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NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2020 / -- Peacock now announced one exclusive address The Dan Patrick display to stream for complimentary on Peacock. Starting August 24, Emmy Award–winning, multiplatform host Dan Patrick will be live ~ above Peacock every weekday indigenous 9:00 a.m. Come noon ET.

The Dan Patrick Show entertains fans across the U.S. Every weekday v a manufacturing team that consists of Paul Pabst, Patrick O"Connor, Andrew Perloff and Todd Fritz, who are well-known as the Danettes. The Dan Patrick show is known for its substantial A-list interviews indigenous the world of sporting activities entertainment, and its distinct blend that situational comedy, breaking sports news, unsurpassed insider accessibility and pop culture commentary. 

"I"m thrilled to be coming ago home come Peacock and also the NBC household to proceed the present with the Danettes and the rest of mine talented team," stated Dan Patrick. "A huge factor in partnering with Peacock is the our faithful fans have the right to watch united state for FREE. That doesn"t love FREE. We can"t wait to acquire started—see friend soon."

All contents from The Dan Patrick show will be available on demand in addition to streaming live. Also, peak moments from the display will additionally be featured in the service"s Trending section, a hub because that short-form content updated top top a daily basis, consisting of sports highlights, pop culture updates, and much shorter interview and also news segments. The Dan Patrick show will be simulcast top top SiriusXM (Channel 211) and also radio channels throughout the U.S. The show"s YouTube simulcast will finish on august 28.

"We"re excited come welcome Dan and also his dedicated following come Peacock later this month," said Rick Cordella, EVP and also Chief Revenue Officer because that Peacock. "Dan to add a distinctive voice come Peacock together we proceed to develop our live topical sports offering."

Upcoming live sporting activities on Peacock has coverage of the U.S. Open Championship and Women"s open Championship, one NFL Wild map Playoff Game, and select occasions from the upcoming Tokyo and Beijing Olympics. Pan can likewise watch on-demand replays of occasions like the Triple Crown steed races, day-to-day highlights native NBC Sports, and also hundreds of hours of sporting activities series, documentaries and also films, such together Tiger Woods: Chasing History; 1968; ns Am Ali; Dream Team; being Evel; Feherty; Willie; and Peacock Originals lost Speedways and In Deep through Ryan Lochte.

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Fans deserve to sign up because that Peacock for complimentary at Peacock is currently easily accessible on apple devices, consisting of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, apologize TV 4K and also Apple TV HD; Google platforms and also devices, consisting of Android™, Android TV™ devices, Chromecast and also Chromecast built-in devices; Microsoft"s Xbox One household of devices, consisting of Xbox One S and Xbox One X; Sony playstation 4 and also PlayStation 4 Pro; and also VIZIO SmartCast™ TVs and LG smart TVs. Comcast"s standard Xfinity X1 and Flex customers, and eligible Cox edge customers, gain Peacock Premium had with their organization at no extr cost.

Dan Patrick is stood for by Paul Anderson of Workhouse Media, Inc.

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