Full Name: Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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Birthdate: Oct. 10, 1974Hometown: Kannapolis, north CarolinaResides: Mooresville, phibìc CarolinaMarital Status: Married to AmyChildren: Isla Rose

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is a third-generation driver in a family forever connected to the sports of stock-car racing, and also while his innate capability behind the wheel originates from Earnhardt DNA, his competitive control style and business savvy are all his own. His common-sense charisma and flair for originality have actually helped propel the to come to be one of the most famous figures in sports. Race fans have actually selected him a document 15 consecutive times together NASCAR’s Most renowned Driver. Earnhardt tops all NASCAR and IndyCar drivers on MVPindex’s society media power rankings. His very nice is not restricted to loyal race fans, together Earnhardt has appeared on Harris Interactive’s yearly survey of America’s height 10 favorite Athletes, frequenting the list v such names as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and also Derek Jeter. 

In April, Earnhardt announced the 2017 would be his final full-time season the NASCAR Cup series competition. Start in 2018, the indigenous of Kannapolis, north Carolina, will join NBC sports Group’s NASCAR coverage. Earnhardt’s role with NBCUniversal will permit him a wide range of methods in the that company media businesses, consisting of movies, television, podcasts, and also other areas.

Through the finish of his full time career, Earnhardt amassed 26 career victories, including the 2004 and also 2014 Daytona 500s. His 26 win tie him because that 29th on NASCAR’s all-time gyeongju winners list. He additionally has 13 pole positions and eight non-points wins (five in the Daytona 500 qualifying Duel, two in the Clash and one All-Star race victory). Also though he to be sidelined because that the second fifty percent of the 2016 season v a concussion, Earnhardt still managed to discover success, scoring a victory in his preseason Daytona 500 qualifying Duel and also earning four runner-up finishes v the very first 18 races. Overall, Earnhardt has qualified because that the NASCAR playoffs eight times (2004, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015).

Earnhardt is the just third-generation NASCAR champion, accomplished when he winner the 1998 and also 1999 NASCAR Xfinity series titles. He adheres to his legend father Dale Earnhardt Sr., a seven-time Cup champion and winner that 76 races, and also his grandfather, Ralph Earnhardt, the 1956 NASCAR Sportsman champion. In October 2009, Earnhardt Sr. Was selected as a posthumous inductee in the inaugural 2010 class for the NASCAR hall of Fame. In 2007, Ralph Earnhardt was inducted posthumously right into the nationwide Dirt Late design Hall that Fame. Both his father and grandfather were selected amongst NASCAR’s 50 Greatest drivers of every time in 1999. The three Earnhardts combine for 10 NASCAR championships. 

Until 2008, Earnhardt Jr.’s career together a full time driver was exclusively within the confines of the family-owned business, Dale Earnhardt Inc., where he collected 39 to win in the Xfinity and Cup series from 1998-2007. Yet the 2008 season marked one of far-ranging change, together Earnhardt make the boldest decision the his young career by signing with NASCAR hall of reputation team owner stack Hendrick to drive the No. 88 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports.

Earnhardt’s duty as a team owner and also businessman proceeds to gain its own ascent separate indigenous his driving career. JR Motorsports employs much more than 140 people and also fields four full-time entries in the Xfinity Series, in enhancement to 2 late version stock cars contending regionally in the Southeast. Native its beginning in 2006, JR Motorsports has actually scored 40 Xfinity series wins. Follow Elliott deserve the company’s an initial Xfinity series championship in 2014 with teammate Regan smith completing a one-two sweep of the optimal spots in the driver standings. Josh Berry secured monitor championship honors for the JRM late design program gyeongju at engine Mile Speedway (2012) and Hickory engine Speedway (2014). Wilhelm Byron added a 2nd Xfinity collection title to the team"s secure in 2017.

Earnhardt’s very first turn in ~ ownership began with possibility 2, a team started in 2002 and also jointly operated v Dale Earnhardt Inc. With that team, Earnhardt was co-owner that the 2004 and 2005 Xfinity collection championship groups with driver boy name Truex Jr.

Fans and also media selected Earnhardt as one of the top-three Xfinity series drivers the all-time in a 2006 NASCAR poll. Earnhardt’s 24 victories location him tied because that 10th ~ above the all-time collection wins list. His two championships, in 1998 and 1999, presented him to the NASCAR history books, and his success throughout the taking place decade reinforced his place. On July 2, 2010, Earnhardt score a renowned victory in ~ Daytona international Speedway in a throwback blue-and-yellow No. 3 Chevrolet made famous by his dad in the mid-1980s. It was Earnhardt’s sixth Xfinity collection victory at Daytona, i m sorry ranks 2nd all-time behind Tony Stewart and Earnhardt Sr. With seven each. Top top April 23, 2016, Earnhardt Jr. Scored his many recent Xfinity series victory, and also his an initial in a JRM entry, at Richmond worldwide Raceway.

