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We bet you haven’t watched a an essential West stunner quite prefer this one. 

<Editor’s Note: This year has been a decade, right? So countless things happened, several things were postponed, and also houses continued to sell in spite of it all. When the team bring away a hot minute this holiday season come recharge the ol’ Energizers, we’re serving up our really favorite story from 2020. Enjoy!>

Amy: We attribute a most celebrity dwellings in our “What can I Get?” however this year’s finest of attribute is one because that the books. One part quirky, one component cool, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s pirate-themed vital West conch house is precious a 2nd look. Enjoy!

The pirate-themed conch house, by legend NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. And also interior designer wife Amy, is a item ofKey West historymade new. And the pirate-themed style makes the listing that much sweeter! Let’s take it a peek around.

Historic crucial West Conch residence With Eye-Catching Upgrades


The crucial West estate, currently listed for $3.7 million, is in the island’s Old city neighborhood and also is steeped in what the listing calls, “a rich and mysterious history.”


Upon first glance, we space in awe that the home’s vibrant façade. But it’s the eye-catching upgrades throughout the steal the show. In fact, this residential property is one of countless projects the Earnhardts have taken on v a singular vision – to gain back old conch homes to their previous glory.

An Homage to The Pirate job Of Yore


This one, covering 3,306 square feet, is one homage come the island’s pirate job of yore. And also it’s a bountiful retreat after a long day the end on the beach. The gracious island house blends Victorian and tropical design seamlessly, if giving key West buyers a sense of whimsy and also fun. And also the place can’t be beat! It sits mere minute from Mallory Square and the trendy shops and bars follow me Duval Street.

Civil-War Era Treasure pack With contemporary Flair


The an essential West treasure was originally developed in 1863 throughout the Civil war era. The retains much of its original character but with tongue-in-cheek upgrades for modern-day day. This includes a kitchen resembling the interior of a pirate ship finish with authentic ship’s wheel because that dramatic effect. Over there is additionally an inviting guest house and also plenty of room for umbrella drink amidst a canopy that Palms.

But There’s much more Than Meets The Eye in ~ This an essential West Abode


The five-bedroom, three-full-and-two-half-bathroom retreat has actually a mystery hatch door that allows you come spy on human being in the parlor. There is additionally a practice pirate-theme bar and massive sparkling swimming pool for fun in the sun.

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According, “The swimming pool is large by vital West requirements over 2 fathoms deep. Because that non-pirates, that would certainly be 14-feet, a perfect location to hone one’s scuba-diving skills. Across the cultivated-jungle garden is a guest residence and over the swimming pool on the second-story wrap-around balcony is a gate whereby walking the plank into the water listed below is a actual possibility. When the six-toed cat appears on the former porch, it have the right to be conveniently returned to Ernest Hemmingway’s house down the street, and also as a reward, prevent by Sloppy Joes because that a lazy-afternoon gin and tonic.”


Sounds favor the perfect vital West escape to us! who in?

Bob and also Debbie Cardenas with s Sotheby’s global Real Estate have listed708 Eaton Street, crucial West, Floridafor $3.7 million.