Westwood One’s national rollout that Dan Bongino in the Noon to 3PM east slot proceeds today with launches in the country’s height markets, including brand-new York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, mountain Francisco, and also Washington, DC. Bongino started his audio career together a podcater.

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With Bongino, Westwood One now offers a 24-hour, Monday–Friday news/talk lineup that likewise features established news/talk superstars note Levin, Ben Shapiro, chris Plante, and also Jim Bohannon.

“I’m excited to take on the tremendous power that radio to attach with my listeners live for three hrs every day,” stated Bongino. “This is an significant privilege, and also I pledge to honor the trailblazing work of those that came prior to me.”

“Dan is passionate and relatable, with a natural capability to connect with his audience,” claimed Suzanne Grimes, President, Westwood One and EVP that company Marketing, Cumulus Media. “Dan has been top top a meteoric rise because his podcast launched in 2019, and we look forward to city hall his star proceed to soar.”


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Nancy might 26, 2021 in ~ 2:50 afternoon

I too have actually the very same question: i live across the Mississippi flow from St. Louis, Mo. So together an Illinois resides what radio station deserve to I find Dan Bongino Show, airing right here 11-2pm

Cincinnati OH. How have the right to I listen to Dan’s radio show? What local station? Couldn’t uncover it now while driving. Is it going come take end Rush’s 55WKRC speak radio spot? Thanks

Would be nice to have actually a listing of station that carry it in mine area. If lock do, or if it’s ~ above Iheart radio somewhere.

Yes visiting Clearwater FL native Washington DC. Tampa WFLA still has Rush’s reruns. Listening come wmal 105.9 through web to listen Bongino. Why execute they continue to run these sirloin reruns. Back Rush to be the best reruns obtain old.

Bongino is not replacing Rush. It sound at first as if he was. Rush’s show has 2 new co-hosts. One of them is Buck Sextant, and also I forget the various other one. Us can’t get Bongino on to be radio in the Philly/Wilmington market yet. It’s really frustrating.

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