some point for local hospitals.

For much more information around the dairy Queen system, visit Attach with the DQ system on Twitter using #LOVEmyDQ and at Visit the DQ facebook fan page, i m sorry has much more than 11 million friends and become a girlfriend at

DQ fun Facts:

our dairy originates from American dairy product farmers and also their hardworking families. We’re huge fans of our dairy farmers since they do every curly possible. The curl of the cone and the upper and lower reversal of the Blizzard are much more than just theatrics at DQ, they are DQ quality indications that us take proud in. A perfect curl and a flipped Blizzard median the thickest, creamiest DQ soft offer you can not get almost everywhere else.

About IDQ:

international Dairy Queen Inc., (IDQ), based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the parent agency of American dairy products Queen Corporation. With its subsidiaries, IDQ develops, licenses and services a mechanism of more than 6,800 areas in the united States, Canada and much more than 25 other countries. IDQ is a subsidiary the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (Berkshire) i beg your pardon is led through Warren Buffet, the legendary investor and CEO that Berkshire. For more information visit

About Children’s wonder Network Hospitals: