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Black Sunday

Dale Earnhardt, the most well-known driver in NASCAR, died at Daytona law what that did ideal — pushing his race automobile to the limit

By Lee Spencer

I walked previous the driver’s window of the No. 3 Chevrolet, and Dale Earnhardt waved, winked and flashed the unforgettable, mischievous, mustached smile.

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Strapped tightly into his legendary black car and wearing the open-faced helmet he preferred for comfort’s sake, Earnhardt was relaxed and affable critical Sunday together he waited ~ above the beginning grid because that his 23 rd Daytona 500.

Never because that a moment did ns think it would certainly be my last glimpse the his familiar face.

Earnhardt, the driver that won an ext races than any type of other at Daytona, the driver that amassed 7 Winston Cup titles and also 76 wins over a 25-year job — the driver that was husband come Teresa and also father come Kerry, Kelly, Dale Jr. And also Taylor Nicole — never ever made it come the finish line. He left the track in an ambulance, fatally injured.

On the final lap, the guy who interpreted the draft better than anyone else, backed turn off the lead load behind Michael Waltrip and Dale Jr. To block the oncoming attack from Sterling Marlin, Ken Schrader and Rusty Wallace. Earnhardt knew that taking his opponents three-wide would open up the door because that Waltrip and also Junior to fight for the victory.

This no the Dale Earnhardt who many times claimed that top top a gyeongju track his son was just an additional competitor. This wasn’t the Dale Earnhardt who said he probably would bang Junior’s No. 8 the end of the method if the black color No. 3 had actually a opportunity to win. This was the can be fried act the selflessness indigenous a driver who began the season v the deep-seated belief he would success his eighth Winston Cup championship.


That act of selflessness can have cost him his life.

Marlin, with great chance to break a 149-race winless streak if he might get previous Earnhardt, to be doing his best to do a move. Earnhardt was doing his ideal to host him off. Together the cars roared right into Turn 4, castle bumped, and also the No. 3 careened out of control and also hit the concrete retaining wall surface with brutal impact.

On the radio, silence.

Richard Childress, Earnhardt’s team owner because 1984 and his friend prior to that, got no solution to his concerned radio contact to his driver’s headset. Childress sent out teammate Mike Skinner come the step of the wreck. Still nothing. He radioed Teresa … to crew chief Kevin Hamlin … someone, anyone, to obtain an answer, but nothing came.

In success lane, Michael Waltrip, the newest member the the team Earnhardt owns, was celebrating his an initial Winston Cup success in 463 starts. The emotion between the brothers Waltrip — Darrell called the race from the television booth — was the highlight of the Fox broadcast.

No one knew that NASCAR’s foremost driver satellite lifeless together paramedics struggled to cut him native his wrecked car, which had come to rest top top the grass in the tri-oval part of the track. Earnhardt did not respond to initiatives to recreation him, and also he was pronounced dead at 5:14 p.m. At surrounding Halifax medical Center, where he to be taken by ambulance.

“NASCAR has actually lost its greatest driver ever, and also I have actually lost a too ~ friend,” said NASCAR chairman bill France Jr.


As a young man, Earnhardt’s potential was obvious to France. Recently, France talked from his heart about the donation Earnhardt had made come the sports that the France family members founded and even an ext about the respect he had actually for Earnhardt as a man.

And beside his father, Ralph, who died unexpectedly in 1973 before getting to check out his son race in Winston Cup, it to be France whom Earnhardt admired most.

“He aided me grow,” Earnhardt stated last month. “He helped me recognize the sport better. Invoice has always been a good leader and a good philosopher. The exciting thing about Bill is the he doesn’t forget anything around people. The remembers a who name, that they are, what they do and also what the said, because that that matter … in 1940. He’s been there. He’s seen it. He’s been up against these situations, and also he to know what to expect and also how to manage it.”

Although it to be Earnhardt that laid the groundwork for a formidable motorsports dynasty, it to be “Billy’s” guidance the took the scruffy manufacturing facility worker native Kannapolis, N.C., and turned him right into a legend. Earnhardt’s wife, Teresa, that knew him best, said that part of the success was offer “Earnhardt” the picture — The Intimidator, that was feared on and also off the track. Yet if Earnhardt respect someone and gained their trust, one can not ask for a truer friend.

Earnhardt additionally was a NASCAR loyalist. Regardless of the safety and security issues, regardless of the uneven circulation of TV money and also despite any type of inequities among the manufacturers, Earnhardt refuse to tarnish the surname of the family members or the sports that made him.

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In one interview critical month, Benny Parsons spoke of just how much Earnhardt had evolved and matured due to the fact that joining Winston Cup ranks as a rookie in 1979.

“When he first came top top the scene, I stated he can not pull off representing the big company,” Parsons said. “And boy, was ns wrong there. Climate I said he can’t be continual enough to win a championship — he’s too much of a hard charger, he runs too hard to victory championships. And also once again, ns was wrong. He has been really, truly exceptional with how he has grown as much as his capacity to speak and also get increase in front of people and be really candid. He’s likewise been remarkable on the racetrack.

“I think Earnhardt has an ext fans than any one driver. Ns wouldn’t challenge say the has much more than every the other vehicle drivers combined, but if friend interviewed every fan that came with the entrances for the Daytona 500 and they offered you an ethical answer, ns think Earnhardt would full up more than anyone else. Any time you have actually somebody that famous — like Richard small or David Pearson — climate yes, they have a dramatic impact on the sport.”

