There space officially 88 days until the toes meets the sphere at at&t Stadium wherein the Dallas Cowboys will hold the new York Giants on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

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I started this countdown right here at inside The Star 11 days earlier with our best 99 in Dallas Cowboys History. I knew then that there were going come be part numbers that were fun to do, some that weren’t as interesting, and also some that were walking to be my absolute favorite. The was obvious in mine considerations that determining 88 would certainly be the many fun of all.

While there room plenty of numbers in Dallas Cowboys background that have legendary football player tied to them, 88 has actually two. AND it has actually an energetic player who has the potential when it’s every said and done, to be the best. Let’s take a look at every one of them.

The complying with players have all worn 88 because that the Dallas Cowboys:

Antonio Bryant, WRDez Bryant*, WRSonny Davis, LBJackie Harris, TEMichael Irvin^, WRDrew Pearson, WRBrett Pierce, TESonny Randle, WRColin Ridgway, PReggie Rucker, WRRon Sellers, WR

^Pro Football hall of Famer*Active player top top the Dallas Cowboys roster

88 is the greatest Number in Dallas Cowboys History. Yes, really. We space in the center of recounting every number and also while there are 87 left, nobody will have actually the combined greatness that the double eight. And also while 11 complete gentlemen have put it on their backs, we’re all below to talk about three the them. Let’s rank them.

3. Dez Bryant, WR: 381 catches, 5,424 yards, 56 touchdowns.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant reacts towards the fans during a warmth up session before playing the mountain Diego Chargers in an NFL football video game Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, in san Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

Drafted v the 24th as whole pick in 2010 the end of Oklahoma State, Dez Bryant has been a Cowboy due to the fact that the period of 18. When his receiving numbers are already ridiculously exceptional it is necessary to note that Dez is simply now beginning to reach his prime. That has currently made a far-reaching dent in the Cowboys record publications (he is currently fourth top top the Cowboys all-time list in receiving touchdowns), getting far better with each and every season.

Part the what provides Dez great is his capacity to advanced the talent of those around him. That pushes fellow large receiver Terrance Williams to brand-new heights (as exemplified by Terrance’s many large catches in 2014) and also his affect on the team together a entirety is so strong, almost tangible. Dez Bryant has come to be a leader top top the Cowboys and is the heart of the team. The is counted on as soon as things matter most, a characteristic most exemplified through Tony Romo’s trust in him through the season top top the line last year in environment-friendly Bay. All the said, the is still only the third Greatest 88 in Dallas Cowboys History.

2. Attracted Pearson, WR: 489 catches, 7,822 yards, 48 touchdowns.

Drew Pearson and I top top December 19th, 2008…the night before the Cowboys’ last game in Texas Stadium against the Baltimore Ravens. He graciously permit me wear his Super bowl XII Ring.

The original 88. Prior to Drew Pearson wore it, 88 was just a continual ‘ol number. After? It to be an honor. A privilege. The came through an expectation: be great, you’re wearing 88. Pearson began off as most guys do, play football in high school. Southern River High institution in new Jersey to it is in exact. What most civilization don’t recognize is that it initially was together quarterback…succeeding future supervisor Bowl-winning QB Joe Theismann. Pearson then discovered himself in ~ Tulsa and playing broad receiver in 1971 (coincidentally the first year the the Cowboys won the supervisor Bowl).

When Pearson arrived in Dallas in 1973 most of his affect came together a kick returner. In 1974, Pearson really took turn off recording 1,087 yards (his career best). 1975 lugged Pearson’s very first Super Bowl experience as a Cowboy (a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers), yet not before an exciting divisional victory in Minnesota versus Bud Grant’s Vikings. Rolling 10-14 in the final seconds, i get it Staubach threw deep for Pearson and also connected because that the game-winning score. This moment was etched in Cowboys background as the “Hail Mary” and also the legend of attracted Pearson as “Mr. Clutch” was born.

