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The Detroit Lions obtained their fourth-quarter comeback indigenous Matthew Stafford, but their defense couldn’t acquire the one stop they needed. The Lions dropped come 1-3 after permitting a last-minute field goal from the Cowboys, shedding 26-23.

Here’s the recap:

First quarter

The Lions acquired things turn off to a hot start v a huge 32-yard operation from Kerryon Johnson on the first offensive pat of the game. However, the drive easily stalled ~ Matthew Stafford let go Luke Willson top top a third-and-7 play. Dee Virgin virtually pinned the Cowboys inside their own 1-yard line on the punt, but his foot barely touched the goal line, setting up a touchback.

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The defense started the day much like castle finished critical week: stoutly. The Cowboys started with three directly runs, and the Lions held them a pair yards brief on third-and-1.

The Lions offense ongoing to move the ball on your side of the field, but, again, they stalled as soon as they got onto Dallas’ next of the field. Also worse, the Lions appeared to have lost T.J. Lang, together he walked turn off the ar under clear pain.

T.J. Lang obtaining helped off the ar with the assistance of trainers. He"s headed right earlier into the locker room.

— Michael Rothstein (
mikerothstein) September 30, 2018

UPDATE: T.J. Lang is out for the remainder the the game with a concussion.

The Cowboys’ violation woke up on the following possession and also connected on two big passing dram of end 30 yards. However, the Lions’ red zone defense stepped up large and Darius Slay made sure Dak Prescott i will not ~ be recognize the end zone ~ above this possession. 3-0 Cowboys.

But this time the Lions would occupational themselves right into Dallas territory and finish a drive. After methodically functioning their way to midfield, Matthew Stafford associated with gold Tate, and also the YAC King did the rest:

Get your because it"s #showtime.
ShowtimeTate through the 45-yard TD. #OnePride#DETvsDAL

— Detroit Lions (
Lions) September 30, 2018

7-3 Lions.

Second quarter

Dallas would conveniently respond through a nice, organized drive of their own. However, their insistence top top targeting Darius Slay showed costly. Slay would break up three passes ~ above the drive, including a third-and-3 play. That required Dallas to work out for yet an additional field goal, and the Lions organized onto the lead. 7-6 Lions.

The Lions offense ongoing their game setup from the ahead week: Long, continual drives. Unfortunately, the red zone concerns from main 3 came with them, too. The Lions had to clear up for an additional chip-shot field goal, extending their lead to four with simply under three minutes left in the half. 10-6 Lions.

Dallas i will not ~ be under for lot longer. A few big plays moved them to midfield, and also a controversial roughing the passer contact moved castle into field goal range. Yet the Cowboys weren’t interested in a field goal, top top the an extremely next play, Dallas executed a perfect display for the score. 13-10 Cowboys.

So that was as much as Stafford come execute a two-minute drill to even things up (or take it the lead at the half). Things were off to a an excellent start after Stafford connected with Kenny Golladay for 15 yards, however after obtaining sacked ~ above the really next play, the journey floundered. Detroit gotten in the half down three.

Third quarter

Dallas had the sphere to start the 2nd half, and they continued to move the round efficiently, however thanks to a grasp of flags. Detroit was flagged three times for defensive holding together the Cowboys moved into Detroit territory. However, a penalty of their own drew them back, and Devon Kennard thrust the Cowboys the end of field goal position, forcing an opening possession punt.

But the Lions couldn’t perform anything with it and quickly punted right back to Dallas.

It continued to it is in the Ezekiel Elliott present for Dallas. A 41-yard run placed Dallas conveniently in the red zone, and a fourth-down counter by Elliott placed them first-and-goal. Blown coverage on an initial down do it easy for Dallas and suddenly they had a two-score lead. 20-10 Cowboys.

After a couple of an excellent catches from gold Tate and Kenny Golladay, the Lions discovered themselves in Dallas region to draw the game back to a single possession, as time expired in the 3rd quarter.

Fourth quarter

To begin the last stanza, the Lions challenged a key third-and-3, and also Stafford found Golladay for 22-yards. It to be red zone time again for the Lions offense, and this time they will do cash in. Top top the very very first red ar play, Johnson scored his an initial career touchdown on a beat in i m sorry he lower his head from three yards out and also bullied his means into the end zone. 20-17 Cowboys.

It looked favor the Cowboys were going to placed this one away. Dak Prescott and also Ezekiel Elliott drained a ton the time and gained a ton of yards... 15 plays, 85 yards and a whopping 8:24 off the clock. However, Detroit stiffened increase in the red zone and forced a ar goal, keeping it a one-score game. 23-17 Cowboys

Matthew Stafford and golden Tate wasted tiny time in retaking the lead. First, a 35-yard strike obtained them the end of a hole caused by a sack. Then Stafford found Tate for the score a couple of plays later.

Tate is just out below disrespecting the entirety Cowboys defense today

— Detroit Videos (

24-23 Lions.

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However, there to be still plenty of time because that Dallas to score and also their offense had actually been rolling all day. The Lions practically got the stop immediately, after ~ Da’Shawn Hand gained a piece sack, yet Prescott picked up the ball and also threw it away. A couple of plays later, he linked on a vast pass to Elliot through Jarrad Davis in coverage. Already in ar goal range, the Cowboys just ran the clock and also kicked in ~ 38-yard field goal for the win. 26-23 Cowboys.

With the loss, the Lions drop come 1-3 and also fall more behind the Bears and also Packers, both winners in week 4.


It’s gameday and for the Detroit Lions, that a an excellent opportunity to prove several of their doubters wrong. In the NFL, it’s any given Sunday, so while critical week’s success over the brand-new England Patriots definitely spread hope throughout Detroit, that hasn’t placed the previous two weeks totally in the rear see mirror. That one point to pat a single great game. It’s one more to cable a pair togethers.

This week, they’re in Dallas to take on a 1-2 Cowboys team looking for answers. Confidence is in ~ an all-time low, and also skepticism because that the whole Cowboy regimen is in ~ an all-time high. Is Jason Garrett the coach to acquire Dallas back to football relevancy? Is that time to move on from offensive coordinator Scott Linehan? was Dak Prescott just a flash in the pan?

There are a many questions in Dallas ideal now and also not a most answers.

So which team no hope to send a blog post will come the end victorious in mainly 4? Here’s exactly how to capture Sunday afternoon’s game.

Here’s just how to clock Sunday’s game:

Week 4: Lions in ~ Cowboys

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018Time: 1 p.m. ETLocation: AT&T Stadium—Dallas, TXTV: FOXWeek 4 TV map: Click hereAnnouncers: Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis, Pam OliverLocal Radio: WJR-AM News speak 760Announcers: Dan Miller, Lomas Brown Online Streaming: FOX sporting activities GO