It’s exceptional for many reasons. Time has actually flown. We’ve had actually so countless laughs and also made a the majority of memories.

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And, gain this — I’ve actually never held a project this long. (Not that I ever got fired! the was Greg Gutfeld’s specialty.)

In July 2011, I gained the call around the temporary five-week display while ns was wait at baggage insurance claim in Washington, D.C. I’d just returned indigenous a trip to Africa, wherein my colleagues and also I were working on radio programming for women and also children’s health. It to be a good trip, however I was glad to be home.

I no anticipate that I’d just finish up repacking and also getting a room in ~ a hotel near the studio. That summer, the was practically as hot right here as it was in Nigeria. Ns learned the the East coastline doesn’t execute a dry warmth like the type I’d get an impression up v out west. I cranked up the air conditioning in mine room and prepared countless words of note that i barely ever used.

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That’s due to the fact that while the weather to be hot, the show was at sight cool. Best away – and perhaps because we believed it was only temporary – we had actually a good time. Nothing has ever before been scripted on the show, for this reason it’s a little like go a high cable without a net. Ns think that’s what makes the display fun come do and also enjoyable to watch.


It to be a bit of a free-for-all at very first - numerous topics and opinions flew roughly the table. Two weeks after we started, my husband Peter said, "I gambling we relocate to new York. The show’s walking to be a hit."

I thought, no way. And for once, i was so glad to it is in wrong. Peter reminds me that this regularly.

There room so many world to say thanks to for the success that "The Five," specifically the civilization who occupational so hard to put the show on every day. Our producers room incredibly an excellent at their jobs. They do the lion’s re-superstructure of the work and deserve so much credit. There are the co-hosts that constantly bring their energy, intelligence, experience, and laughter come the set.

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And many importantly, there space our fans – the people who have actually watched from work one and also remember almost everything that’s ever before been claimed on the show.; the people who simply started watching, perhaps throughout the pandemic, and also who now say "The Five" is must-watch TV; and also the people who document the display so they can watch it when they get home from institution or work. We’ve motivated you never to miss out on an episode of "The Five," and also you took united state literally. We give thanks to you every from the bottom of our hearts.


So as we mark this occasion through a bit of wonder and a ton that gratitude, let’s every remember those six little words that make us so happy: ""One an ext Thing" is comes up next!"

Who knows what the next 10 years will certainly bring?


Dana Perino at this time serves as a co-anchor that "America"s Newsroom through Bill Hemmer & Dana Perino"(weekdays 9-11 a.m. ET) and likewise serves together co-host that "The Five" (weekdays 5-6 p.m. ET) and "Dana Perino"s book Club" on Fox Nation. She join the network in 2009 together a contributor. Click below for much more information on Dana Perino. Follow her on Twitter