Lt Col Dan Rooney is the founder of the folds of Honor, one F-16 Fighter Pilot (1,800 hrs of trip time) v 3 combat tourism in Iraq, and also a PGA Golf Professional. He founded The Patriot Golf Club, American Dunes Golf Club, and is the writer ofA Patriot’s Calling—Living Life in between Fear and also Faith.He to be the motivational team speaker for 2 US Ryder Cup teams; this is an honor regularly reserved for U.S. Presidents. Lt Col Rooney is a skilled speaker represented exclusively by Washington speaker Bureau.

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From humble beginnings over his garage, Lt Col Rooney started the non-profit folds of Honor. That singular mission is to carry out educational scholarships come the spouses and children the wounded or killed military company members. In 12 years, wrinkle of respect has provided 25,000 life changing scholarships totaling end $125 million dollars.

A Lt Col in the Air pressure Reserves, flying the T-38 (950 trip hours) and a decorated armed forces aviator, that is a two-time receiver of the height Gun award and also was honored through the spirit of attack award as a height graduate that F-16 training. He has actually received countless decorations to encompass the Air force Commendation Medal, waiting Medal, Anti-terrorism Medal, Combat Readiness Medal and Air Expeditionary Medal. Lt Col Rooney proceeds to fly fighters as an aggressor pilot in the 301stFighter Squadron in ~ Eglin AFB in Destin Florida.

For his service and also patriotism—Rooney was presented the White House"s “Presidential Volunteer service Award” by chairman George W. Bush, the Air nationwide Guard"s “Distinguished organization Medal”, the Air national Guard’s “Directors company Award” and the Ellis Island “Medal that Honor”. Lt Col Rooney is a Kansas University distinguished Alumni, significant Sigma Chi, and recipient the the Oklahoma Medal that Freedom. He was honored in ~ The masters Invitational through the “William D. Richardson Award” for his superior contributions to golf and received the PGA the America"s first-ever “Patriot Award”. He has actually been known as one ofPeople Magazine"s “Heroes the the Year”, Money Magazine’s “Hero of the Year” and ABC civilization News Tonight"s “Persons that the Year.”

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