Daisy Lewellyn, the Blood, Sweat & Heels stylemaven that disclosedher struggles with arare cancer ~ above the Bravo truth series, passed away today. She was 36.

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In the series’ second season premierethat aired in march 2015, Lewellyn speak movingly about her diagnosis that bile duct cancer. Lewellyn was a previous magazine editor, consisting of a 2006-07 stint as accessories editor at significance magazine. The magazine’s website posted news the her death today, call Lewellyn “sunny and also warm, a breath of new air in springtime.”

“You can not assist but be brushed up away by her vivacious personality,” essence editor-in-chief Vanessa De Luca wrote, addingthat“she was always stunning, however so under to earth and quick through a laugh.”

In addition to Essence, Lewellyn functioned at InStyle and also Glamour magazines before joining the Bravo fashion series. ~ disclosing she cancer diagnosis last year, Lewellyn claimed she was no afraid come die.

“It wasn’t like Iwantedto die, and also it wasn’t favor I didn’t want to live,” she stated in one interview v the madame Noire website, “because ns absolutely love my life, and I’vealways loved my life—but they told me it was phase three cancer. Ns was like,‘Well, if it’s mine time come go, I’m OKwith it.’”

Lewellyn authored“Never Pay sleeve Again: Shop Smart, spend Less, & watch Your finest Ever” in 2010.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen tweeted his thoughts about Lewellyn:

Daisy had actually such wonderful transmittable energy. We were all rooting for her. Another great one is gone.

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— Andy Cohen (




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