Who is Damon Thomas, the very first husband that 'Keeping Up through The Kardashians' star Kim Kardashian? check out on come know much more details around the same



Damon Thomas and Kim Kardashian to be married for numerous years and also Thomas wake up to be the an initial husband of Kim. Since she was married to him prior to she ended up being a family members name, no many people know a lot about Damon. Right here is some information and details around him.

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Who is Damon Thomas, Kim Kardashian"s very first husband?

Damon cutting board is a music producer and also has worked with Harvey Jr., follow to a report in The Sun. Reportedly, Damon along with Mason Jr., consisted of a pop manufacturing group called the Underdogs. Thomas’ production agency has operated with kris Brown, R Kelly, Pink and also Lionel Richie among various other artists he has operated with end the years.

Damon cutting board has developed music for renowned movies choose Dreamgirls, The assist and Pitch Perfect. Dreamgirls released back in the year 2006 and also is a Boll Condon directorial. The aid released in the year 2011 and was command by Tate Taylor. Pitch Perfect released in 2012 and also is command by Elizabeth Banks.

When to be Damon Thomas and also Kim Kardashian married?

Kim Kardashian and also Damon thomas were married in the year 2000. Kim and also Damon had actually eloped and had gotten married. She to be 19 in ~ the time and Damon was 10 year older 보다 her. The two were married just for four years. Through the finish of the year 2004, they were officially divorced.

Why go they divorce?

In an illustration of Keeping Up through The Kardashians, Kim had defined Damon together being really controlling. The tv personality had declared that he to be “the king of the castle” and would always decide what they would do and also when. She further asserted that it was Damon who persuaded her to drop out of college and quit her task at the Kardashian clothing store.

Kim defined Damon walk not want her to have contact with her old boyfriends. The felt the they would be able to reach her at the clothing store. Kim K also revealed that it to be her first husband that paid for her liposuction and also various various other cosmetic procedures.

In an interview v the new York everyday News, Damon made contradictory statements. That told the media portal ago in 2010 that it to be he who had filed for divorce and not Kim. The music producer asserted that the filed for a divorce ~ he uncovered out the Kim was cheating top top him through multiple men. That further stated that he to be conned into paying the money for cosmetic surgeries.

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Damon cutting board net worth

According come celebritynetworth.com, Damon Thomas’ net worth is $ 1 million. This, once converted come INR, amounts to Rs 7 crores.