Born Ibsen Dana Elcar top top October 10, 1927 in Ferndale, Michigan, USA and died top top June 6, 2005 of complications from pneumonia at the community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California.The son of Danish immigrants, Dana prospered up top top the family members farm aspiring to become an gibbs by mimicking radio shows choose Fibber McGee and Molly through his siblings in the barn.While supporting himself together an ambulance and cab driver, Dana studied drama in ~ the community Playhouse in new York with some of his early stage stints contained Moon in Capricorn, The knight of burning Pestle, task Immortality and also Saint Joan. Dana"s many theatrical credits encompass Galileo, Twelfth Night, Inherit the Wind, The Cherry Orchard, the Championship Season, Who wants to it is in the Lone Ranger?, decision Fox, Eh?, The Skin of our Teeth, Murder amongst Us, The Dumbwaiter, Plays native Bleecker Street: Childhood, Androcles and the Lion, Under Milkwood Glass, drums Under the Windows, Semi-Detached, The three Sisters, Summer that the ten Doll, our Town, The Power and also the Glory, Augustus go His Bit, as You choose It, Richard III, an excellent as Gold, Venice Preserv"d and The Honeys.In 1954 his debut ~ above daytime television came together Dr. Clay in A Time come Live. As well as playing original Sheriff George Patterson ~ above Dark Shadows, his various other roles in daytime contained the role of Clinton Wheeler top top The edge of Night and also D.A. Andrew Murray ~ above The Guiding irradiate Dana"s television films encompass Murder in 3 Parts, Toughlove, I desire to Live, Quarterback Princess, teacher Only, assist Wanted: Male, Forbidden Love, The day the balloon Burst, fatality Penalty, Wendy Hooper-U.S. Army, dilemm in Mid-Air, Samurai, wait for Godot, law of the Land, an elderly Year, warmth Wave!, panic on the 5:22, Hawkins ~ above Murder, dying Room Only, Fireball Forward, Sarge, The death of Me Yet, mountain Francisco global Airport, The D.A.: killing One, The Whole human being Is Watching, Deadlock, The Sound of Anger, The Borgia Stick, Hallmark hall of Fame: Patriots, that Mice and Men, ours Town, and also the 2 miniseries Centennial and also The Missiles that October.


Ibsen Dana Elcar

1927 - 2005

The below comments are from the fans of Dana"s work, to his family.

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I to be so terribly i m really sorry to hear of the pass of Dana Elcar.Mr. Elcar was among my favourite actors and portrayed among my favorite personalities on TV - Pete Thornton on the MacGyver show. It to be clear the RDAnderson and also he shared a definite friendship from their chemistry on the screen. He to be warm-hearted, however with a will of iron. Such determination it must have actually taken for him to decide to store on acting, even though his sight was failing him.His work and also his life stand together a duty model not just for various other actors, yet for people with life-limiting disabilities together well.He will be sorely missed.Please expropriate my condolences.- Judith Pipher----------------------------------------------You were among the best, and MacGyver would certainly not have actually been the same without you.Even v the ns of her sight, friend never shed sight of your objective - putting out a great quality display like MacGyver.Your family has lost you, yet you will always be in their hearts andours, your faithful fans.Audre Castillo----------------------------------------------We room thankful because that Dana Elcar"s performances on MacGyver. He will certainly be remembered.JJ Dippel----------------------------------------------I have actually been a pan of Mr. Elcar for countless years and also want to include my note of condolence to his family and also friends. He will certainly be remembered with lot fondness for his portrayal the Pete Thornton and also other personalities throughout the years.I hope her memories the Mr. Elcar will carry a smile to your face.Linda WatsonLouisville, KY----------------------------------------------I"m therefore sorry because that the lose of Dana Elcar. I"ve watched "MacGyver" from the an extremely beginning. I was sadened when I heard he had glaucoma, and admired him the he didn"t quit. He has touched numerous hearts and also I know that he will never be forgotten. I hope that you"ll uncover comfort understanding that many civilization share her sadness, and also in the unique memories the you have produced with Dana Elcar.Elaine Ecuyer----------------------------------------------My thank you condolences to the family and also friends that Dana Elcar. His ability as an