With crossover appeal that stretches past his achievements as an athlete in NASCAR, Earnhardt continues to garner media fist worldwide. He has showed up on more than 150 magazine covers and has to be featured in high-profile publication such together Maxim, rolling Stone, GQ, Men’s Journal, sporting activities Illustrated, world Magazine, The brand-new York times Magazine, Men’s Fitness and also TV Guide. 


In 2009, Earnhardt showed up on nation music’s greatest stage together a presenter in ~ the 43rd yearly Country Music Awards. The live line on abc was watched by 35.8 million viewers, follow to Nielsen Media Research. It marked Earnhardt’s first appearance at a major pop-culture awards show because he was a presenter in ~ the 2002 MTV Music Awards. He has been a guest ~ above “60 Minutes,” “The Late present with David Letterman,” “The Tonight show with Jay Leno,” “Late Night v Conan O’Brien,” “The now Show,” “The Daily show with Jon Stewart,” “The Jimmy Kimmel Show,” “Good Morning America,” “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “Chelsea,” “The Soup,” “CBS This Morning” and also “Larry King Live.” He has actually played cameo functions in major motion pictures “Talladega Nights” and “Cars” and was the subject of an illustration of MTV’s “Diary” and also VH1’s “Driven.” In 2004, he play a cameo function on the CBS sitcom “Yes Dear.” In 2010, he to be featured in an illustration of “Shaq Vs.” – ABC’s loss primetime reality display in i beg your pardon NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal walk one-on-one versus America’s peak athletes and entertainers in their corresponding professions. The very same year he to be the voice of follow Crawford, one of the main characters in Disney Channel’s “Handy Manny” primetime special. In 2012, he to be featured in “Good Morning America’s” note to Self, and also wrote a letter come his 16-year-old self about his partnership with his father, his gyeongju career and building confidence within. In 2013, Earnhardt teamed up v Diet mountain Dew and also Discovery Channel’s “Fast ‘N Loud” come restore and customize a 1956 Chevy Nomad. The episode broke a collection viewership record with 2.7 million viewers tuning into the cable network. In 2016, Earnhardt showed up in the season finale of animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters,” which yielded a season-high 1.3 million total viewers. After appearing previously in your YouTube videos, Earnhardt teamed up through Dude Perfect in the CMT collection premiere that “The Dude Perfect Show,” i m sorry earned a total of 3.4 million viewers and ranked as CMT’s greatest rated original debut ever with teens 12-17. Earnhardt likewise appeared in the premiere episode of DIRECTV’s “Religion that Sports” series, i m sorry examines distinct examples where sporting activities profoundly affect societies and also cultures in a manner the extends far beyond merely entertain value, from executive, management producers Tom Brady, Gotham Chopra and also Michael Strahan. Earnhardt likewise spent time in the radio and also television transfer booths in 2016, calling numerous NASCAR XFINITY and also Cup collection races for FOX Sports, NBC Sports and also MRN Radio. Throughout Super bowl LI, FOX offered its hit series “The Simpsons” to promote the 2017 Daytona 500 by special Earnhardt’s man character behind the wheel with Homer Simpson riding shotgun.

Earnhardt’s eclectic taste in music is reflect in the varied list of artist that have featured the in their music videos, consisting of Jay-Z, Staind, Sheryl Crow, 3 Doors Down, trace Adkins, O.A.R., the Matthew an excellent Band and Nickelback. Earnhardt ended up being a best-selling author in 2001 with “Driver 8,” a documentation the his rookie season in the NASCAR Cup Series. The book landed top top the new York time best-seller perform for 17 weeks, and also online retailer Amazon.com called “Driver 8” the top-selling sports publication of the year.

In 2012, Forbes magazine ranked Earnhardt seventh all at once on its perform of “Most influential Athletes.” In January 2013, BusinessWeek magazine called Earnhardt to its optimal 100 most influential people in sports. The Charlotte Observer detailed him sixth among the top-25 most influential in NASCAR in 2014. In July 2014, Harris poll rated Earnhardt tied for fifth in that “America’s Favorite sports Star” rankings, and also rated the tied for eighth in the classification in September 2015, noting his 11th figure in the optimal 10. In might 2016, ESPN ranked Earnhardt as the most famous auto racing driver in the world. Earnhardt tops every NASCAR and IndyCar motorists on MVPindex’s 2016 society media strength rankings. He has actually a adhering to of more than 5.2 million across his three key social media communication – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Earnhardt’s service sense extends past the track. In 2006, he started Hammerhead Entertainment, a one-stop-shop production company that produces mirrors for multiple national television networks. In April 2008, Earnhardt prolonged his entrepreneurship right into the Charlotte, phibìc Carolina, entertain scene, together he opened up Whisky River, an uptown bar and also nightclub located in the EpiCentre. In may 2015, Whisky River broadened to incorporate a place at the Charlotte Douglas global Airport. Earnhardt released “Dirty Mo Radio,” a podcast network, in February 2013, which features race recaps as well as behind-the-scenes insight from Earnhardt, team members, family members members and also others. The free podcasts have the right to be found on elafilador.net and also other outlets such as iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.