Dan fairly was well-known as the face of "CBS night News" from 1981 to 2004 (per Taddlr). The famous journalist got his start on "60 Minutes," and when the time came, he changed Walter Cronkite as the anchor. After ~ leaving CBS, the went on to host countless other news programs and also currently is hosting The News with Dan quite on The Young Turks YouTube channel. 

Rather has covered some of the most important American history moments transparent his illustrious career. He report live native Dallas, Texas, when President man F. Kennedy was assassinated on nationwide TV (via Britannica). He likewise reported native behind the lines of the Vietnam War and also spoke on the polite Rights motion with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Families everywhere the United says trusted his face and also his voice. As a result, Dan Rather has a sizable network worth, but in ~ one point, he come close to almost losing the all.

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The Richest lists Dan Rather"s network worth at $70 million. But in 2004, quite was knocked under from his pedestal after ~ a report entitled truth or results found that in warm water regarding his journalistic verity (via Texas Monthly). Throughout the commentary, fairly reported the George W. Shrub might have been given preferential treatment during his time in the Texas Air national Guard to help him prevent the Vietnam War. He mutual six files, later called the Killian documents, that showed shrub had failure to display up because that a trip physical, unable to do AWOL, and also lost his flight status.

When the 15-minute segment aired, shrub was to run for president, and his administration accused CBS and also the journalist of making use of fake documents to litter the election. The network was required to do an independent investigation and also found that the piece overlooked "fundamental journalistic principles." however it is vital to note that the Killian papers were not ever proved to be fakes (via People).

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The reporter pocketed a couple of coins thanks to his "New York Times" bestseller, "What hold together Us," which he exit in 2017. Dan Rather likewise owns 2 homes. One is in Livingston Manor, a rich town in upstate brand-new York, and the other is located in Austin, Texas (per Virtual Globetrotting). Because semi-retiring, Rather has actually been outspoken concerning the state of America and also how it to be "poorly led" by Donald trump card in an interview on WPR"s The Morning Show. The previous anchor is hope to be who who have the right to reunite the country by getting world to talk to one another, saying, "That"s the way we build earlier together through a more united country, in mine opinion." 

He has actually now end up being rather well-known on Twitter because that his updates on current events. Instead of his 24-year sign-off that "Courage," he has actually now changed his critical words come "Stay steady." The reporter felt his parting words necessary updating and also that everyone necessary a little bit of encouragement throughout these an overwhelming times. Even though the may have actually a slim tarnish ~ above his reputation, the national symbol stands by every his reporting and also looks forward to gift a beacon that hope and also fair news because that his followers.