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Although countless NASCAR drivers strive for it, just a tiny percentage will ever attain the bragging rights of winning of the Daytona 500 in ~ Daytona international Speedway. To win “The great American Race,” the driver requirements proven ability behind the wheel and an skilled racing team and crew chief in the pits. Pulling off a win here puts the victor in a recognizable classification of talented racers, consisting of Jimmie Johnson and also Jeff Gordon.

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The NASCAR Cup collection race is one of the many intense and also awaited motorsports occasions out there, and 15-time Most renowned Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is amongst those drivers to see victory roadway at Daytona not once, but on two different occasions. Each victory showcased the north Carolina native’s control skill, and also was additionally a tribute to his top father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., who won himself in 1998 and tragically died after a last lap incident at the 2001 Daytona 500.

In acknowledgment of this NASCAR history, let’s take it a watch at exactly how Dale Jr. Twice experienced the checkered flag in his Chevrolet race car at the Super bowl of Stock auto Racing.

2004 Daytona500 Win

Ahead that his very first Daytona 500 victory, Dale Jr. Had actually a good qualifying time, which put him in a beginning position of 3rd place. Even though he was in a good spot, relocating his way up into first position absolutely didn’t come easy. He had actually to compete directly against all-star race vehicle driver and runner-up Tony Stewart, who had actually led 98 laps out of the race. With only 20 laps left in the event, small made his relocate to the inside and finally pass Stewart, where Dale impressively preserved the pole place until the Chevy crossed the end up line. This chalked increase yet an additional memorable win for his team, Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

During this time, Earnhardt to be on a roll, practically sweeping Speedweeks. On peak of his Daytona 500 win, he also got the victory throughout the Gatorade Duel NASCAR race and also just right missed one more win in the Budweiser Shootout — now called the Busch Clash — whereby he came in second to Dale Jarrett.

2014 Daytona 500 Win

At this point, Earnhardt had actually truly proven come the civilization what the was qualified of together a full-time driver. In instance people tho weren’t convinced, the JR Motorsports co-owner winner the Daytona 500 for the 2nd time in 2014, while driving because that Hendrick Motorsports with team owner stack Hendrick. This 2014 gyeongju was absolutely a little an ext interesting 보다 his very first win in 2004.


For this race, Earnhardt Jr. Started out in ninth. During the first quarter that the race, he largely stayed in the middle of the pack and didn’t appear to be pushing exceptionally hard. Only 45 minutes into the race, the red flags come out for a rain delay, which lasted over 6 hours. As soon as it come time because that the restart, Junior showed up to it is in a whole different animal. He led a full of 54 laps during the race, v the final 18 gift the many crucial. Not just did he preserve the lead, however he defended against Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski by break the draft in both the high and low lanes.

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A last-lap crash in between Kevin Harvick and Jamie McMurray brought out the caution, and officially permitted Dale to overcome the complete line in an initial place just prior to midnight. It to be this kind of control that makes you really understand why Dale Jr. Is going to be had in the NASCAR hall of Fame. One point is for sure: Dale Sr. Would certainly be exceptionally proud the his son’s racing accomplishments.