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Most NASCAR fans know that Bristol engine Speedway is one of the most renowned tracks in the sport. V a volume of more than 160,000, Bristol is well-known for housing rowdy crowds and hosting extreme races. They speak to it “The Last good Colosseum” because that a reason.

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Since the track’s very first sanctioned NASCAR race back in 1961, there have been a number of incredible and memorable races operation there. You may have even witnessed, one of two people on TV or in person, a few of those gyeongju yourself. But, walk you also know that 40 years ago, the Tennessee quick track significant the point out of Dale Earnhardt’s very first Cup collection win? all the means back in 1979, the would essentially be the catalyst for one of the many legendary careers in all of motorsports.

Dale Earnhardt’s an initial NASCAR Cup series Win

It was at the 1979 Southeastern 500 (back as soon as the Monster power NASCAR Cup series was tho the Winston Cup Series) where Dale Sr. Essentially kicked off the career that would encompass 76 race wins and seven Cup collection championships.

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“It was a major accomplishment simply since it was his 16th Cup start,” racing historian David McGee said the Bristol Herald Courier. “Rookies did not success in that era. You had guys like Bobby Allison and also Cale Yarborough and Buddy Baker the won every the races. For a rookie come come and also win versus all those guys in the field was remarkable.”

Earnhardt, steering the No. 2 Chevrolet for Osterlund Racing, would end up taking the lead at lap 474 — wrecking Darrell Waltrip’s No. 88 Chevy race car in the process — and also would host the lead till the end, beating Bobby Allison by 3 seconds. Waltrip, Richard Petty, and also Benny Parsons rounded out the optimal five.

Now, this type of end up seems favor pretty typical fare for The Intimidator, but according to McGee, Earnhardt had actually not however come right into his very own as the leading driver that NASCAR fans would concerned know and also love.


“He to be a good driver. If you talked to racers who completed with the they stated he was competitive, however he wasn’t dominant,” McGee said. “Maybe not the hallmark the someone that is going to walk on to such greatness.”

Dale Earnhardt’s career After Bristol

As you more than likely know, Ralph Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s very first win to be one of countless in one illustrious stock automobile racing career. Winning the 1979 Winston Cup series Rookie that the Year, Dale Sr. Relocated on to Richard childress Racing in the mid-’80s (after a quick stint at Bud Moore Engineering), whereby he enjoyed the majority of his success.

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The Kannapolis, phibìc Carolina native would see victory roadway a total of 76 times throughout his career, and also would likewise rack up 428 top-10s. Oh, and, that course, seven Winston Cup Championships.