Huge news because that Dance Moms fans (or just those that worship in ~ the altar the Abby Lee Miller): her fave truth TV show is earlier for Season 8 on Tuesday, June 4, and, if Abby Lee Miller"s Insta is any type of indication, it"s gonna be far better than ever.

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Reminder: Abby Lee, the coach and also main personality of the show, has actually been battling Burkitt lymphoma, one aggressive form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, because April 2018. She to be diagnosed after experience emergency spinal surgery and has been documenting her progress on society media ever since. Simply this previous May, Abby announced she to be officially cancer free.

Considering Abby"s to be photographed making use of a wheelchair, this season more than likely won"t it is in exactly the same as ahead ones. Yet one thing"s because that sure: if Abby Lee"s earlier in the run studio, there"s bound to it is in ~drama~. And, let"s it is in real, you won"t want to miss out on a minute of it.

But before you track in, here"s every little thing you require to understand about run Moms: Resurrection:

When does the brand-new season of Dance Moms premiere?

On Tuesday, June 4th, the ALDC return to life time at 9 p.m. EST. But settle in a small earlier and you can catch the all-new special, Dance Moms: The Return of Abby, airing right prior to the brand-new season in ~ 8 p.m. EST.

If you have cable, you deserve to watch right on Lifetime, or if you"re a cord cutter, you have the right to watch top top Simply know you"ll have to borrow a friend"s (read: her parents") cable login to accessibility full episodes. If that"s not available, friend can also watch ~ above Hulu (thank you, TV streaming gods!).

Wait, remind me what taken place on Dance Moms Season 7?

Well, sh*t yes, really went down last time the struggle Lifetime display was on air. In season seven, Abby Lee Miller shed a portion of she elite girls" group, who split off to type their very own group dubbed The Irreplaceables.

Abby precise stormed off set after seeing the risque dance moves they performed at their very first competition without her (they rental choreographer Aisha Francis to put together the routine).

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Off-camera, Abby was going with some sh*t of she own, too. She was sentenced in might 2017 to spend one year and a job in commonwealth prison because that felony bankruptcy fraud.

Okayyy, for this reason who"s in the Dance Moms Season 8 cast?

Obviously, Abby and also Gianna room both ago (despite Abby"s previous insurance claims that she wasn"t returning). As for the dancers, if you were hoping to check out some familiar faces return this season, prepare to be disappointed. Christi Lukasiak (Chloe"s mom) supposedly told she social media followers means back in October 2017 that "they’re replacing every one of us," (referring to the show"s original stars), per the International business Times.

And that"s precisely what happened. The new Dance Moms cast is made up of seven girls: Lilly, Kamryn, Savannah, Pressley, Sarah, GiaNina, Hannah, and also one boy: Brady. Technically, not all the dancers space brand spankin" new to ALDC—Lilly first joined the present in Season 6 as part of the ALDC Mini team before making it to the upstream team in Season 7. Still, she hasn"t been a **major** component of the display until this season. (Case in point: Lilly has never snagged a top dance duty in her ALDC career, though, follow to IMDb, the will adjust in the 3rd episode that Season 8.)

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What else have the right to you mean from Dance Moms: Resurrection?

Well, very first of all, a new start. "I"ve been provided a second chance," Abby Lee says in a sneak peek video clip for the new season. "A second chance in ~ life. I"ve been provided a second chance to come to be a run teacher."

But if you believed Abby"s current life experiences would soften her to teach style, you"d be oh so wrong. She"s back to her old self, sharing classic Abby-isms together as, "Well, that was a mess," "Not an excellent enough," and also of course, "Everyone"s replaceable."

Oh, and she"s shaking points up from the jump. In the sneak peek, Abby describes to her dancers that she wants them all to begin off top top a level play field. To execute that, Abby speak Lilly (the only returning dancer) to give back her ALDC jacket. Nbd, right? Wrong. In the native of Abby Lee: "Nobody"s safe, so don"t unpack her bags yet."

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So yeah... You can expect to watch all kinds of confrontation walk down in between Abby Lee and the moms this season, too. In just the first episode, Lilly"s mom, Stacey, isn"t happy as soon as she"s cast in a "cutesy acro" trio. Regardless of her much better judgement (and fans likely shouting at their TVs "Don"t walk in there!"), she brings up her trouble to Abby.

Big mistake. Big! Huge! "You can"t control my choreography," Abby tells her point blank. Then, ~ Stacey defines that Lilly would prefer to execute a ballet or pointe routine, Abby points to the door, informing Lilly, "Go earlier to ballet school. Show them." Yikes top top yikes top top yikes.

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