NASCAR community mourns together Brenda Jackson has passed at age 65; Touching video highlights her personality

Born Brenda Gee, married Dale Earnhardt came to be Brenda Earnhardt and was forever in the NASCAR family.

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She to be an employee at JR Motorsports until the year of her passing. Her fatality was the result of a fight with cancer.

She offered as an accountancy specialist for the NASCAR Xfinity collection race team. As well as that, she carried a straight-forward brand of humor to the hallways of the Moorseville, NC team.

Brenda Jackson was the daughter of NASCAR fabricator Robert Gee. She father was a indigenous of Virginia who developed race-winning gyeongju cars.

Of those, Dale Earnhardt piloted machines built by Robert Gee. That brought about a relationship between Brenda Gee and Dale Earnhardt.

The couple married in 1972. Together, they had actually two kids. Kelley and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Together Dale Earnhardt functioned on his gyeongju career, the family separated and the children moved in with their mom.

A home fire left all 3 with no home. Brenda returned to her residence state of Virginia. In 1985, she married Willie Jackson, a firefighter.

As Willie retired, he and also his wife Brenda moved back to phibìc Carolina along with her step-daughter. Brenda to be hired in ~ JR Motorsports and also remained with the firm until she passing.

From the family

Late Monday night, several members of the Earnhardt family available thought via social media:

Dale Earnhardt Jr (son): “I’m glad her suffering has actually ended and she deserve to be at peace. She would certainly be in tears of joy over the words of support and remembrance she been shown today. Our family members appreciates it as well. She will certainly live in our hearts forever,” Dale Earnhardt Jr claimed late Monday night.

Kelley Earnhardt fearbut (daughter): “My mom, my biggest advocate and also my friend…at tranquility that she at peace. No more suffering & no an ext pain…made new in the arms of Jesus, reunited w/ones she loves & as a believer okay be reunited w/ her one day. Give thanks to you to all the are supplying your prayers, hugs & support,” Kelley Earnhardt Miller said via twitter.

Karsyn Elledge (granddaughter): “My heart is therefore broken. However at the exact same time i am so happy you aren’t enduring anymore Mimi. Always your boo”

Brenda JacksonBrenda Jackson: mother to the Earnhardt’s

“I to be a very, an extremely lucky woman, together I acquire to communicate with my kids virtually every day,” she stated last year.

“I’ve gained two bright, beautiful children that i am really proud of. Kelley’s requirements are an extremely high. She conducts herself that means and she expects the of everyone else. Dale Jr. Simply gets bigger and bigger.”

“I am an extremely proud that his accomplishments, however as a mother I to be proudest that the way he handles himself through honesty and the method he cares about his family and also his friends.”

Jackson is preceded in death by her parents, Hazel might Overton Clark and also Robert Edward Gee, and also her sister Sandra Gee.

She is made it through by she husband the 33 years, william M. Jackson Jr.; her children Dale Earnhardt Jr. (wife Amy), Kelley Earnhardt müller (husband L.W.), step-daughter Meredith Davis (husband Jonathan); her grandchildren Karsyn Elledge (18), Kennedy Elledge (13), Wyatt miller (7), Callahan Davis (16), Claudia Davis (13), and also Isla rose Earnhardt (11 months); she brothers Robert Gee (wife Beverly) and Jimmy Gee; and also her beloved Pekingese dog, Scully.

Memorial contributions may be sent toPiedmont pet Rescueor Hospice andPalliative treatment of Iredell.

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Video come remember Brenda Jackson

JR Motorsports has released a video clip narrated through Mike Davis.