actor made his personalities real and believable and also he brought much joy to my family in his portrayal that Peter Thornton ~ above "McGyver."God blessCarol Freeman----------------------------------------------To the household of Dana Elcar:I delighted in his acting talents over the countless years. He was a good actor and, indigenous what proved through in his countless roles, an even greater person. Mine prayers room with girlfriend in her time that sorrow.Kathy van Elsen----------------------------------------------Dear members of Dana Elcar"s family,From the southern of south America (Brazil), but likewise from the bottom of my soul, my many heartfelt condolences for her loss.Dana Elcar will always be remembered here for the warmth, friendship, courage and humanity he lugged into MacGyver collection through his character, Pete, attributes which I think were the reflex the his own personality. He to be a good human gift and an example for every one of us who flourished up having actually him as a companion, a friend on the display screen for every those years.Yours sincerely,Renata Kabke Pinheiro(Pelotas - Brazil)----------------------------------------------Dear Elcar Family,I am sorry to listen of Dana"s passing. He to be a really talented actor and a courageous human being being. I have actually admired his work-related on TV and also screen because that years. My favorite was his role of Peter Thornton ~ above MacGyver. Ns truly admired just how Dana go public with his blindness and kept on acting despite his blindness. I understand nothing can take away the pain and loneliness you are feeling, yet know the I and also Dana"s pan from about the human being are thinking of girlfriend in this time of need.Shannon HummelSeattle, WA----------------------------------------------I am a student from Taiwan.I acquire the news from bbs of Taiwan.When ns was a child, the many glad point I and also my family members is to clock "McGyver" top top TV.Although ns am 26 years, mine brother and me still favor to talk about "McGyver"."McGyver" is our family members favorate show.We all feeling sad for Dana"s passing.Wish Dana is at peace with Lord.WENG SHENG PO indigenous Taiwan ----------------------------------------------Mr. Elcar play Pete Thornton in such a way, he ended up being a personality close to mine heart. Every saturday I would cycle house top speed, no to miss out on a single minute of MacGyver. Pete was someone you love to love. I"m so sorry to listen we lost the male who portraited the so well.My condolences come his family and friends. BabsN, the Netherlands----------------------------------------------Just heard the news around Dana"s passing and also want come say he will certainly be considerably missed. He to be such a joy to clock on the show and also a wonderful down to planet actor. He simply made you feel like you were his friend from the moment you satisfy him(the charcter Pete of food in the "MacGyver" series) My love goes the end to the family right now of grief and also know your in our hearts and also prayers. A loyal pan of the show.----------------------------------------------To the Family and Friends,Though ns did not recognize Dana personaly he to be truly a good inspiration, that is and always will be missed. Im certain hes spring down appropriate now and admiring every he hasnt seen for some time and also enjoying the liberty of gift truly home.May you rest in tranquility in the glory land, till at some point all will satisfy again.Sincerely yours,Robbyn spfd, Mo.----------------------------------------------I to be so sorry to listen of the happen of this very nice man. I constantly liked to clock Dana Elcar once he to be on TV, i think one of the very first things i remember the in is an episode of ‘Bonanza’-and he was so an excellent in ‘MacGyver’.I recognize he will certainly be missed by so numerous people.His family and also friends space in mine thoughts and my prayers. God bless.Sue.----------------------------------------------My sympathy goes out to all this exorbitant man"s family and to RDA, who, i am sure, will be an extremely sad in ~ this loss. The civilization is a lesser place due to the fact that he has gone and he will be sorely missed. So, taking leave Pete Thornton us will never forget you and the happiness you carried to her fans.Macfanatic----------------------------------------------To the Elcar Family. I just knew Mr.. Elcar indigenous his job-related on MacGyver and also a handful of little bit parts. What ns remember many was the exorbitant friendship in between Pete and Mac and the quiet ship Mr.. Elcar presented at every times. He relocated forward and his determination was motivation to all with disabilities. I am visually impaired and also I empathized substantially with Mr.. Elcar"s situation, I can understand how hard it would be to hit clues or make eye contact as his sight gradually deteriorated. My heart and an excellent wishes go out to you all at this sad time. Dana Elcar was loved by millions for his simple grace and an excellent talent. I hope that fact brings you all some peace. Sincerely, Michelle W.