Of all the things he’s done on the present In life Color and all the points since, Damon Wayans has always been recognized as a wise-cracking character the knows exactly how to make world laugh. Fans have seen that drop the end of the spotlight together the years have actually gone on, yet in his younger days that was among the pure funniest civilization on the show. Over there aren’t a lot of of civilization that can have retained up v the likes that David Alan Grier, Tommy Lee Davidson, and especially not Jim Carrey uneven they to be equally as funny.

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Here room our picks because that the top 5 Damon Wayans characters on In life Color

Blaine Edwards-Men top top Film/Football

It can be cringe-worthy come some, but this skit was thought about to be one of the funniest top top the show and the one that fans had tendency to cheer the many for. The portrayal of Wayans and also Grier as two gay males critiquing one point or an additional was a laugh riot the was a typical staple the the show. While they didn’t do just film or football, this clip is just one of the many memorable.

The Hedleys-Hey Mon

Hey mon, gotta acquire to job! It could seem a little bit racist and also even uncomfortable in ~ this point and time in the country, however the Hedley’s to be a good laugh during the show’s run. Their numerous different jobs and their attempt to occupational as much as possible made castle a laugh lytic simply due to the fact that it appeared so utterly ridiculous the anything but laughter appeared inappropriate.


If ever there to be a skit that would truly attract the blaspheme this is it. The hilarity of Handi-Man is that he is in reality a superhero that is able to do good things as per the show, but is ultimately handicapped. It’s a an excellent parody ~ above heroes such as Superman and also a hilarious character that, as soon as taken together little much more than satire, is actually fairly entertaining.

Anton Jackson

This is an additional one that could offend those that don’t know how to clock satire and also can’t it seems ~ to uncover the funny in a feeling skit. Anton Jackson is a homeless guy that interacts v members the high society, reporters, and also even operation his very own home development show referred to as This Old Box. As his characters go, this one is no doubt one of the funniest.

Homey the Clown

By much his most iconic character, Homey the Clown was the duty that made Wayans for this reason famous during the show’s run. His tendency to bop “kids” over the head with a sock was hilarious, and his anti-establishment sentiments were sort of a winter for the way that world felt in the time period. As humor Homey to be a home run, especially when he grounding it to the Man.


It’s same to say that fans haven’t checked out Damon Wayans as lot as lock would favor in the last decade or so, however while he was on peak he was one of the finest comics to ever come the end of In life Color. If the show had kept going he might have also taken over from his brothers Keenan eventually.



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