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Tonight on life time Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms proceeds with an all new Tuesday April 19 season 6 episode 16 called, “Mack Z vs. Abby Lee,” and also we have your weekly recap below. ~ above tonight’s episode, it’s hip-hop week, yet not anyone is invited. Later, Abby provides solos to Brynn and JoJo.

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On the last episode Abby’s people was shattered when Melissa do an announcement that would adjust the ALDC forever. Did you clock the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s illustration as every the life time synopsis, “It’s hip-hop week, yet not anyone is invited. Later, Abby provides solos come Brynn and JoJo, yet Mackenzie pushes back when she’s assigned to carry out a for sure acrobatic routine rather of a hip-hop dance; and also Abby escape the studio at a an important moment.”

Tonight’s illustration is going come be another drama pack evening, which you won’t desire to miss. For this reason be certain to song in for our live coverage the Lifetime’s dance Mom’s season 6 episode 16– this evening at 9 afternoon EST! While girlfriend wait for our recap, fight the comments and also let us know just how excited friend are about this brand-new episode of dance Moms tonight!

Tonight’s episode begins now – refresh Page regularly to obtain the most existing updates!

#DanceMoms starts at ALDC LA with Jill talking around how Abby has actually not been showing up on time. Ashlee says losing Maddie and also Mackenzie has actually hit Abby hard. We see a flashback come the announcement. Jill claims Abby won’t recognize it, but is mad they’re leaving.

She’s utilizing her #1 student Maddie and Melissa her appropriate hand. Jill marvels if Abby will certainly lash out at them till they leave. Abby talks about how the team number just got second last week. She claims last week they didn’t success at all. Abby says maybe it’s your time.

Abby claims they deserve to do better. Now pyramid. At the bottom is JoJo due to the fact that Abby states she to be distracted. Jessa states she go good. Climate Abby moves she to the top and also smiles. Jessa was worried once she take it it turn off the wall, she was going to litter it ~ above the floor.

Jessa states Abby knows with Maddie leaving, she needs JoJo. Brynn is next who didn’t dance critical week. Mackenzie is next and also Abby says she’s been elevating her for years but she needs to dig deeper choose in she duet. Next is Nia and Abby says she saw emotion in the duet.

She says she go a great job. Next up is Kendall, Maddie and Kalani. She states Maddie and Kalani were the huge winners with their duet. Climate Maddie and Kendall come in 2nd and she claims that was a an excellent duet number. This weekend is Xpressions Dance.

JoJo gets a i know good hop solo called Million dollar Baby. Brynn it s okay a solo that’s additionally hip hop and is dubbed Freak. Ashlee says Brynn requirements to present she can do various other than contemporary and lyrical. The critical solo goes to Mackenzie. Abby states it’s a hoe down gymnastic routine.

The moms says she must let her do hip hop too. Mackenzie whines and says she constantly does gymnastics. Abby states then no solo. The moms whine and tell her she only has actually a couple of weeks left, she should gain to execute hip hop because she never has before.

Abby is upset and says it was dumb because that Mackenzie to push for i know well hop as soon as she has things to occupational on v Abby. Then Abby storms out and slams the door into her office. Gia beginning group. Holly states Abby’s ego is hurt and also is being passive aggressive.

Holly states Abby knows the Mackenzie wants a i know well hop solo and that’s why she offered one to everyone however her. The group routine, Boulevard of broken Dreams, rehearsal starts. Jessa says that sounds inspired by Abby’s difficulties including her legal issues and losing Melissa’s girls.

Jessa tells the various other moms the Abby is falling apart and Kira states she’s law this come herself. Ashlee claims it’s a shame if Mackenzie doesn’t acquire to carry out hip hop prior to she leaves. Holly speak Melissa to press for it however Melissa states she’s tired.

Holly states be tired after girlfriend leave. She says carry out what’s right and don’t settle ago and allow Abby’s poor behavior. Melissa sits and listens to every one of this and also Jill claims she’s right. Melissa climate decides come go and speak come Abby because she thinks Mackenzie is the best hiphopper ~ above the team.

Abby slams the door in face and also makes the eight mic man pull the mic out. Climate Abby lowers the window shade and also Melissa claims that mrs is crazy and also she’s done. The moms wonder wherein Abby is the next day and also they think she hiding in the office.

Jill phone call this one of Abby’s tantrums. Male comes in v Rumer and also Olga to job-related on solos. Ashlee asks Melissa why wouldn’t Abby allow her have her way after all these years. Melissa states she has no ideas. Ashlee walk to check out Abby and also asks about the solos.

A producer speaks up and also says Abby claimed it to be fine and also they deserve to do what castle want. Abby snaps and also screams and says the moms perform not run her business and also Mackenzie can’t perform hip hop. Abby leaves out the back and the moms go out.

They surround she car and also ask she to come earlier in and also finish she job. She honks at them and drives off. Abby climate calls and talks come Holly and also says if you operation a studio, you carry out what’s great for the studio. She states they tried come overrule her and also do what lock damn fine please.

Abby states she’s going come the beach and also they deserve to do what lock want. We view Abby toasting through a drink later. Holly speak the moms the she said Mackenzie deserve to do i know well hop, she doesn’t care since they are trying to take it over she studio.

The moms go earlier inside and Gia states it’s every hip hop solos and says they space all the exact same age and also style of solos so they’ve never ever done the before. They’ll all be head to head. Mackenzie’s solos is Bully when Brynn’s is referred to as Freak and also JoJo is Million dissension Baby.

The moms permit them occupational with the i know good hop specialists. Brynn goes first with hers. Ashlee states Brynn has never done a i know well hop solo but was good in the Maddy B video. Mackenzie climate does she hip hop rehearsal. Melissa states she has to win or Abby i will not ~ let she forget it.