----------------------------------------------truly i m really sorry to hear about the loss he was a huge part of mine life he will certainly be missed----------------------------------------------To the household of Dana Elcar,it is with an excellent sadness that ns learned of Dana"spassing. I have been a huge fan that his work,especially ~ above MacGyver.He gave me stamin watchinghim and also knowing of his blindness however his determinationto store going to be amazing.I understand he functioned in thetheatre after he left MacGyver and I am certain he willbe missed by many many- he to be a true inspirationfor everyone. Mine own mommy is blind and also has glaucomaalso-so his courage touched me really deeply.May God provide you peace and also the gentle knowledge thatDana will never ever be forgotten. With hugsss and also prayers to the totality family,Jana native Sonora, California.----------------------------------------------I simply wanted to convey my many sincere condolences ~ above the passing of Mr. Elcar. Ns truly appreciated his portrayal that Pete Thornton ~ above MacGyver and also watching the character grow. His bravery in share his genuine life struggle with Glaucoma ~ above the present can not be commended enough. I constantly wanted come share v Mr. Elcar how his honesty assisted to conserve my own sight...I never had the chance, however I would like to re-superstructure it v you. In 1999, I started to shed the sight in my left eye. At first, ns thought little of it and it didn"t happen an extremely often, but soon the illustration of blackness began to happen much more and more frequently. I was fear to walk to the doctor. Afraid of what i was walk to it is in told. I don"t recognize what make me think that Mr. Elcar"s struggle with blindness, however I can tell you it was the catalyst that acquired me come the eye doctor. Mine vision problems ended up being caused by a develop up that spinal fluid in my head, cutting off the optic nerve and blood supply to mine left eye. The problem has because been corrected, but if ns hadn"t acted as soon as I did, i could"ve lost the vision in mine eye permanently. I credit transaction the bravery of Mr. Elcar for helping to conserve my sight! Mr. Elcar to be a brave and also talented man and he will certainly be significantly missed. Sincerely,Pam Richardson---------------------------------------------- mine condolences and also prayers go the end to Dana Elcar"s family, I recognize it isn"t simple to shed a love one. Ns hope a little of lull is derived from the expertise that he touch so many civilization in his life. I will always remember the most specifically for his duty as Pete Thornton ~ above the TV series MacGyver. I was influenced by his courage and also dignity when encountering blindness. Say thanks to you, Dana, for numerous wonderful years of memories. Remainder in Peace.Ginny Pickardaka MaxMacGyver----------------------------------------------Dana Elcar"s death is a huge loss because that the good MacGyver fan community.Everybody love him as Pete and also will forever.Dana, you to be an remarkable actor and we deserve to nothing yet rest in admiration for your great work which girlfriend didn"t quit,even when you obtained blind.Thank you because that the warm and also kind portrayal of Pete Thornton there is no which the character and also the display wouldn"t have actually beenthe same.There is nothing better to speak than among the an extremely last lines you told MacGyver in the an extremely final illustration "TheStringer", when he said "Things change."