On a warmth June morning in 2004, Dan Harris to be preparing because that his usual news upgrade on the united state breakfast show, good Morning America.

As the cameras focused on the then 32 year-old journalist, with 5 million viewers watching, that suddenly discovered he couldn"t breathe.

Heart racing, mouth dry, palms sweating, he easily bailed ~ above the news update.

He was having a scare attack.

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Not long after, his psychiatrist asked him: go he perform drugs?

"I wasn"t high on air .... Yet the doctor pointed out, I had actually done sufficient that it readjusted my brain chemistry," Harris speak Hack.

"And the made it more likely because that me to have actually the hit or flight response, sort of a large surge that adrenaline into the brain. And so at that point, ns realised what an idiot I had actually been, and also I quit doing drugs."

In his 20s, Harris had actually been consumed v work, thrust along through a an unfavorable inner voice and self-doubt around his abilities.

After covering the Iraq War, he began using recreational medicine to self-medicate his depression.

The panic attack on air to be a big turning point.

He got sober, and then uncovered meditation while on assignment for elafilador.elafilador.net News America.


Dan Harris discovered meditation significantly increased his pleasure levels, and also reduced his an adverse inner voice.



Dan Harris uncovered meditation substantially increased his happiness levels, and reduced his an adverse inner voice.



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"I considered to it is in the apex of ridiculousness," that says.

" I began to realise, there"s an massive amount of proof that meditation have the right to rewire key parts of your brain, deserve to lower your blood pressure, an increase your immune system.

"It"s really great for anxiety and depression, both of i beg your pardon I"ve experienced with due to the fact that I to be a kid.

"And so ns then started to meditate a little bit and also I really saw significant benefits in my life."

For him, it to be the an essential to increased happiness, drowning the end that an adverse internal voice.

That focus on happiness tracks the boosting popularity of confident psychology, a movement that looks for to amplify positive emotions and personal strengths, with a selection of approaches - consisting of meditation.

Proponents say it have the right to work alongside traditional forms that psychology and also psychotherapy, i beg your pardon they say has an ext of a "fix what"s wrong" approach.

"Positive psychology is saying, fine what if we likewise asked what"s best with people?" claims Australian Dr Tim Sharp, that heads increase the delight Institute in Sydney.

"So it"s an ext about concentrating on strengths and positive attributes and helping human being not simply feel less distressed, yet feel more happiness and an ext resilient."

The climb of positive psychology

In the last 20 years, Dr Sharp says interest in hopeful psychology has actually risen significantly.

"There"s been a massive growth in the science, the number of studies, and also now literally thousands upon thousands of articles supporting the ethics of optimistic psychology," he tells Hack.

He claims some the the main techniques to boost happiness include:

Setting and working towards realistic goalsExercise Practising gratitude, mindfulness and also kindness every work

Dr Sharp says those action can deliver positive return "in a matter of weeks".

"If we practise gratitude on a daily basis, that is actually setting down new pathways in the mind - in a good way."

But the movement has its critics.

David Cregg native Ohio State University has actually been looking at the clinical applications of hopeful psychology.

"Overall, gratitude interventions actually have a pretty weak result on symptoms of depression and also anxiety, on average," he told Hack.

He"s investigated the immediate effect of gratitude interventions - like maintaining a diary and writing under what you"re thankful for, or writing notes come loved-ones - ~ above the symptom of depression and anxiety, and their long-term impact.