Former White house Press Secretary, political Commentator, new York times No. 1 Best-Selling Author, and Co-Anchor of Fox’s "America"s Newsroom"

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very first Republican woman to be called White house Press Secretary Nominated by chairman Barack Obama to serve on the Broadcasting board of Governors well-known as “The voice of reason” top top Fox News" The five Discusses political news for Washington, DC insiders and also those external the Beltway alike
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Dana Perino is a revered political commentator and also journalist, New York times best-selling author, and a previous White home Press Secretary.

She right now co-anchors America’s Newsroom v Bill Hemmer & Dana Perino, and also is a co-host ~ above the hit present The Five, both ~ above the Fox News Channel. The Five has won the time slot every day since it started in July 2011 and has been called the 4th most-watched regimen in all of cable. Part of an ensemble cast, some viewers have actually nicknamed Perino “The Voice of Reason” ~ above The Five.A Fox News political commentator, she also appears weekly on other Fox programs and previously served as anchor the The daily Briefing with Dana Perino.

The Voice of the White House. Before authorized Fox, Perino offered as the very first Republican woman to be push secretary of the united States. She spent more than 7 years as component of the management of chairman George W. Bush, joining appropriate after the 9/11 strikes as a spokesperson because that the justice Department. A year later, she to be pulled to the White House and also stayed until the critical day of the bush administration. As press secretary, she taken on interactions with the White residence press corps and also advised the president on communications. President shrub has said that whenever that did a push conference or interview, Perino made sure he was never ever surprised through a question. She describes her approach to the place as a 50-50 perspective – fifty percent the effort went come defending and advocating the place of the president and the joined States, and the other fifty percent was defending and also advocating the media’s accessibility to the president and the government. Perino proceeds to be energetic with the bush Center in Dallas and joyfully states her motto is, “Once a staffer, constantly a staffer.”

Post White home Political Commentary. After she years in the White House, Perino went from speak on behalf of the nation to speaking for herself. No only ending up being a commentator on current events, politics, and also foreign policy, she additionally publishedAnd the great News Is…Lessons and also Advice indigenous the bright Side,which debuted together a No. 1New York Timesbest-seller and remained on thelist for much more than three months. Her book, Let Me phone call You about Jasper . . .How My best Friend came to be America"s Dog, to be released in October 2016 and also reached the No. 10 point out on the New York Times nonfiction ideal seller list. Perino’s newest publication Everything will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young women (from a former Young Woman), a no-nonsense how-to overview to life for young women looking come reframe their thinking, to believe in themselves, to take risks, to recognize their power, and to feel far better overallthrough finding serenity and taking action, was an instant No. 1 national best-seller and reached the No. 3 clues on The brand-new York Times “Advice, How-to, and Miscellaneous” list. Her various other publishing credits encompass editorial direction forThings the Matterby Charles Krauthammer andThe Time of ours Livesby Peggy Noonan.Additionally, she is hold of Dana Perino’s book Club on FOX Nation, Fox’s digital subscription-based streaming service, as well was the co-host that the podcast I’ll Tell you What alongside kris Stirewalt. Hugely popular, the podcast to be made right into a limited-run TV show in the fall of 2016, noting the an initial time Fox turn a podcast right into a series.

Giving Back. In 2010, chairman Obama appointed she to offer on the Broadcasting plank of Governors, i m sorry complemented her passion for advocating because that individual and economic freedom, specifically for females in Africa. Due to the fact that leaving the White House, Perino and her husband, Peter McMahon, have actually volunteered in southern Africa and also Congo. In 2014 they spent a week at a charitable hospital and also came back to America come broadcast your findings and appeal for extr help.

To express she gratitude for the avenues she’s been afforded, Perino began Minute Mentoring, a regime for young females that’s favor speed dating in between mentors and also mentees. She also serves on the board of Companions because that Heroes, i beg your pardon matches rescue pets with first-responders and veterans regulating post-traumatic stress.

Perino was born in Wyoming and also raised in Colorado. She has actually a masters level in public affairs report from the university of Illinois – Springfield. Before the bush Administration, she worked as a day-to-day news reporter, as a push secretary on Capitol Hill, and also in the personal sector for worldwide public connections companies.