..."Not always, good things don"t."For all the German MacGyver fans:Jano Rohleder----------------------------------------------Dearest Mr. Elcar"s Family, because that you that loved Dana the most and his friends...I"m to be truly sorry for your loss. Dana to be a favourite actor of mine. I had actually prayed for him often due to the fact that I found out the he was shedding his sight. He had immense courage and also the love the his girlfriend on MacGyver to contiune his function of Peter Thronton. I"ve been watching reruns of MacGyver for plenty of years and also still am! I"ve also tried to find brand-new updated details of Dana on the internet- no such luck. I"ll mental Dana constantly and will certainly feel sad for his fans- me and his love ones whenever ns watch MacGyver. He will be missed!! I"m watching MacGyver v "Pete Thorton" in ~ this very moment! Bless girlfriend all. Love from a specialized fan for countless many years, Sylvia----------------------------------------------I am sorry to hear that Mr. Dana Elcar has passed away.He to be a an excellent actor and he will be dreadful missed!My prayers go out to every relatives and friends!Sincerely,Gaby GerritsenMaastricht, The Netherlands----------------------------------------------I to be so i m really sorry to hear about Dana"s passing. I have actually been a pan for many years, but he will constantly be remembered together Pete Thornton. He to be an amazing actor and also will be sorely to let go by all. I am thankful that his heritage is forever preserved on film, and I will certainly think of him every time i watch MacGyver top top DVD. My deepest sympathies go the end to his family and friends. Dana will never be forgotten.Sincerely,BethVernon Hills, Illinois USA----------------------------------------------I have been one ardent pan of the present MacGyver because it"s debut in 1985. MacGyver, the character, it s okay an awful many glory indigenous the show, as he should, however I think lot of that character to be squeezed into shape and sharpened by play off Dana"s character, Pete Thornton. Your dynamic was one of the ideal I"ve seen on the screen and also watching Pete"s and also Mac"s friendship grow, deepen and also claw it"s way through adversity was one of my favorite components of the show. Mac wasn"t Mac there is no Pete. Ns admire Dana because that his perseverance ~ above the show in spite of his worsening glaucoma and also then blindness. Pete Thornton is a character that i will never ever forget. It"s impossible to watch a show for 7 years and an ext and no feel choose you understand the male playing the character. Ns feel that method about Dana and also he will certainly be sorely to let go on this earth.Amy in PA----------------------------------------------Fare fine wherever friend fare, Dana, and Blessed Be. You will certainly be greatly missed for her talent and also your warmth and also your stamin in adversity. My biggest sympathies go to the Elcar family. You were blessed through a unique man. Gain his life in your memories of him.andria----------------------------------------------Please expropriate my condolences ~ above your recent loss. I enjoyed watching Dana act on Macgyver.chocolate----------------------------------------------MacGyver without Pete is favor salt there is no pepper...cream there is no sugar. MacGyver fans love Dana Elcar as much as they love Richard Dean Anderson and also we are all sad to lose him. Us loved his many appearances in television and films over the year too. He was a exorbitant actor who talent, strength and perseverance in the challenge of special needs inspired united state all. Please accept our sympathies and also know that us feel the loss almost as lot as you, his family.Vina----------------------------------------------I can"t express enough my sorrow in ~ the passing of this great man. Not just enormously talented, yet enormously courageous together well.Please accept my sincerest condolences.Missy----------------------------------------------A exorbitant talent and motivation to everyone, who showed that a medical disability does not preclude you from her life’s aspirations - you will be missed.My condolences come the household for her loss.Phoenix----------------------------------------------My condolences to her family. Us will miss Dana but you will miss him more. He was a good actor and a mentor to so countless people approximately the world. Hollywood has lost a actor yet Heaven has get an angel. But I know "were sorry" will never ever heal the pains in her hearts and also mind. But may God approve you solace in discovering he is not in pain and not enduring no more.Thank you for letting us share him for a little bit.Molly MeridiethMascot, Tennessee USA----------------------------------------------Dear Elcar Family, together a big fan the MacGyver, mine thoughts and prayers go out to her family, Dana will be sadly missed. Sincerely,Nikki----------------------------------------------To Dana Elcar"s loving family: I just saw the MacGyver shows as re-runs, but since that time ns never miss out on them, whenever and also wherever they room on. I wanted to say that, as distinct as Richard Dean Anderson made the collection with his presence, Dana"s existence was just as