Dale Earnhardt gyeongju cars join enormous 20-car arsenal at auction this week; It includes the vehicle that declared his 7th NASCAR championship

If girlfriend don’t understand anything about NASCAR, friend still understand the well known black No. 3 machine.

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The Earnhardt arsenal is collection to roll throughout the auction block. It attributes 20 cars consisting of 5 NASCAR race cars.

These aren’t show cars. Castle aren’t backup cars. These space actual race-driven race cars. One in particular, is a championship winning machine.

Last year, Dale Earnhardt’s yacht went up because that sale. It was a yacht that he commissioned and also had a hand in designing yet was unable to take it delivery prior to he died on February 18, 2001 in ~ Daytona worldwide Speedway.

Today, Dale Earnhardt car are hard to come by. ~ above Saturday, we’ll watch a boat load of them. 3 of the race cars to be raced by Sr himself. Two an ext are NASCAR race cars of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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They room all heading to Phoenix because that the Mecum Auctions event. The Earnhardt collection will cross the carpet ~ above Saturday.

Let’s have a look in ~ what you’ll check out this weekend…

Update: Richard childress made comment leaving us to think these cars may not it is in legit

Update: Earnhardt collection – Sold

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