Parents are always looking for various ways come instill worths in their kids, even if it is they’re millionaire celebrities or not. Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves, room no different, and shot to discover cool methods to teach their children lessons.

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McConaughey recently shared how he to be able to usage his shocking load loss for Dallas Buyers Club together proof come his children that difficult work and delayed gratification are certainly valuable.

Matthew McConaughey used his ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ load loss come teach a lesson


Matthew McConaughey | Tim Warner/Getty Images

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McConaughey has actually three youngsters with his wife, Camila Alves, and frequently look at for creative ways come instill worths in them. According to a recent interview with accessibility Hollywood, McConaughey depends on his job to display them instances of how tough work payment dividends in the future, and also the worth of delay gratification.

“We try to present them instances of how, for instance, my difficult work has paid off,” McConaughey said. “… ns remember once I won the Oscar for best Actor, and also bring the trophy home, and also my kids go, ‘What’s the trophy for?’ … and I said, ‘Well, friend remember a year and also a fifty percent ago once Popeye was going to work? Every morning you’d wake up and I’d already be in ~ work, I’d come home, you told me ns looked like a giraffe, ns was yes, really skinny … and also they go, ‘Yeah.’ i said, ‘Well, what Popeye was doing every work while he was gone, the job-related he to be doing then, a year and also a fifty percent later, his peers gave him a trophy, and said ‘You did terrific work.’ …”

McConaughey climate shared exactly how once he defined the results of his difficult work on Dallas Buyers Club, his youngsters understood that the selections they made every day could have a large impact on your future.

“And so, In your minds, they got—they clicked on, ‘Oh, you deserve to do something today that deserve to reward girlfriend tomorrow.’ You deserve to do things well today, in her work, in your relationships, the can offer you, friend know, Green Lights tomorrow. … We deserve to be sort to ours future selves with the options we make today. It can really help.”

Matthew McConaughey lost 50 pounds because that ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ role

Matthew McConaughey’s body revolution for Dallas Buyers society is one of the many memorable in recent film history. In a different interview v Joe Rogan, McConaughey revealed the he lost 50 pounds because that the duty by restricting his diet to fish and vegetables, pudding, and also limitless wine.

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“Once ns made my mind up, ns did the clever thing,” McConaughey said. “I provided myself five months. I acquired on a diet whereby I’d have my tapioca pudding or whatever, three eggs—egg white skin - man in the morning. 5 ounces of fish, cup the vegetables because that lunch, 5 ounces that fish, cup that vegetables for dinner. As lot wine together I want to drink, and also I lost 2.5 pounds a week, choose clockwork, no practice … that didn’t issue if ns was going to the treadmill and also burning 2,000 calorie a work or not—2.5 pounds a week. Clockwork.”

The Oscar-winning actor turned under a $14.5 million payday for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Although McConaughey ended up to win an Oscar because that his power in Dallas Buyers Club, the literally came at a price. In order to star in the movie, he had to revolve down a duty in a romantic comedy that would’ve paid him $14.5 million. That revealed the details in the same accessibility Hollywood interview.

“… that was a time in mine life wherein I was having great success with Rom-coms,” McConaughey said. “I absolutely delighted in doing them, they payment me handsomely. That just, I started to feel prefer if I’ve got the Rom-com script tonight, five I might do it morning morning. And also I wanted to discover something the made me sweat in my boots. Something that I’m like, ‘Ooh, ns don’t know what ns gonna perform with this role, yet I’m gonna dive in and also find out.’ i was feather for new challenges, for this reason those new challenges i wanted—those dramas—they weren’t comes my way. … ultimately I claimed no, and also I think that aided send a signal as well, to a lot of human being in Hollywood the ‘Oh, McConaughey’s no bluffing’ …”