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Dakota Meyer isn"t dating after his break-up from Bristol Palin. In fact, he states he most likely won"t gain married again.

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Only ET was through Meyer in ~ his home in Texas, whereby he revealed why he"s putting his love life ~ above hold.

"I haven"t began dating. I"ve to be so liven running with children that ns don"t have time to date," he matter-of-factly said ET, additionally revealing that marriage isn"t something he sees in his future.

"No, no! No, since I have the only two ladies I require in my life, and also that"s Sailor and Atlee, and my focus will proceed to be on what"s in the best interest the them and the they understand that they have actually a father that loves them, that cherishes them, the supports them," Meyer said. "My focus is top top that and also it will continue to it is in on that."

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Meyer invited his first daughter, Sailor, v Palin in December 2015, seven months after ~ they broke off their wedding. The pair reconciled, married in June 2016, and also welcomed their second baby girl together, Atlee, in may 2017. Meyer, a former Marine, and Palin announced their break-up less than a year later, in February 2018.

Fans will check out the pair"s relationship drama -- and Meyer"s struggles with PTSD -- play the end on this season of Teen mom OG.

Bristol Palin says There's 'Life after Divorce' Following split From Dakota Meyer (Exclusive)

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Bristol Palin claims There's 'Life ~ Divorce' Following separation From Dakota Meyer (Exclusive)

"It wasn"t my choice. The wasn"t something the I wanted to agree to, yet like a the majority of things in life, friend just resolve the hand the you to be dealt and follow," that told ET. "I"m gonna shot to do the most out of it and try to grab on this opportunity to display other human being what it"s favor behind the scenes and also hopefully try to do a difference."

"I lived it every day," he added of his partnership with Palin. "I think every relationship has actually its ups and downs. Ns think that"s a part of whether you"re married or whether you"re in friendship or in business, right? castle all have their ups and also downs, and I think it"s simply a normal component of life."

"I think that, you know, I"m going come still stay focused on do the efforts to provide the best environment possible, concentrating on being happy, healthy and also safe and knowing the they"re loved by both parents," the continued. "I understand how an essential that is, having a mother and also father affiliated in her life, and also I"m walk to proceed to be the most connected father hopefully that you"ll ever before see."

See much more from ET"s interview with Meyerin the video clip below.

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Teen mother OG airs Mondays ~ above MTV.


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