Fifty Shades Freed trailer will quickly be exit by the universal Studios. The last part in the erotic series is reserved to release following year, but the film already has a lot of buzz due to the rumored affair in between Dakota Johnson and also Jamie Dornan.

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Not plenty of know this, but Dakota and Jamie actually became great friends when they both were actors to play Anastasia Steele and also Christian Grey respectively for the BDSM-oriented NSFW erotic film. Just due to the fact that of the story"s demand, there to be a most sex scenes between the co-stars and the earlier released photos from the filming location and trailers of both Fifty Shades that Grey and also Fifty Shades Darker made many to speculate that the movie"s co-stars to be secretly having actually an affair.

Things walk a little wary once Dakota common a picture of herself in i m sorry she was seen trying to fill Jamie"s trailer with thousands of balloons. The 26-year-old star captioned the picture with, "Happy early birthday

The shared photo was later on deleted indigenous the Instagram account but has been widely shared on other social media platforms.

During Dakota"s earlier interview with OK! Magazine, she confessed the she can"t quite think her closeness v The Fall actor, especially because her friendship only began when they an initial started filming Fifty Shades that Grey. However, in her later on interview v Today, she revealed that her friendship to be Jamie was pretty lot forced due to the fact that of the sex-related nature of your film trilogy."I think we were sort of compelled into being finest friends… give thanks to God together well, because if us didn"t acquire along it would be really, really awful."


Many even wondered about Dakota and Jamie"s onscreen chemistry as soon as they had actually to shooting raunchy scenes because that the movie. Fans and also publication outlets theorized what the co-stars have to say about using BDSM in genuine life.

During Dakota"s earlier interview through Vogue, she confessed she inclination in the direction of BDSM. Need for Speed actress revealed that she admires people who space open around such sexual experiments and also thinks she is also exploring her very own sexuality."It have the right to be very beautiful and also tasteful, and the materials have the right to be luxurious. It"s not choose being ~ above Hollywood Boulevard and walking by a ball-gag store."However, throughout her earlier conversations, she revealed exactly how filming sex scenes v Jamie Dornan came to be tedious after part point.

Just like Dakota, even Jamie explained her thoughts regarding BDSM. The 34-year-old ireland actor said GQ Australia that BDSM "doesn"t float" his boat."I"ve always been open-minded and also liberal — I"d never judge anyone"s sexual preference."


He confessed earlier in 2015 that the factor why he was actors to beat Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades trilogy was that of his onscreen visibility with Dakota. On the various other hand, while speak to Cosmopolitan, he stated the date rumors space usually false as he happy married come Amelia Warner due to the fact that 2013."About 80 percent that the civilization I"m said to have actually dated, i haven"t."As that now, after splitting with she longtime friend Matthew Hitt, Dakota is apparently single. However, she was freshly spotted v a mysterious guy in Hollywood that made plenty of to think that after Hitt, she finally has uncovered a brand-new man in she life.

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The to represent of both the stars have constantly denied the rumors the their an enig affair. On lot of occasions, also the Fifty Shades movie stars made the clear that the sex scene in the film to be only since of the story"s demand and there is nothing walking on in between them that will jeopardize their personal lives.