Abby Lee fearbut affirmed the there would be the eighth duration of run Moms. This to be monstrous news for the fanatics that the show. Abby Lee müller affirmed the Dance Moms would certainly return for season 8 the every 2019. She uncovered this news on her Instagram account. Abby was in jail indigenous July 2017 come March 2018 since of chapter 11 misrepresentation. A small while after ~ she discharged, Abby required to experience medical procedure, and she was established to have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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Abby is eager to take it a shot at the brand-new period of dance Moms. The present has a discharge date, and the fans can scarcely contain your fervor. The display is going to air ~ above June 4, 2019, on Lifetime. It was affirmed the the shooting for the eighth season began in January 2019. The new season was recorded in Pittsburg.

Abby stated, “I need to return to instructing, and also I have to return come shouting in ~ children. I have to return to my basic foundations. I’m walk to take these youngsters directly earlier to Pittsburgh.” The initial 4 seasons were recorded in Pittsburg in ~ the exact same time, they, in the end, moved to L.A.

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Move Moms Season 8 News Details

Cast: we will watch many new faces in the new period of run Mom. Right here is the on-screen personality in detail;

Choreographers and also InstructorsAbby Lee MillerGianna Martello



Brady FarrarGianina PaolantonioHannah ColinKamryn SmithLilliana KetchmanSarah GeorgianaPressley HosbachBerkleigh HernandezElliana WalmsleyParis MooreSavannah Kristich


Adriana SmithAnn ColinAshley HossbachJoanne PaolantonioMichelle GeorgianaStacey KetchmanTricia FarrarErin KristichLakisha SamuelsYolanda Walmsley

Just Abby and Gianna Martello will come ago from dance Mom’s cast. The other cast individuals won’t return. Along these lines, because that the individuals who were hoping to view them in the eighth season sorry because that breaking it to you in any case, castle won’t be a piece of the new season.