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We have actually asked the Dallas Cowboys come impress us over each of the last two weeks and also they have actually done so fairly convincingly.

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America’s Team is speak a three-game victory streak (their first since the three weeks before last season’s finale) and looking like among the optimal squads in the NFL. Much of what is do the Cowboys appear so formidable is the they are getting contributions native everywhere.

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With the sun shining a little bit brighter and food tasting a small bit far better as a result of the last couple of weeks us are maintaining things purely confident today.

11 winners and winners only! stop begin.

Winner: Trevon Diggs

He is play like among the best cornerbacks in the NFL and that is in no method any type of hyperbole.

We are getting to a suggest where Diggs is able to will certainly a turnover right into existence once the Cowboys defense really demands one. The team was in some lesser soul at the beginning of the second half after gaining pushed approximately a bit and also he responded by taking the sphere away twice and giving the offense quick fields to occupational with.

Diggs has 5 interceptions in four games.

Winner: Randy Gregory

There was reason to be a little skeptical around Gregory entering this season. This didn’t need to do v him specifically, but we simply hadn’t viewed him play whole season in forever. That felt choose low odds.

Whatever the odds were Gregory is placing together a season. The is a constant and continual force follow me this protective line and also someone who drastically impacts the game. The led the team in sacks (two) and looks prefer he’ll proceed that trend.

Winner: Osa Odighizuwa

If that weren’t because that Micah Parsons we would certainly be absolutely freaking out over Odighizuwa. That is fairly the what-if come wonder if we ever before would have learned around him come this level if no for Neville Gallimore’s injury throughout the preseason.

Dallas is winning almost everywhere on defense and the reality that Odighizuwa (a third-round rookie) is a vast reason for that is an excellent drafting.

Winner: Ezekiel Elliott

Is the back? who cares.

Ezekiel Elliott is contributing come the reason of the Cowboys main in and week out by doing everything they require for him to do. In this certain game it called for Zeke moving the ball 20 times and also he walk so to the song of 143 yards and a score.

Winner: Amari Cooper

We have known around Cooper’s rib injury for some time now, however during this video game he dealt with a hamstring issue. Nobody of that mattered, though. Cooper is the can be fried do-it-all-no-matter-what guy and also played on v injury. He also had a 35-yard touchdown to offer as icing top top the cake.

Winner: Jayron Kearse

Nobody has wandered through the wilderness of safety and security depth (or rather lack of it) prefer Cowboys fans have actually for the last who even knows how long in ~ this point. As soon as the team signed Jayron Kearse over the offseason the honest feeling was that it was more of the same.

Kearse has actually been a substantial delight though and also has impressed in every capacity. He brings a stable force on the ago end which has been necessary for method too long.

Winner: Chauncey Golston

If you are a protective rookie top top the Dallas Cowboys climate odds are that you room going to prosper in 2021. Third-rounder Chauncey Golston gained some play in this game and also did a lot through it. Choose just around everybody else, he was in Carolina’s backfield and in Sam Darnold’s face. The may have only perfect with fifty percent a sack on the stat sheet, but Golston had a really superior game and looks favor someone that can develop nicely.

Winner: Kellen Moore

As mentioned, the an initial half the this game was a little frustrating because that the Cowboys, yet things turned roughly in the 2nd half. In the third quarter alone the Cowboys had actually multiple touchdown cd driver exceeding 50 yards (they likewise had a 37-yard one together well). Trevon Diggs go a good job of offering them the sphere to occupational with, yet Kellen Moore readjusted in the second fifty percent and made the mountain too tall for the Panthers to climb.

Winner: Dan Quinn

How much praise deserve to we heap on Dan Quinn prior to it becomes disingenuous?

Back during the 2018 season, the last year the Dallas played significant January football, the team had actually nine interceptions - because that the season. They are through 4 games this year and are at this time sitting ~ above eight.

Whatever that is, rather the disposition because that this defense is clearly different. Dan Quinn deserves an substantial amount of credit for obtaining this team ready week in and also week out.

Winner: Mike McCarthy

Many were crucial of Mike McCarthy’s handling of the finish of the an initial half versus the Philadelphia Eagles top top Monday night, yet this was one of the best games that us have ever before seen indigenous Mike McCarthy as the head coach the the Cowboys.

Adjusting and also going for two after Carolina offered the Cowboys a quick field to occupational with in the first half was extremely wise, even if the didn’t end up functioning out (that judgment seemed suspect, but whatever).

What’s much more is McCarthy’s decision to decrease the penalty late in the an initial half the would have actually made it second and forever (something plenty of are advocating in hindsight) was also extremely wise. McCarthy reliable his defense to get a protect against on 3rd and 12, he can not be blamed because that that. Eventually his team has actually won 6 of your last eight games and also is looking an extremely interesting start October.

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Winner: Dak Prescott

You would certainly be hard-pressed to discover a quarterback that is operation at a greater level right currently than Dak Prescott. That is the best version of himself that us have ever seen at the moment and he had actually his way with the Panthers.