Ashlee states this is all started to go downhill when Melissa announced she was leaving and Abby resents losing Maddie. Holly claims Abby is break down since they thrust back. Ashlee says she wants civilization there to support her.

Jill rants and also says they left their various other kids and families to concerned LA and says Abby needs to acknowledge that. She claims they have followed her roughly for year. Jill think Ashlee needs to select a side and also says they’re trying to encompass her however she’s siding v Abby.

Jill states Abby has actually 20 commonwealth indictments and they’re still through her. Ashlee claims they’ve recognized Abby lengthy enough and also just have to accept her choose it is. Jill says she put up v Abby’s crap and also Jessa states she’s happy Abby left for this reason there’s less crap.

The moms involved watch the i know good hop solo rehearsals. JoJo is first. Mackenzie claims she’s nervous come compete versus Brynn and JoJo in i know well hop. Mackenzie go last yet then freaks due to the fact that she doesn’t understand her routine and tells Melissa she going to make a stupid of herself.

She leaves and also starts crying and also Holly adheres to her the end to speak to her. Mackenzie cries and tells she she’s too stressed best now. Holly says Abby hasn’t checked out one run this week but thank heavens because that Gianna.

The moms talk about how they prefer that every three are doing hip hop. JoJo rehearses again and also Jessa says it’s her favorite and also best genre however it’s still push her going up versus Brynn since she wants JoJo to be her go-to girl.

Ashlee marvels if Mackenzie feels the pressure because it might be her last solo there and wonders why Abby isn’t checked in. Abby reflects up in rollers v a take out cup and looks glum. Jill thinks she watch foolish.

Abby the town hall group and also gives them several notes. She yells at Maddie a lot. Then Abby states it’s horrendous and says simply take a gun and also shoot Gianna’s choreography in the foot. Then Abby states they require the room for privates and they have to leave.

Holly claims if they shed again this mainly it will be no one’s fault yet Abby.s They come to the dance competition come screaming fans and Holly wonders if Abby will present up. They saw her on the aircraft but not on the van. She mirrors up dressed every hip hop.

She chants “moms better have my money” and calls herself Swaggy Lee. Jill thinks she making a mock of the kids’ difficult work. Holly asks if she’s influenced by the soloists or making fun of the moms. Abby says she loves hip hop.

Jessa think Ashlee has actually dressed Brynn up to look prefer JoJo and also remarks top top it. Jessa thinks JoJo has actually star quality and Brynn go not. Abby asks who will be the prize fighter in the 3 hip hop numbers. Abby asks that will win it?

The solos space up first. The children do their great luck ritual and also JoJo is an initial up. JoJo says Abby to know she to be born to it is in a i know good hop star. She takes the stage and also Abby cheers for her. It’s a cool boxing routine. It’s really cool and Kendall hugs her and says it to be good.

Ashlee think it was simply okay and also that Brynn will certainly blow her out of the water and hopes Abby will make her daughter a star. Brynn walk Freak and Abby cheers because that her when she’s done. Nia tells Mackenzie she’ll do good but she still nervous.

Mackenzie go last. Melissa wishes she does well and also shows the human being how versatile she is. Melissa cheers loudly because that her. Mackenzie thinks she killed it and hopes for very first place. Holly says she likes that they had actually hip hop week.

Jessa says it looked like JoJo danced then danced again. Jill says Brynn isn’t the following Maddie, she the following JoJo. Ashlee claims Jessa is upset due to the fact that JoJo wasn’t lugged in to it is in the following Maddie and Brynn was. Ashlee claims her daughter’s solo had much more choreography.

That start an argument and also Jessa says her kid has actually no character and Ashlee is stupid. Ashlee is upset that the various other moms room sitting their smirking and saying nothing. Abby come in and asks those the problem. Jill states Ashlee is upset through Jessa.

Then Jill states Ashlee is a miserable bitch and also needs to find out to take criticism. Ashlee speak Abby that the strikes from Jessa ~ above Brynn are simply too much. Abby asks why she cares and says let the go. Currently it’s time to obtain ready for group.

Abby tells them Maddie is leaving in 2 weeks and she’s generally the featured performer. She asks who will step up in her ar once she’s gone. Kendall says Abby has been checked out and also says their leader no there teaching them to be a leader.

They take it the phase for the team number. It’s yes, really cool. Jill states it was among their favorite team routines they’ve ever before done and also says it was yes, really good. Currently it’s awards time. Solos are up first. JoJo takes 5th place and Jessa just hopes Brynn doesn’t place above her.

Brynn takes fourth place and Jessa is annoyed. Mackenzie takes 1st place and Melissa is thrilled. She start crying – she was so worried the she i will not ~ place. Mackenzie claims she proved Abby wrong about her and hip hop.

Now it’s group awards. Jill states their days v Maddie and Mackenzie space numbered and also hopes they success this. Lock take 1st place and also Abby is thrilled. Holly claims the losing streak is over and the girls have the right to do anything and also do the well and can win.

Abby says the group was great and claims she wanted an ext body moves in Mackenzie’s number. Jill states it was hip hop, just offer it to her, she won. Abby claims hmmm and also walks off. Melissa claims they only have two weeks left and also she doesn’t know why Abby is gift so tough on Mackenzie.

Jill says as soon as Melissa leaves, lock can readjust things if they every stick together. Ashlee speak up and also says it to be hypocritical that none of them said anything once Jessa go after her kid. Holly says Ashlee was putting her son on a pedestal above everyone else’s.

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Jessa states they’re hypocrites and goes turn off on Jessa. Then Jessa talks around Brynn being plain and then Holly cracks a joke about what Jessa to be saying and also Ashlee states she’s done. The various other moms join in laughing together she to walk out. Ashlee claims she no Jessa.