Linda Kolkena and Dan Broderick were married less than a year prior to their untimely demise. The two were shooting dead by Dan"s ex-wife, Betty Broderick, and their story has actually been the topic of shows, consisting of the second season of "Dirty John," among Netflix"s true crime features, i m sorry depicts the occasions that led to Kolkena and Broderick"s murder.

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Dan and Betty married in their beforehand 20s, and also together castle had four children. Their partnership soured with the years, and also Dan admitted to having an affair through Linda Kolkena, together reported by Newsweek. Divorce soon followed and Dan acquired sole custody of their four children, i beg your pardon wrecked Betty. In 1989, the previous Mrs. Broderick got in the house of her former husband and also his new wife and shot them in your sleep.

Betty and Dan"s partnership was currently rocky as soon as Dan met Linda Kolkena in 1983. Linda was 21 and also worked as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines prior to she obtained a task as a receptionist in ~ the structure where Dan Broderick"s regulation firm was located. Their relationship only blossomed from there.

Eventually, Dan rental Linda to be a paralegal at his law firm. According to Oprah Daily, Linda had actually no endure in law and didn"t also know how to type. Also then, Dan had no difficulty with hiring the young lady and giving she a value of $30,000 per year. At the time, Dan and Betty"s marital relationship was no going well, and also her husband"s brand-new hire led to Betty to suspect an affair to be going on. In the book "Hell hath No Fury," Betty"s explain in court about Linda read, "She wasn"t a lawyer. She wasn"t also a secretary; she couldn"t type. He essential a many help, and also I couldn"t check out that she to be the human being to aid him." Betty then gave Dan an ultimatum to fire Linda or leaving the home.

Dan filed because that divorce from Betty in 1985. That was prepared to move on v his life and also pursue a connection with Linda after ~ his toxic marriage to Betty. In an interview through Fox News, Dan"s friend Spencer Busby explained Linda and Dan as a couple. He stated that Dan to be captivated through Linda"s beauty, however the attraction wasn"t just physical. Spencer explained Linda together being funny and having "a wicked feeling of humor," which was in contrast to Dan"s quiet personality. In spite of being opposites, though, the 2 were a great match.

Dan and also Linda took the next step in their relationship and married in 1989. According to Linda"s sister, it to be Linda"s dream to have a family and also be a wife and also mother. For Dan, it was a new beginning. Friend of the pair said the Linda to be the second chance that Dan was waiting for. According to Heavy, the 2 were head end heels through each other. "Together, they were together a joy with their broad smiles, twinkling eyes, rich laughter, and also sweet terms of endearment," a friend said.

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Dan and also Linda"s wedding was hosted in the backyard the their house in Marston Hills, a ar in san Diego. The ceremony take it place just a couple of months after ~ Dan and also Betty"s divorce was finalized. Linda to be scared the Betty would certainly retaliate throughout the wedding and also asked Dan come wear a bulletproof vest throughout the ceremony, as reported by Oxygen. Dan walk not want to undertake one but hired extra defense at the residence as a precaution. The wedding moved through without a hitch, and also they saw the Caribbean for your honeymoon.

Just six months after your wedding, however, Betty gotten in the couple"s home and shot the two while they to be asleep. Dan and also Linda are buried side-by-side in ~ the Greenwood Memorial Park in san Diego (via discover a Grave.)