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In a game that came under to a final call, the environment-friendly Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys 26-21 to relocate onto the NFC Championship video game in Seattle. A hobbled Aaron Rodgers passed for 316 yards and three touchdowns with a 125.4 passer rating, when Eddie Lacy ran because that 101 yards on the ground.

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In situation you let go Sunday"s action, here"s our game recap:

First half

Green bay capitalized ~ above Dallas" three-and-out on the opening drive, as the Packers took very early 7-0 lead. Rodgers attempted simply three overcome on the Packers" opened drive the featured a many pistol formation and also no-huddle offense. Running earlier Eddie Lacy witnessed a hefty workload on the first drive that led to a four-yard touchdown indigenous Rodgers come Andrew Quarless. Lacy lugged the ball seven times and also gained 45 yards on the ground, consisting of a 19-yard run after Rodgers" an initial pass attempt.

Two hard calls top top the Packers retained Dallas" second drive lively that finished in a one-yard touchdown native Tony Romo to Tyler Clutts. A brutal hold from linebacker Brad Jones on 3rd down retained the Cowboys" 2nd drive going, when a pass interference indigenous Tramon Williams ~ above Terrence Williams near the goal line gave the Cowboys a fresh collection of downs a play prior to the score. The Cowboys capped a 12-play, 62-yard drive with the very first quarter winding down.

Dallas stalled eco-friendly Bay"s 2nd drive after ~ Jeremy Mincey forced a fumble when sacking Rodgers. Rookie facility Corey Linsley snapped the round too early at the line, and also after escaping to his right, Mincey drilled Rodgers come the ground. The Packers to be in manageable field goar variety at the time. A Terrence Williams 38-yard touchdown after break a tackle from Williams offered the Cowboys a 14-7 lead.

Late in the an initial half, a absent from Dan Bailey cruised right and prevented the Cowboys native scoring 17 directly points prior to the finish of the half. Luckily, the Packers capitalized right after ~ above their following drive, walking 38 in just five plays. The journey mostly advanced after Randall Cobb make a wonderful grab inbounds because that 31 yards close to the sideline, bringing the Packers come the 27. A Mason crossby kick native 40 yards the end made the score 14-10 heading into halftime.

Second half

Despite not scoring on the first drive the the half, the Packers swung momentum ago in your favor early on in the 2nd half. For the sixth time this season, Murray fumbled the football, and also for the sixth time this season, Julius Peppers forced one. The Cowboys were driving top top their an initial offensive drive, however a required fumble through Peppers gave the Packers the ball from Dallas" 44.

On the occurring drive, Lacy took his second hand-off that the drive 29 yards down field to placed the Packers top top the Dallas 16. A pat after Lacy"s huge run, best guard T.J. Lang was affiliated in a scuffle close to the ideal side the the field, which gave the Packers a 15-yard punish after the referees called him because that unnecessary roughness. The moved green Bay to the 22 yard line after the was imposed from the seven. Crossby eventually cleared up for another field to make the score 14-13.

The Cowboys responded right away through a six-play, 80-yard drive that took simply 3:34 and also ended in a Murray score from one-yard out.

Davante Adams caught just 4 passes for 21 yards in the month of December, however put on a solid power in today"s game. After recording a pass throughout the middle from Rodgers, Adams put a quite shake on Sterling Moore and also broke totally free toward the best sideline because that 46 yards and a score:


The touchdown was the longest the Rodgers" postseason career, and also cut the Cowboys command to just one allude at the finish of the third. Soon after, the Packers placed together perhaps their best offensive series of the entire season. A hobbled Rodgers led the Packers 80 yards in eight theatre while going 7-of-7 ~ above the drive, including the go-ahead touchdown in the 4th quarter. When rolling the end to his left, Rodgers threw an absolute rocket come rookie tight finish Richard Rodgers to offer Green just their first lead because the 2nd quarter:


The 13-yard touchdown placed the Packers increase 26-21, together the Packers weren"t maybe to convert a two-point counter on the following play.

Needing a score to take back their lead, the Cowboys make it under to environment-friendly Bay"s 32 yard line. Dallas elected to go for it on fourth and two. Romo dropped earlier and delivered a strike to Dez Bryant under the sideline who made a remarkable grab over Sam Shields while falling to the ground:


It to be at first ruled a catch prior to Mike McCarthy challenged the call. In among the much more stranger rulings this season, the referees i rejected the call after they ruled Bryant didn"t finish the process.

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Green only ran out the clock after ~ Dallas turned the round over ~ above downs, moving them top top Seattle because that the NFC Championship game, which will be held next Sunday, January 18th, in ~ 2:05 PM central Time.

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