Childress and also Earnhardt were simply two basic racers from phibìc Carolina. Off the track, they to be friends. The 2 hunted and fished and also enjoyed life. Childress regularly said their relationship was based on “the tremendous respect” they had for every other.

“It doesn’t matter what that is, he doesn’t choose to lose,” athletic said. “He just has actually a compete nature. Once you acquire down to the critical 50 laps of a race, that knows just how to dig deeper than any kind of driver I recognize to make things happen.”


Earnhardt had a job-related ethic second to none. That didn’t give handouts to his an initial three children, selecting to re-superstructure that very same lesson v them. Kerry and Junior had to occupational at Earnhardt’s Chevrolet dealership and on their very own cars prior to earning the right to race — just as Dad had. Earnhardt’s earliest daughter, Kelly, raced together well, however she is at this time a successful businesswoman with action Performance, a racing collectibles business. As soon as Earnhardt speak of Kelly’s newborn daughter, a softness that was unrivaled came over his face.

Finally, through 12-year-old Taylor Nicole, Earnhardt had actually a chance to it is in the dad he didn’t have actually time to be to his various other children. It no unusual as soon as Earnhardt remained in town to watch him pick up Taylor from school or take her searching for deer top top the family’s 300-acre farm in Mooresville, N.C.

When i talked to Earnhardt last month, he could hardly save his excitement of recognize a vintage 1988 Corvette because that Taylor — the year she to be born. He spoke of the short miles ~ above the car and also how it take it him a year to discover just the right one. She had a dream that “Daddy” had bought her a car.

The next day when she acquired home indigenous school, she and Dad took a spin around the farm in her brand-new Corvette. Earnhardt pointed to the car and also bragged around how Taylor already was becoming a good little driver, exactly how she parked the auto perfectly on the showroom floor. Then he said how proud he to be of all his children and how far they had come. He described the battles of building Dale Earnhardt Inc., yet he stated it was worth it to ensure his children’s future.

“In the grand system of things, it’s unique to have all this, yet I feel that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sooner or later will be able to step in and also run all this, and hopefully Kelly and also Kerry and also Taylor will certainly all be connected too,” Earnhardt said. “They’ll all run this and race out of here and then do great. Hope after i retire from driving, I’ll it is in a an excellent car owner for numerous years, then I can turn this end to the kids and also let them operation it and race on.”


Ned Jarrett, winner that 50 races over a 13-year career in Winston Cup racing, states Earnhardt was a champ. “In mine opinion, and I’ve said this many times, he was the ideal race-car driver that ever raced,” Jarrett says. “He had actually a remarkable amount the God-given talent, and also he operated hard to acquire the many out the it. Everybody respect the man for what he can do through a race car.”

Jarrett claims NASCAR doesn’t require to hold-up or publication the following race, i m sorry is in ~ Rockingham, the end of respect for Earnhardt. “The human being doesn’t stop due to the fact that we lose somebody,” he says. “He wouldn’t desire it that way. That would’ve want his boy to be the end there racing.”

Jarrett has actually seen a the majority of lives lost during his involvement v the sport. Earnhardt’s fatality is the fourth in NASCAR collection racing in the critical 13 months. “It’s just so tough to accept they’re not there anymore,” Jarrett says. “When you lose someone who accomplished so much to acquire the sport wherein it is today, it’s tough. The man was devoted to what the did. Every time that strapped himself right into the gyeongju car, the went as tough as the could.”

Fans in the infield in ~ the Daytona 500 to be in disbelief. “It’s awful,” claimed Kimberly Bennett, an Earnhardt pan who, v her dad, Neil, to be wheeling away 2 souvenir tires native Earnhardt Jr.’s pit. “It makes your love hurt, simply thinking about it.”

“It’s put a shadow over this totality speedway,” Neil Bennett, 41, said. “It’s a tremendous loss come motorsports.”

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Kimberly cd driver Legends collection cars in her native Stockton, Ga., and recently had actually painted her No. 21 car to look precisely the exact same as Earnhardt’s No. 3, under to the black, white and also red paint job. “I liked the means he talked as soon as he come out that the car,” says Kimberly, 15. “He constantly had something nice to say. And he was genuine competitive.”

Jarrett claims NASCAR doesn’t must re-evaluate its safety policy. “NASCAR walk a great job of law what it deserve to to make those racecars together safe together possible,” he says. “I assumption: v you deserve to only do so much. Definitely we’ve checked out race cars take it up worse than his was and watched (the drivers) to walk away. What safety and security measures can have prevented his death? I have no idea.”

Earnhardt had reached a stage in his life whereby he was content. He can not fight center age, for this reason he accepted it and approached it with a elegant that comes from a confidence that couple of obtain.

“Life transforms as friend go through it,” he said. “Sure you have to emphasis on various things at different times in your career. Ns 49 year old, and also I’m quite comfortable in life. Things don’t yes, really rattle me when someone comes up and says you’re obtaining audited by the taxes collector or you’re shedding a key member of the team or your sponsor is unhappy.

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“What I execute rather than acquire rattled is to analysis the situation, shot to correct it or straighten the regime out and go forward. A most things rattle me previously in life, but as you acquire older, friend get an ext experience. You shot to take points in stride and also have a an excellent time.”

Moments before his death, Dale Earnhardt was having a great time. He was mixing it up at Daytona, doing what that did best, loving every second of it.