The initial 88 play in, and also won, Super bowl XII versus the Denver Broncos. That was likewise on the field for what I have said plenty of a time is the greatest video game of every time…Super bowl XIII in the Orange Bowl versus the Pittsburgh Steelers (unfortunately a Cowboys loss). Attracted paved the method for 88 and collection the traditional for what the would come to be in the future. He is a member the the Cowboys Ring the Honor and his lack in the room of fame is miscellaneous that plenty of have advocated needs correction.

1. Michael Irvin, WR: 750 catches, 11,904 yards, 65 touchdowns.

Dallas Cowboys’ Michael Irvin celebrate after obtaining 30-yards top top a Jason Garrett pass in the 3rd quarter against the brand-new York Giants in this Sept. 21, 1998 paper photo, at Giants stadion in eastern Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun, File)

The Playmaker. Hailing native the college of Miami, the Hurricane recognized as Michael Irvin was the last very first round draft an option of legend head coach Tom Landry (11th as whole in 1988). Irvin had a decent rookie (he was actually the an initial rookie to begin at receiver because that the Cowboys in 20 years) year, tore his ACL his sophomore season, and he rebounded nicely adhering to the injury in his 3rd year … fostering his connection with quarterback trojan Aikman. In 1991, Irvin exploded and also led the organization with 1,523 yards.

His power was a huge factor in the Cowboys’ on-field success, together they went 11-5 and also won a playoff game in Chicago. Over the next four years (1992-1995) Irvin would integrate for 5,570 yards and 30 touchdowns while top the Cowboys to four consecutive NFC Championship games, and also three Super bowl victories (1992, 1993, and also 1995).

The Playmaker’s best hour was indeed the 1995 season. He post career highs in captures (111), yards (1,603), and also TDs (10) while serving as the emotionally lightning stick of his Cowboys team. Plenty of Cowboys (such as troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston) indigenous the 1995 team have actually said the Irvin continuously encouraged his teammates, grew a winning attitude, and also drove them to success and also their eventual Super key XXX win over the rivaled Pittsburgh Steelers. That outworked everybody and ran exercise routes together if they to be Super bowl game-winning plays.

Michael Irvin is a member the the Cowboys Ring of Honor and Pro Football hall of call (Class the 2007). He is in my opinion the second greatest large receiver in the background of expert football, behind only Jerry Rice. Drew Pearson paved the way for the expectations of 88, however Michael Irvin lived, breathed, and channeled 88. The number 88 came to be synonymous through intensity and also an undying willingness to do whatever it required to win under his watch. He is, there is no question, the best 88 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Entering 2015 the major members of society 88 (Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, and also Dez Bryant) have actually a combined: 1,620 receptions, 25,150 receiving yards, 169 touchdowns, 10 pro Bowl Selections, 5 First-Team All- pro Selections, 4 Super key Rings, 2 places in the Cowboys Ring of Honor, and 1 agree Football room of Fame yellow Jacket.

Dallas Cowboys large receiver Dez Bryant (88) talks with previous Dallas Cowboys player Michael Irvin after ~ the afternoon exercise at Dallas Cowboys maintain camp in Oxnard, California top top July 24, 2013. (Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News)

That type of manufacturing from one number is unfathomable not simply within Dallas Cowboys History, but additionally across all that NFL History. Wearing the number is a great honor and a passing-of-the-torch among generations. Drew Pearson pass it come Michael Irvin, who responded by outperforming Drew. In 2010, Michael graciously pass it to Dez, that is fine on his method to carving out his own historical 88 Cowboy career.

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88 is together a an excellent number for fans because with every juke, jive, or touchdown run that happens in it…fans from all generations can remember the an excellent times and also legendary plays. If yes sir one thing that we have actually learned in Cowboys History, it’s that 88 cannot and also will not be stopped. That a way of life that only the biggest can live.

Check back tomorrow to uncover out who the biggest 87 in Dallas Cowboys history is!


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