The Daytona 500. The great American Race. The Super bowl of Stock auto Racing. Over there are plenty of names for the an initial race of the NASCAR Cup series season. And, together you most likely know, there space even more incredible memories.

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While we can go on and also on about special Daytona 500 moment from end the years, Dale Earnhardt‘s an initial Daytona 500 success — and only Daytona 500 success — is on one more level of special. If you to be a NASCAR pan in the so late ’90s, you most likely remember that day like it to be yesterday.

By the time the 1998 Daytona 500 rolled around, it was the Intimidator’s 20th run of the race. That had completed just about everything a NASCAR driver could dream of through then, including seven NASCAR Cup Championships. And also yet, he had yet to see the checkered flag in ~ the inaugural NASCAR Winston Cup series race at Daytona Beach, Florida, despite having finished second on four various occasions and landed within the top 5 eight various times.

But, i guess 20 to be his happy number.

Dale Earnhardt Wins the 1998 Daytona 500

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As much as restrictor plate gyeongju go, it to be a relatively smooth race. There to be no significant accidents, the gyeongju was operation under the green flag for the very first 125 laps, and there were just three caution flags. This brought about the second-fastest running of The great American gyeongju at the time.

Though Jeff Gordon placed everyone on notification with a promising push about halfway v the race, Earnhardt came away through the win at Daytona international Speedway pretty handily. The Intimidator dominated, leading because that 107 laps in his iconic Goodwrench gyeongju car.

Following Dale’s huge win, CBS’s Mike joy famously said, “The most anticipated minute in the background of motor racing, Dale Earnhardt rolling into Victory roadway in the Daytona 500.”


The success lane celebration event for an elderly was incredible, v every crew member that every team lining as much as shake Mr. Restrictor Plate’s hand.

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“I have had actually a many of great fans and people behind me all v the years and also I just can’t give thanks to them enough,” Earnhardt said immediately following the win. “The Daytona 500 is ours. Us won it, us won it, we won it!”

Though the remainder of the 1998 season would certainly not walk well for Dale Earnhardt Sr. (with Daytona gift his just win that year), his win at the 1998 Daytona to be a historical moment because that the room of fame member’s career and a historic moment for NASCAR.

1998 Daytona 500 Results

1. Dale Earnhardt — Richard athletic Racing — No. 3 Chevrolet2. Bobby Labonte — Joe Gibbs racing — No. 18 Pontiac3. Jeremy Mayfield — Penske-Kranefuss gyeongju — No. 12 Ford4. Ken Schrader — Andy Petree racing — No. 33 Chevrolet5. Rusty Wallace — Penske-Kranefuss gyeongju — No. 2 Ford6. Ernie Irvan — MB2 Motorsports — No. 36 Pontiac7. Chad tiny — Roush gyeongju — No. 97 Ford8. Mike Skinner — Richard childress Racing — No. 31 Chevrolet9. Michael Waltrip — wood Brothers racing — No. 21 Ford10. Bill Elliott — Elliott-Marino racing — No. 94 Ford11. Kyle petty — PE2 Motorsports — No. 44 Pontiac12. Bobby Hamilton — Morgan-McClure Motorsports — No. 4 Chevrolet13. Terrycloth Labonte — Hendrick Motorsports — No. 5 Chevrolet14. Ricky Craven — Hendrick Motorsports — No. 50 Chevrolet15. Jimmy Spencer — Travis Carter Motorsports — No. 23 Ford16. Jeff Gordon — Hendrick Motorsports — No. 24 Chevrolet17. Lake speed — Melling racing — No. 9 Ford18. Man Andretti — petty Enterprises — No. 43 Pontiac19. Kenny Irwin, Jr. — Robert Yates gyeongju — No. 28 Ford20. Ted Musgrave — Roush gyeongju — No. 16 Ford21. Jerry Nadeau — Elliott-Marino gyeongju — No. 13 Ford22. Sterling Marlin — SABCO racing — No. 40 Chevrolet23. Mike Wallace — Barkdoll racing — No. 73 Chevrolet24. Brett Bodine — Scandia-Bodine gyeongju — No. 11 Ford25. Ward Burton — bill Davis racing — No. 22 Pontiac26. Joe Nemechek — SABCO racing — No. 42 Chevrolet27. Prick Trickle — Donlavey racing — No. 90 Ford28. Steve Grissom — Larry Hedrick Motorsports — No. 41 Chevrolet29. Andy Hillenburg — Sadler Brothers racing — No. 95 Chevrolet30. Stack Mast — Butch Mock Motorsports — No. 75 Ford31. Geoff Bodine — Mattei Bodine racing — No. 7 Ford32. Robert Pressley — Jasper Motorsports — No. 77 Ford33. Darrell Waltrip — Darrell Waltrip Motorsports — No. 17 Chevrolet34. Dale Jarrett — Robert Yates gyeongju — No. 88 Ford35. Billy Standridge — Standridge Auto gyeongju — No. 47 Ford36. Dave Marcis — Marcis Auto racing — No. 71 Chevrolet37. Derrike deal with — Bahari gyeongju — No. 30 Pontiac38. Note Martin — Roush racing — No. 6 Ford39. Greg Sacks — Cale Yarborough Motorsports — No. 98 Ford40. Jeff Burton — Roush racing — No. 99 Ford41. Steve Park — Dale Earnhardt, Inc. — No. 1 Chevrolet42. Ricky Rudd — Rudd power Motorsports — No. 10 Ford43. Kevin Lepage — LJ gyeongju — No. 91 Chevrolet