Dana Marie Perino is an American political commentator who is well known for having actually served together the White house Press Secretary in the latter stages of president George W. Bush’s second term as President. Perino was the 2nd woman to offer the function of push Secretary after ~ Dee Dee Myers served under President bill Clinton.

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Marie is right now one of the co-hosts that The Five and also former organize of The daily Briefing with Dana Perino top top Fox News. This item will look at Dana’s personal life. It will certainly look at her connection with she husband, she political ideals, and how she is regarded by viewers.

She met her husband Peter McMahon top top a flight from Denver to Chicago


After bush left office in January 2009, Dana left the White House and joined Fox News. She progressively rose to prestige on the channel, and also she is now a hold of 2 of the most famous segments on Fox News. Dana is a favourite for countless on television because she no show prejudice in her reporting.

Most political journalists and commentators usually lean come one next of the political divide. However, despite identifying as a conservative, Dana doesn’t offer much for to she political ideals once she is top top air. She called Salon;

“I think in the critical two and a fifty percent years, I have not to express my personal opinion on national politics or policy much more than a grasp of times since I think the chips far at mine credibility. I want people to be ready to listen my show at 2 o’clock and also my commentary at 5. Sometimes world call me ‘the voice the reason’ and that is other that ns think is really essential for me.”

Dana also takes a different method when it pertains to social media journalism. She recognizes society media as a an excellent tool for journalists come convey news and opinions, however she additionally sees it as a risky means to go around journalism. She told Variety:

“I monitor a lot of social media conversation however I don’t instigate it. I think a lot of (news anchors) are doing the now. In order to perform your job you need to think clearly. There are a many of human being who are pertained to that if there room not active on society media their ratings will go down. Yet we’re additionally seeing that world can ruin their job in an immediate on social media. For this reason it’s basic to number out the cost-benefit analysis there.”

Perino revealed that it take it her part time to adjust from gift a politician to being a journalist

Looking in ~ Dana Perino now, you would battle to believe that it took her part time to change to her project as a journalist. Perino showed up to seamlessly shift from a political number to a media personality. However, she said Colorado Politics that it wasn’t as basic as she made it look. Dana said:

“Going from gift someone else’s spokesperson to expressing my own opinions and thoughts to be the toughest change for me. It took a lengthy time because that me to get comfortable v it.

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Now as we strategy our tenth anniversary of ‘The Five,’ ns think I’ll ultimately started to get the hang of it.”

Perino appreciates that journalistic views impact people’s actions, yet she trust that people can do independent decision regardless the the views expressed on cable news. “I trust citizens to take it in every one of that information and also make decision on just how they’ll vote based upon that,” she said.