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The Dallas Cowboys secured their 13th victory of the season on Monday night with a 42-21 rout of the Detroit Lions.

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The game started out together close and also entertaining together you can have want in a primetime football game.

Dak Prescott assisted the Cowboys offense obtain off to a great start on their opening drive, through Ezekiel Elliott chipping far on the ground. It took them 5 minutes prior to they’d uncover the end zone, as soon as Prescott linked with Brice servant for a 21-yard score.

The Lions came out hot, together well, and introduced a national audience to a player they may not have heard of prior to in running ago Zach Zenner. Zenner and Matthew Stafford go on a drive the was simply as liquid as the of Dallas’, v Zenner cruising right into the finish zone to end up off the Lions’ an initial drive that the game.

Not to it is in outdone, the NFL’s top rusher, Ezekiel Elliott, had actually a 55-yard touchdown in response. That finished turn off the run v a graceful leap to offer the Cowboys a 14-7 lead:


On the ensuing drive, Stafford determined to take over, and also took the Lions on a shorter drive, this one 58 yards that he finished off with a rugby-style touchdown top top a fourth-and-goal indigenous the 1-yard line.

After forcing the Cowboys to punting after a three-and-out, the Lions appeared to be obtaining momentum after yet an additional scoring drive. Zenner got his second touchdown the the night and made it a 21-14 video game in the Lions’ favor.

The Cowboys would score once much more to tie the game prior to the end of the first half, with Dez Bryant do a sensational one-handed record that sent AT&T Stadium into an pure frenzy.


The story that the second fifty percent would be much different than the first. Matthew Stafford come out and threw one interception on the 6th play the the half, forcing it while rolling come his left.

It no take long for the Cowboys to capitalize on the turnover. A pair that Lions penalties relocated the Cowboys up the ar in no time, and also on the third play of the drive, Ezekiel Elliott finessed his 2nd touchdown that the evening from a yard out, offering the Cowboys a 28-21 lead.

Their 2nd touchdown the the second half came together a catch from Jason Witten, but it didn’t come indigenous Dak Prescott. It no come from Tony Romo, either.

It come from Dez Bryant, that took the ball on a reverse, and floated in a perfect pass to the veteran tight end.


The Lions made another effort to stop the Cowboys native pulling away, but were stopped. On fourth down, they were forced to effort a 47-yard field goal, which Matt Prater missed wide left.

When the Cowboys followed up the Prater miss with yet an additional Dez Bryant touchdown agree to make it a 42-21 command in the fourth quarter, it to be clear the the Cowboys were going to walk away with the win.

The victory puts the Cowboys at 13-2 ~ above the season. Castle had currently clinched home-field advantage in the NFC, for this reason the success is just better looking 보다 before. However, it method nothing much more in terms of playoff positioning.

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No matter the an outcome of tonight for the Lions, who move to 9-6 v the loss, they will certainly be playing the environment-friendly Bay Packers because that the NFC north title in main 17.