special, and as vital to the wonderful, compassionate, and also humorous, tone of the show. Dana"s acting talent really shined as soon as he was on "stage" through RDA! I assumed it was an extremely compassionate to encompass Dana"s fight with glaucoma into the series, and also to help raise awareness around it. Every one of Dana"s messages and also speeches were not ignored, ns am sure, and also his gift open and also honest about his affliction probably helped to save many people"s eyesight in the future. Ns am yes, really at a loss for much more words come convey how saddened ns am, and every one of us MacGyver pan are, come hear that Dana"s passing. He to be a really integral and loved personality on that show. I am just an extremely grateful to have the ability to say, the "we loved him top top MacGyver", and "Peter Thornton" will certainly be forever missed! may Spirit bless you, Dana, and also reward friend for all of your compassionate action in this lifetime, and also for bringing every one of us so countless enjoyable hours of entertainment and also messages that love! In light and also love....Jan Gazda. With love and also laughter, Jan.----------------------------------------------To Dana’s family members My sincerest condolences on your loss. Dana was a good man and also a exorbitant actor. V the year of his job he moved me in methods that i cannot describe. His talent will never be duplicated and the civilization has truly shed one that its most talented members. Ns will miss you Dana. Jax Clouse----------------------------------------------My deepest sympathy to you and your household on your loss. While I have seen Mr. Elcar in numerous films/shows mine favorites will always be his portrayal that Pete Thornton in MacGyver and Colonel Laird in Baa Baa black Sheep. God Bless, mar WendlandMichigan----------------------------------------------To the family of Dana Elcar, ns wish to express to you my sincere sympathy on your loss. He will certainly be substantially missed. Dana to be a great actor. Might God lull you in ~ this sad time. January Huvaere (Fan)----------------------------------------------I ended up being acquainted through Dana Elcar the town hall "MacGyver." I enjoyed his workon the series very much and also am for this reason happy to understand that he and also Richard DeanAnderson had actually a an excellent relationship off-screen as well as on the show. Itsounds to me that Mr. Elcar was a generosity veteran actor that wanted to helpa rising star shine. I"m glad that he remained with the collection until the end,inspite that his glaucoma. To me that verified a the majority of courage anddetermination. Please understand that this fan of "MacGyver" will always rememberMr. Elcar fondly. I prolong my heartfelt sympathy come his family, friends andall who knew and loved him.Sincerely,Mary Ann M.----------------------------------------------Dearest family and friends the Dana ElcarI assumption: v nothing I can say now can probably even easeyour grief. At least I remember it felt that means whenI was a kid and lost mine mother and father. However Ialways chosen when people could phone call me story aboutthem. Especially brand-new ones i didn"t know.In the spirit, i hope the following can be such alittle anecdote for you.By being such a exorbitant actor Dana touched my lifein a really special means and i learned a lot indigenous ‘Pete‘about responsibility, helping people, trust,friendship and also being no afraid come ask for help.Soon after my parents died I saw my firstMacGyver-episode and also I adopted Mac together a kindaSurrogate-Dad. For this reason Pete together his ideal friend influencedme a lot of too. He ended up being if you pardon me speak so,the grandfather I never ever had. Anytime Mac needed helpPete was there to conserve him and also the other means around.They additionally had a many fun together and therefriendship to be something unique. Lastly I learned native Dana‘s execellent acquisition hisreal life right into his acting-way specifically in theepisodes ‘Blind Faith and also ‘Hind Sight‘ the you don‘thave to deal with a an obstacle on your own and that‘sok come talk about things that scare you. Because my birthI have actually a Cerbral Palsy, so this to be somthing of greatvalue to discover for me.Be assured that in the way Dana touch my and also thelife that so countless others he‘ll be constantly remembered. Heand you"re in my prayers.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Dana, many thanks so lot for all you taught me without even knowing and also I wish you a the majority of fun, joy and also peace in eternity. Alexandra Gmeiner, Austria