Richard Marx and his wife, Daisy Fuentes, couldn’t feel prefer a luckier pair since falling in love an ext than five years ago. The legend musician and also the prolific TV host continue to prove their romance is everlasting by sharing the cutest photos with each other on social media.

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The “Right below Waiting” artist’s Instagram web page is to fill with emotional tributes for Daisy, including a pic he posted in august 2021 because that a woman Crush Wednesday. “My forever,” Richard captioned a picture of the former America’s Funniest house Videos host. “A mrs inexplicably even an ext beautiful on the inside.”


Daisy is likewise one come upload sweet photos of the pair. In April 2021, she common an adorable picture of the duo kissing on the tarmac before a flight. “Love is in the air,” she penned.

Richard and the Cuban American TV star have been life a life the bliss since exchanging vows in December 2015. Despite the 2 couldn’t imagine being any type of happier, Richard revealed they nearly didn’t provide their partnership a shooting while speaking v Closer in July 2017.

Looking ago on the start of your romance in 2013, the Grammy winner stated he met Daisy at a time once “neither that believed” in true love. Richard had actually recently separated native his first spouse, Cynthia Rhodes, whom he married in 1989, if the House of Style alum remained in “long relationships,” consisting of her marriage with ex-husband Timothy Adams native 1991 to 1995.


“I was married because that 25 years, so once we met, us were both at areas in our stays where — I hate to say it — no of us thought in this,” the “Hold On to the Nights” hitmaker specifically told Closer, emphasizing how grateful that is that they’re together.

“Our partnership seems to save constantly how amazing us,” Richard gushed. “What i have discovered is the every day, ns fall more in love through her. At our age, this level of stunner in love v each various other is so fun.”


Speaking through Closer more recently in august 2021, Richard stated their connection is stronger than ever. “I feeling that when you satisfy someone later on in life, the way we did, you have actually a better sense of that you are and what you want,” the “Endless Summer Nights” marveled, pointing out they have actually a “lot of usual interests.”

“We hike at the very least three or four times a week,” the dished. “Daisy and I don’t spend lot time at all in front of a display screen watching movies or TV. Us talk, interact and also love each other. We don’t want to clock life walk by. We desire to be component of those going on.”

Scroll v the gallery listed below to check out Richard and Daisy’s cutest photos end the years!


August 2021

Richard and also Daisy smiled for a cute selfie as they were “about to document a brand-new episode” of their “Tequila Talk” podcast.


June 2021

“Off on another journey v my ,” the “Now and also Forever” crooner created alongside a snap that the two drinking champagne before a vacation.

February 2021

Richard called Daisy his “partner in life” while celebrate Valentine’s Day. “Thanks to you, i’ve never, ever had so lot fun. More, please,” that penned.

September 2020

The above musician praised the La Voz children alum because that being an “incredibly soulful and also beautiful human” when posting selfies at the beach. “She teach me that delight is truly an within job and that your very own sense of tranquility can’t be noted by someone or other else. She teach me to be happy with and by myself, without a feeling of attachment to an additional person,” Richard included in the caption.

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January 2020

The duo turned heads at the premiere of The critical Ship, hitting the red carpet in your fashionable ensembles. Daisy rocked a black minidress, while Richard looked handsome in a blue button-up and black blazer.