Dance Moms is back and so is the show"s superstar, Abby Lee Miller. Also if girlfriend don"t watch the show, you know Abby together the woman that shouts tough advice at aspiring boy dancers top top her reality TV show. Prior to making its return earlier this month, the show was ~ above a hiatus that lastly nearly two years. Component of the factor was the Abby was unavailable to film the show, because she to be serving time in prison. In 2015, Abby was indicted for fraud and also that set a host of legal troubles in motion. Here"s what led as much as Abby"s stint in prison.

Before beginning her job on Dance Moms, Abby to be going v a difficult financial situation. In September 2010, she had actually filed or bankruptcy. She owed more than $400,000 in real estate taxes, follow to the International business Times.

But when she to be tapped to get involved in Lifetime"s Dance Moms, she started raking in checks. However, simply a couple of years later on in 2015, she would certainly be charged through trying to conceal her income from the show. Her bankruptcy reorganization arrangement was quiet in the process of gaining approved once the judge on the case happened to come throughout her show, Abby"s Ultimate dance Competition, according come the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

When the IRS and also FBI investigated exactly how much money Abby was actually making, she was charged through 20 counts that bankruptcy fraud, concealing assets and also making false bankruptcy declarations.

In order to hide several of the money she was making, Abby allegedly created mystery bank accounts and had friend travel with $120,000 the belonged to she in their suitcases. She allegedly hid $775,000 worth of revenue altogether. Abby was also charged with customizeds fraud because that trying come conceal money she do from her Dance Moms Australia master course tour.

After going come trial, Abby to be sentenced come a year and also one job in jail plus 2 years of supervised release and also fines of $40,000 and also $120,000, according to Deadline. In July 2017, Abby reported to a correctional facility in California, complied with by a short stint at a halfway house.

Abby"s sentence was cut short, though. In might 2018, she to be released and also hospitalized after doctors uncovered Abby had actually spinal cancer. After she release, Abby underwent chemotherapy and also emergency spinal surgery, i m sorry left her unable to walk.

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