Pro football pan in green Bay, Wisconsin have constantly been well-known as a loyal and hearty bunch. But one wouldn’t have actually faulted even the most loyal "Packer Backer" if he’d chose not to attend the 1967 NFL Championship game in between the Packers and also Dallas Cowboys. Played at Lambeau field on December 31, the temperature at video game time registered a frigid 13 degrees below zero. Nonetheless, much more than 50,000 parka-clad pan braved the elements that new Year’s Eve and also watched in awe together the Packers claimed their 3rd consecutive NFL title, with a 21-17 victory.

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From the start, eco-friendly Bay pan felt their team had actually a distinct advantage over the warm-weather Cowboys, ~ all, the Packers lived and also practiced in the cold Wisconsin climate. Environment-friendly Bay’s early 14-0 command probably encouraged fans the they to be right. However, the significant weather affected the Packers too. Dallas score a touchdown and a field goal after two Packer fumbles and added a second touchdown in the 4th quarter. Suddenly, through 4:50 left in the video game the Packers to be behind, 17-14.


The Packers literally and figuratively "kept your cool." Behind the management of future hall of reputation quarterbackBart Starr, lock marched down field. With sixteen secs remaining and the temperature under to eighteen listed below zero, the Packers discovered themselves about two feet away from victory. Starr dubbed time out. The field was favor a sheet of ice. The 2 previous to run plays had gone nowhere. V no time outs left, a running play seemed totally out of the question. A completed pass surely would success it. Also an incomplete pass would at least stop the clock therefore the Packers could collection up a ar goal to tie the game and send it into overtime. After ~ consulting through Packers coach Vince Lombardi, Starr went back to the huddle.


Starr took the snap from facility Ken Bowman. Bowman and also guard Jerry Kramer combined to take the end Dallas handle Jethro Pugh. V Pugh the end of the way, Starr surprised everyone and also dove over because that the score.

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"We had actually run out of ideas," Starr stated of the play. However, Lombardi put it an additional way, "We gambled and we won."


Box Score

Dallas Cowboys0100717
Green just Packers770721

Individual Scoring

TeamsPeriodElapsed TimeDetail on Scoring PlaysVisitorHome
Packers18:50Dowler, on eight yard Starr pass06
Packers18:50Chandler, PAT07
Packers22:41Dowler, on 46 yard Starr pass013
Packers22:41Chandler, PAT014
Cowboys210:56Andrie recovered Starr fumble and ran 7 yards614
Cowboys210:56Villanueva, PAT714
Cowboys214:28Villanueva, on 21 yard ar goal1014
Cowboys4:08Rentzel, on 50 yard happen from Reeves1614
Cowboys4:08Villanueva, PAT1714
Packers414:47Starr top top one yard quarterback sneak1720
Packers414:47Chandler, PAT1721