Last night (Sat., Nov. 7, 2015), Dan Henderson and also Vitor Belfort clashed in ~ UFC hit Night 77 inside Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In a quick finish, Belfort landed another head kick. Find out exactly how below!

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HIGHLIGHTS! cutting board Almeida, Vitor Belfort steal Sao Paulo present With Killer KOs!


Adrian MacNair

Thomas Almeida is for real, crushing Anthony Birchak in ~ UFC struggle Night 77 critical night (Sat., Nov. 7, 2015) within Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to stay undefeated (20-0) and once again placed the Bantamweight department on blast.

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Adrian MacNair

Vitor Belfort, who lit increase the Middleweight division in 2013 with three highlight-reel head-kick finishes, winner via yet one more devastating head absent on Dan Henderson last night in UFC struggle Night 77"s main event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. And it to be fast!
HIGHLIGHTS! cutting board Almeida, Vitor Belfort stealing Sao Paulo present With Killer KOs!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight legends Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort chased the knockout last night (Sat., Nov. 7, 2015) at UFC hit Night 77 within Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Henderson hasn"t to be able to find constant success in recent years, yet he"s nevertheless scored some big enough knockouts to continue to be in the mix. However, critical night"s battle was less around divisional relevance and much more about the personal score, as it to be the rubber match of these two legends.

Alternatively, Belfort was in a rush to return to the win shaft after receiving a beating from chris Weidman. Stand opposite Henderson for the 2nd time in 2 years, Belfort was certainly hoping for a repeat performance.

He got exactly that.

Both fighters opened up the round with a ton the patience, waiting on the various other to do a move. "Hendo" landing a pair low kicks, yet the 2 athletes mostly just stared at each other for about a minute and a half.

Then, Belfort make his move. Stepping into a left head kick, Belfort time his opponent"s slip and landed flush on Henderson"s chin. That was the beginning of the end, together Henderson slumped against the cage. The American tried come recover, yet Belfort swarmed together he"s recognized to do, forcing the referee to intervene.

If there"s a class to be learned here, it"s the fighting Vitor Belfort in Brazil is a truly bad idea.

Belfort is a killer in the first round. That"s to be true because 1996, and also last night, Belfort showed it true in 2015. He just moves in ~ a much faster speed than most men, hits very hard, and also is among the finest at finishing a injured opponent.

So, in short, Belfort"s offensive strengths space still fairly potent. However, questions concerning his conditioning and also mindset remain, as he blitzed Henderson before they might be answered.

Hopefully, Belfort"s next enemy will present an ext of a challenge. Personally, I"d love to see Belfort square off v Gegard Mousasi, together that"s a fight the should"ve taken place already. Plus, it doesn"t tie up an additional top 5 middleweight.

Henderson has to be disappointed. The tried to stay patient and stay defensively sound, however Belfort"s first offensive outburst still overwhelmed him. Just put, Henderson relied on his chin as a defense for a long time, and also it deserve to no longer hold up to Belfort"s insane offense.

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In every honesty, Henderson should retire. Will certainly he? nearly certainly not. In that case, "Hendo" must take a significant step earlier in vain -- ideally v someone that isn"t one of the most dangerous knockout artists ever -- such together Ed Herman.

Last night, Vitor Belfort knocked the end Dan Henderson v a head kick because that the 2nd time. Whereby will "The Phenom" walk from here?

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