History has actually seen its fair share that oddball collectors. According to Mental Floss, together we continue to create new things, the stuff that civilization collect just gets weirder and weirder. There"s a mrs from Maine who collects umbrella sleeves. No umbrellas, which would certainly be quirky enough, simply the sleeves. A phibìc Carolina man has actually amassed a arsenal of over 800 ago scratchers. Brothers collector David Morgan somehow uncovered room for his to make reservation of much more than 500 web traffic cones. And also Florida man George Frandsen"s arsenal of 1,277 coprolites, or fossilized feces, has actually earned him the nickname the "Indiana Jones that poop."

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In light of such oddball hoarders, the collection owned by NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. Isn"t as crazy as it sounds. According to Jalopnik, the semi-retired stock auto racer has developed his very own race vehicle graveyard on his wooded north Carolina property that he calls Dirty Mo Acres. He and also his friend sunny Lunsford started hanging busted auto engines native old oak trees earlier in 2005, and also the car graveyard only flourished from there. He"s been gaining cars wrecked during races ever since and stockpiling them out on his property. Let"s take a look in ~ the old stock automobile bones that have been set to rest in Dale Earnhardt Jr."s NASCAR graveyard.


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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Has actually compiled a perform of the more than 40 wrecked gyeongju cars in his graveyard ~ above his official website. Each one has been lovingly and meticulously eulogized, through a quick bio explaining that drove it, when and also where it was wrecked, and so forth. His collection contains the wreckage of legendary racers favor Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and also Danica Patrick, however the driver that has added the many debris is, of course, the collector himself. Eight the the cars advertise up daisies there were crashed by Dale Jr., who is just one of countless race auto drivers who space actually yes, really weird people.

According come his Facebook, Dale Jr. Doesn"t also keep monitor of where every one of his dead race cars are on Dirty Mo Acres. He claimed he had actually been trying to find Wayne Jesel"s land speed racer (pictured above) because that a year or so. His building manager never ever tells him wherein he put the cars as soon as they arrive, for this reason Dale Jr. Needs to go trying out to find them. He created that it "just adds to the secret of the graveyard." Hopefully someday he"ll open Dirty Mo Acres as much as the public and let united state all explore the woods because that his fallen racers.